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  1. Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020 May 10

    Truth is not what you want to believe. And truth is not something that offends no one.

  2. I’m sure Giovanni Bonocopoulos of Filthadelphia, PA will feign surprise at the existence of any Southern intellectual writers or scholarly journals.


    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure


    This was the very problem, the United States was founded in 1776 as a proposition nation. The idea that all White Men have the same rights. This was problematic from the start. The US Constitution, which founded the present United States in 1789, allowed states to, GRANT CITIZENSHIP, LEGISLATE MORALITY, DOLE OUT VOTING RIGHTS, and even have GUN CONTROL if they so wanted. Thus in many states in 1789, Citizenship could be affirmed on Jews and Negroes, states could legislate that one had to believe in God to vote or whether one had to own property, states legislated that one had to be a member of a Church and states even restricted gun rights to certain white men as well, although enforcement was spotty at best.

    From 1789 until 1840, almost all of these laws were reformed or repealed. Universal White Male Suffrage was passed, Negro Citizenship was revoked in every state save NY, RI, VT, NH MASS and ME, religious requirements were weakened or revoked altogether, Jews were given full rights as White Men, and gun rights became sacred. The problem was this idea of full White Male equality had in 1840 already been extended to Jews, and full racial equality was already law in theory in Massachusetts since 1780. Liberty is like a cancer, it spreads unless something is done about it.

    The Southern Confederacy came along at a time when SCIENCE proved the existence of human races and that some races were more capable than others. The ideas enshrined in American Culture, the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and State Laws were OUT OF DATE. The irony is this, today the South is portrayed as religious and backward, however in 1861 it was the North that was largely religious and backward, the Southern Aristocracy was religious but also respected science. With the Union’s victory, this false god of LIBERTY, already outdated by science, was now forced upon everyone by gunpoint. This has not stopped since 1865. Since 1865 we have forced LIBERTY upon Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Europe twice 1918 and 1945, Central America and the Caribbean, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, you name it. This false god of Liberty and Equality is so aggregious, it has now created a Police State, the very opposite of what the words mean, to enforce the very concepts. Concepts that have been since Darwin, completely OUT OF DATE and WRONG.

    When an Idea has to be pushed by gunpoint, rest assured it is likely wrong.

  4. Your race is your father(s) and so the Confederate Flag is absolutely racist (the flag of your father(s)). The flag is certainly not “anti-racist.” The enemies of the South are anti-white racists EXACTLY BECAUSE Southerners are white racists, properly-speaking. And Southerners are white racists because they revere the flag of their father(s).

    Quit running from the truth of the matter, Southern Man.

    I told *you* that {{{they}}} would call you “white supremacist” no matter how hard you denied it.

    Now stop denying it and start living it.

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