US Senate Unanimously Condemns White Nationalists

Who says the Republican Senate can’t get things done?

“WASHINGTON — The Senate has approved a resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups following a white-nationalist rally in Virginia that descended into deadly violence.

Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia introduced the measure along with four colleagues from both parties. The resolution, approved unanimously Monday night, recognizes a woman who was killed Aug. 12 and 19 other people who were injured after a car allegedly driven by a neo-Nazi slammed into a crowd of demonstrators protesting the rally in Charlottesville.

The resolution describes Heather Heyer’s death as a “domestic terrorist attack” and acknowledges two Virginia state troopers who died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests. …”

So far, the Republicans have successfully condemned White Nationalists, raised the debt ceiling and imposed new sanctions on Iran and Russia in 2017.

In Charlottesville, we’re being blamed for a helicopter that crashed due to mechanical failure and a morbidly obese woman who died from a heart attack. James Fields Jr. is being called a “domestic terrorist” even though he wasn’t charged with first degree murder.

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    • Mr. Davis, are there any statues erected in your honor to be found in the Confederacy? If so I, a person who was born in and raised in the very heart of Yankeedom, shall gladly defend them!


      #1. If you are a White Nationalist, then you can only be pleased by this.

      Only a few years back Congress had the exact same attitude as did the Mainstream Media – ‘let’s never mention ‘them’ so as to deprive them of publicity and, thus, keep them tiny and marginalized.’

      #2. This is typical of the last decades of Congress – a time during which they have attended to very little of consequence.

      If they don’t like the burgeoning White Nationalism, why not attend to the soil whence it arises? – such as the matters of economick usurpation, the cultural war against Tradition, Men, Christianity, Whites (the people who built America – not the Red Men, who lived in North America, but, never knew an ‘America’) and or a government that serves alien constituencies with far more faithfulness than it does it’s own people.


      This time in this country is eerily like a century back in Europe – in that the underlying causes of what occurred, (and what is occurring), were never tended to.

      The results – Russia, despite a certain comeback internationally, is still economically ruined by 75 years of Bolshevism.

      The lingering after-effects of The Weimar Republick, – and the reaction to it – is that Germany is still psychically ruined and self-destructing.

      It appears that the authorities of today, who study history, can think of nothing better do do than issue a cosmetick gesture, in the wake of a manifestation which is an organick and unconcerted reaction to their lack of true governance and a tyranny encroaching from the periphery.

      They have presided over a society that is quickly descending into the abyss of chaos and nihilism, and yet they seem to not have a clue.

      Or are they so well compensated that they are too anaesthesized to act as if they understood?

      • I agree. You have summed it up quite nicely. Instead of this ‘NATION’ concentrating on individual groups, we need to be concerned about ‘GLOBALISTS’. IF they win, America is gone. I would guess the four traitors in senate are Ryan, Kasich, McCain, and Graham?

    • This is nothing new. The House and the Senate hate White Americans, and constantly abuse us.

      You have about 40 Roman Catholics & Jews in the Senate who will always vote against White Americans. Always. All the time.

  1. The Senate is nothing but israeli-occupied territory. They are traitors, curs and cowards of the lowest order. As far as that police helicopter crash goes I have yet to see any convincing evidence that it even happened. And good riddance to Heather “light as a feather” Heyer. The world is a better place without that hulking monstrosity in it.

  2. Please contact Mark Warner and Tim Kaine ‘s state and national Congressional offices talk to lower level congressional staff members. Be polite but present your own personal experiences about the truth about what happened in Charlottesville VA.

    Mike Henry Chief of Staff
    Emily Dunn
    Assistant to the Chief of Staff


    Mary Naylor Legislative Director
    Nick Barbash Legislative Assistant Transportation, Energy, Environment, Agriculture
    Ron Storhaug Senior Economic Policy Advisor Budget, Economy, Tax, International Trade, Banking
    Karishma Merchant Legislative Assistant Education, Labor, Workforce
    Phil Olaya Legislative Counsel Judicial Issues, Immigration, Telecommunications
    Kristen Molloy Legislative Assistant Healthcare
    Nicole Porreca Legislative Assistant Foreign Relations
    Ryan Colvert Legislative Assistant Armed Services
    Keren Charles Dongo Deputy State Director/Legislative Assistant Criminal Justice Reform
    Russel Wade Legislative Aide Small Business, Social Security, Housing Finance
    Nabeel Alam Legislative Aid Transportation, Space, Agriculture
    Evan McWalters Legislative Correspondent Civil Rights and Liberties, Gun Violence, Telecommunications, Welfare, Elections
    Julie Sawyer Legislative Fellow Foreign Relations
    Zehra Bell Legislative Fellow Foreign Relations
    Cortney Segmen Legislative Fellow Education
    Blake Souter Defense and Foreign Policy Analyst Defense, Foreign Policy, Intelligence, Veterans
    Portia Boone Legislative Correspondent Health Care, Education, Women’s Health, Labor
    Donald Pollard Legislative Correspondent Environment, Energy
    Andrew Kalaris Legislative Correspondent Defense, Veterans
    Nicholas Widmyer Legislative Correspondent Health Care, Immigration

    Sarah Peck Communications Director
    Miryam Lipper
    Press Secretary

    Joe LaPaille
    Deputy Press Secretary for Digital Strategy

    Zachary Woodward

    Loully Saney
    Press Assistant


    Kate McCarroll Director of Scheduling

    Kathy Wilmoth Administrative Director
    Tyler Johnson Deputy Executive Assistant to the Senator
    Jared Nichols Director of Correspondence and Systems Administrator
    James Conway Staff Assistant
    Chris Gibson Correspondence and Database Manager
    John Knapp State Director
    Marc Cheatham Director of Constituent Services and Casework
    Sherrie Harris Executive Assistant to the Senator
    Tyee Mallory Regional Director
    Debby Burroughs Senior Caseworker
    Paula Sherman Caseworker
    Rachel Kingery Staff Assistant
    Karen Harris Caseworker
    Virginia Beach
    Diane Kaufman Regional Director
    Anna Przebinda Staff Assistant
    Laura Blevins Regional Director
    Gaston Araoz-Riveros

    Regional Director

    Mecca Hall

    Staff Assistant

    Urooj Mughal

    Regional Director

    Gwen Mason Regional Director
    Gwen Mason Regional Director
    Ali Sutherland Staff Assistant

  3. Would they agree to give us Barbuda? In exchange for leaving polite society? No, there is no escape.

  4. Not to be picky about such details, but it looks to me in one video like Heather Hyer had at least one very bad laceration, either to the axillary artery or the femoral. Her right eye socket is bleeding and she has large abrasions on her abdomen and she has a laceration to her right leg in this picture.

    You don’t get that from smoking and donuts.

    This is a strange hill to choose to die on.

  5. It’s a shame that this whole country now revolves around the wishes of jews, negroes and foreigners.

    I don’t think it will last.

  6. What a glorious award. Why would anyone be upset by being condemned by a circus of fags, pedophiles, liars, cheats, thieves, and beggars? Did I forget anything?

  7. The cuck scum delivered yet again for Marse Hymie & the globalist crony capitalists, and thatz who REALLY matter in this totally jewed shithole of a “nation”.

  8. I’ll tell you, congress is so unpopular that I love it every time they condemn something I’m on the side or in favor of.

  9. Condemn all those GOP who voted for sanctions against Russia as traitors and scum.

    Condemn all supporters of Syrian regime change as traitors and scums.

  10. Boot all of these cucks out of office!!! Publish a voting list of every anti-white politician so we can take action to vote them out of office.

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