The Rising Right

#UniteTheRight will be a turning point.

We’ve spent the last 20 years building an underground reactionary movement on the internet in the United States. August 12th will be the day it begins to shift into the real world.

How many thousands of people have we educated and influenced over the years? No one knows but what is certain is that our discourse has colonized vast swathes of the internet. The alienated, disaffected and the marginalized Right has been growing stronger in the shadows of the “mainstream” in anonymous online forums, podcasts, social media platforms, comment sections, etc.

We’ve grown too large to remain confined in cyberspace. The reigning taboos which have kept us marginalized for decades have grown weaker. The mainstream media and disciplinary institutions which have traditionally enforced those taboos have lost their legitimacy. The conservative establishment has been discredited. The Republican Party doesn’t inspire or control us.

Meanwhile, the social and economic pressure on White America only grows greater by the day. The long term consequences of open borders, free trade, mounting debt, endless wars, multiculturalism and political correctness continue to mount. As all this happens, racial minorities have only become more aggressive and make greater demands. The Left pushes us to greater extremes. The White man’s back has been pushed against the wall and he is asked to sacrifice more every day.

It feels like something important has changed in the last two years. The eyes and ears of millions which were closed a decade ago are now open. The way we have grown accustomed to doing things is perpetuated more by inertia than anything else. We defer to the habits and mores of a “mainstream” which was created in a different time and no longer has any real authority over us.

Here are a few important things to know:


The so-called “mainstream” used to be a shared culture.

There were a handful of television channels, major news magazines and big newspapers which were all controlled by a liberal elite. They were trusted and considered objective. The liberal establishment was so culturally dominant in America that it could handpick and legitimize its loyal opposition.

This is what “conservatism” was during the Cold War. It was the respectable loyal opposition. It was an eternally deferential handmaiden to the liberal establishment which set the ground rules of “respectable” discourse. This is how cucking with purges and ritual shaming became a thing. Until the rise of the internet and social media, the average person used to get their news vertically through some “mainstream” approved source like a newspaper, talk radio host or cable television show.

In our world, we get our news horizontally through our peers on social media networks. The video and audio all comes through the smartphone. There are no barriers to entry anymore and social networks cut through all the old defunct hierarchies and their antiquated taboos. The talking heads on television and the pundits who work for “mainstream” publications are now competing with Alex Jones.

The “mainstream” is now the liberal bubble and it coasts along on the values and norms inherited from the mid-20th century past. The media landscape has totally changed and we no longer have any reason to be deferential toward a despised cultural elite. The increasingly authoritarian posture of the Left reflects the shifting cultural landscape. It no longer has the power to control discourse like it used to, but it beats its chest and throws around its weight to perpetuate its waning authority.

If we are honest with ourselves, we don’t want to fit into the “mainstream.” We don’t care what all the cucks are saying about us in publications we don’t read. We don’t care what the SPLC and ADL are saying about us because those institutions no longer have any legitimacy. We don’t care what the shitlib editorials in the local corporate owned newspaper are saying about us. We don’t care what the “experts” think or what the talking heads on television or the blue check marks are saying either. These are all really important people whose opinions don’t matter in the slightest in our culture.

The real audience we are trying to reach and connect with are people who despise these institutions, talking heads, blue check marks, cucked weaklings and all the lies and hypocrisy we put up with. That’s who we want to convert and bring into our network. There are enough of us now to form the vanguard of a real world social movement. We have all the tools we need now to reach our target audience.

Reaction is based on nostalgia. It is an inherently backward looking worldview. I’m nostalgic for the Old South. There are other people who are nostalgic about other periods of history. The common thread that unites reactionaries is that we all believe the past was better than the present and that radical change is needed to demolish the existing order. We’re not the loyal opposition like the True Cons who believe in tinkering with the system and preserving yesterday’s degenerate liberalism.

The LGBTQ community is promoted everywhere these days. There are many, many more times of us in this country but our voices and interests are not represented in the public sphere. This is the reason why we only hear about the interests of the black community, the Hispanic community, the Jewish community, but never the White community. We don’t stand up for ourselves.

If mainstream conservatives won’t stand up for the White community and repel these attacks on our identity, heritage and our rights, the Alt-Right will. It begins August 12th.

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  1. When Baltimore burned, the Feds made it clear they would pay off the City to give criminals “space to destroy”. Now they either won’t or can’t pay off cities, who’s taxpayers now have to pay for the mess they’ve created.

  2. Are you going to livestream the Charlottesville rally? For those of us who won’t be able to attend it’d be awesome to be able to watch it.

  3. Any updates on the court case? I know the ACLU of all groups stepped in to sue the City of Charlottesville for moving the rally.

    • HW will briefly wave to the crowd from behind the dark bulletproof glass of his armor-plated limousene as his motorcade (complete with armed motorcycle escort) rolls towards the Charlottesville Comfort Inn for a private party with Jake Paul and Ke$ha.

  4. “I’m nostalgic for the Old South. There are other people who are nostalgic about other periods of history.”

    That’s one of your standard attempts, Mr. Wallace, at minimization of the question involved. The “Old South” wasn’t merely a period of history. It was a proposition. Who flies its flag endorses that proposition–as does who defends its statues.

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