White Pill Time Deluxe: Putin And Trump Finally Meet, Partial Syrian Ceasefire Immediately Agreed Upon

As many of you know, I’ve been especially hard on President Trump since the healthcare debacle emerged on the domestic front, and since he began acting erratically on the foreign affairs front.

This, whether you agree or disagree with my rhetoric (I’m not a dimwitted Donald cuckboi so just take it or leave it), is part of an overall strategy that functions much in the same way as the “tough love” concept – honestly probably even more so due to Trump’s pride and desire to appear a hero in the annals of history.

Humiliation and criticism almost certainly play a huge role in how this President processes his thoughts, and therefore, I’ve always hoped the Alt-Right as a single mass would attempt to play the role of spoiler to Jews like Kushner and Cohn by keeping Trump’s feet on the straight and narrow in the grand scheme of things.

But at the end of the day, I think we all understand that even in the best of circumstances, Trump will not turn out to be some grand savior of the White Race, nor will he completely flop like a George W. Bush clone – especially since the Russian hacking hoax has been exposed as nothing more than (((lies and war-mongering))).

So in reality, a middle of the road stance, especially when it sends the Jews into apoplectic fits, is good enough for me.


Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump’s face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin stretched on for two hours – and was quickly followed by news the U.S. and Russia had reached an agreement on a cease fire in Syria.

 The cease fire is to take effect Sunday at noon in Damascus, the Associated Press reported, without adding further details. Israel and Jordan were reported to be part of the agreement.

Let the sneaking Jews and their beta orbiter Jordanian puppets break the ceasefire (they almost certainly will), for that may be just enough to at last get Putin angered enough to begin to seek proper measures against the (((world’s greatest terrorist state))).

Bonus points if Jared and Ivanka are caught meddling with the agreement.

The sign of possible progress in Syria – where Russia is the primary backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – came more than two hours after Trump said it was ‘an honor’ to meet Putin.  

Putin told the president he was ‘delighted’ to meet for the first time. And with that, the dance was on.

The two leaders of nations that once squared off in Cold War iciness sat down in a neutral setting Friday, representing their nations at the G20 in Hamburg, Germany.

The men’s first high-stakes handshake had happened hours earlier in a backstage moment captured by a German government photographer.

With the drama all but gone, Trump and Putin sat before cameras in advance of a meeting that was expected to last more than a half-hour.

Accompanying each man was the smallest of entourages: for Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and a translator, and for Putin, his foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, and a translator.

On the agenda, according to White House officials, was everything from the Ukraine to NATO arms buildups.

I want everyone to realize just how terrifying the prospect of an American-Russian alliance is to the typical subversive elements within, and outside of, our nation.

It sends them into such waking nightmares that they seek to undermine their entire long-term agenda by overreaching through actions like:

  1. Openly funding terrorist groups like ISIS – they’re now regularly recovering weapons shipments with Hebrew stamps.
  2. Reducing their media outlets into total caricatures of themselves – my guess is that they have now passed the point of no return, and will never be able to revert to the old mode of standard Leftist propaganda.
  3. Attempting to launch what in past times would have been labeled a coup against the rightfully and lawfully-elected President of the United States.
  4. Committing the crimes of slander and libel in ways that could in theory be prosecuted under the law – remember Pissgate, anyone?
  5.  Inciting insurrection in the streets through proxy groups like Antifa, BLM, and other assorted gangs of Anarchists and Communists – unfortunately for them, we have already shown that we can crush them in open battle.

Still, I want this overreaching to continue, as it will make our job a whole hell of a lot easier if we’re dealing with foaming at the mouth Jews than cold and calculating Jews at the top of their game.

Therefore, I want each and every one of you – if you’re of the trolling mindset – to spam the following images to every enemy journalist (they are also enemies of your blood by default) while you’re taking a break from generating CNN memes.

In fact, if you can mix the two missions together that would be even better…

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  1. I think Trump is playing Putin for a fool. And why not ? Every time the Russians and Syrian Arab Army were on the verge of slamming the door on the US sponsored terrorist and winning militarily in Syria Putin has pulled the military back and allowed the AmeriFags to plot a new move. I think Russia is probably a lot weaker militarily than is realized and Putin is afraid of direct US action so he thinks his diplomacy will work – I hope he’s wearing chain mail under his shirt. Remember when Trump said we had no reason to be in Syria and the Russians were handling the situation ? Now there are US Army troops in Syria. Whose blinking ?

    • There is not a more backstabbing pit of vipers than the Zios that run the JewSA- e.g. Saddam and Gaddafi

  2. We will get some good things out of Trump and some bad things. So far, he has been better than what we could have hoped for if another Republican got it or worse the shrieking winch that opposed him. At best, it is so delicious to see the left implode with the media memes and other public confrontations.

  3. The first meeting of President Trump and Putin….the jews and shitlibs made a hysterical, frantic effort to prevent such an event from ever taking place, but it has!

    Oh, joy!


  4. The cease fire only happened because there were no Jews in the room, it was only Trump, Putin, Lavrov, Tillerson, and 2 interpreters. Trump needs to hold all his foreign meetings in this fashion.

  5. Dont forget Theresa May: Three nations that have repeatedly allied to shape the world order: US, UK, Russia.

    The Northern Alliance!

    Add nations like Poland and such that have tasted first hand life under Communism, and you have a critical mass to control the entire top half of the planet. Build the SuperWall?

  6. If USA/ Russian relations improve after this #Fakenews will call it conclusive evidence that Putin rigged the election.

  7. For a long time now the US has used these periodic ceasefires to re-arm, re-equip and re-supply its jihadist proxies in Syria. Putin stupidly trusts these bastards. Israel, which calls the shots on US policy, will certainly continue providing aid and air attacks without consequence.

  8. Trump visited Mexico and UK during the general election.

    2 hour talk with Putin financial holding in Wall Street Federal Reserve.

  9. I wonder what the body language experts would make of Putin and Trump seated. In many of the pictures they are mirroring each other and leaning in the same direction. In any case, I hope that Trump can stop any interference from the Usual Suspects where it comes to getting along with Russia.

    The American brass need to stop rehashing the cold war and get serious about the War on Islam (and I’m not going to go into all that blather about Religion of Peace and Muslim extremism). The smartest thing the USA could do is bring Russia into NATO. When Yeltsin was president of Russia, the Russians expressed a strong interest in joining until Clinton bombed Serbia.

    You have to wonder what Europe would look like if TPTB had found a way to include Russia. I don’t think Eurabia would have been allowed to happen. We desperately need an alliance with Russia against the Muslim occupiers of Europe and the USA AND against China.

    We are too buy rattling sabres at Russia to notice the Yellow Peril waiting to bite us all in the butts.

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