UVA Timeline Proves Police Had Advance Knowledge of August 11 Torchlight March

I told you so.

The Virginia State Police even knew about it by August 10th. They were there on the scene at UVA with the Charlottesville Police and the UVA Police. We told them when we were having the torchlight march, where it would be and specifically asked them to separate both sides.

The police stood across the street and made no attempt to separate the two sides when we converged at the Jefferson monument. The sub.Media reporter (these people are anarchists) even asked the police why they weren’t intervening at around 4:00 in this video. They were more concerned about the harmless drone hovering in the air than protecting public safety.

Is there some reason why Virginia State Police, Charlottesville Police and UVA Police couldn’t have maintained the peace on August 11th with six hours advance notice? Is there some reason they were unable to do it the following day with two months advance notice?

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  1. In hindsight, it might have been a better idea if those fine young lads had held their tiki-torch procession around the equestrian statue in Lee Park rather than on the UVA campus. Charlottesville was obviously too far behind enemy lines for anything short of an armed confrontation with the enemy, which of course was not UTR’s intention.

    Has any legal counsel been consulted yet regarding the outrageous criminal misconduct of the civil authorities in this matter?

  2. Justice grinds slow Spahn. They just acquitted the cops associated with the death of Freddie Grey.

  3. Young, healthy, able-bodied, and handsome. No wonder the Senate condemned them. They know that’s a group of fine young men they’ll never be able to bugger. Or, convince to volunteer for one of their (((phony wars))).

    As for the advance knowledge of the event….. ask Kessler, he may know how it happened.

  4. This is for Denise!!!

    Pay close attention starting around the 1:20 mark. That little revealing morsel that can take some people years and years of reading and listening to either find out or come to the conclusion….. no, they are not the top of the pyramid.

    www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=JJHKeb2P4rE

  5. Pay close attention – Antifa and all the left and everyone knew about the plans for the torchlight march and gathering as soon as the idea was come up with and the organizing of it happened. Understand. Take if from wise knowledgeable old timers who know what is what, and no short attention span, and younger guys who know where the danger really is. The enemy is within. Nothing can go forward safely to achieve important goals if everyone still keeps including all the known long time Fed bitches, compromised assholes and the provocateurs.

    The ONLY way to go ahead is to completely cut off totally and hard David Duke and ANY and ALL in his circle old and new. Stay off of and out of Stormfront. The mods there are National Alliance members also and that is a big problem. Stay away from the National Alliance like the plaque. Have NO contact with them at all. Will Williams involved in decades of bullshit, giving out all info, and very close with the SPLC; Dave Provocateur snitch Pringle end it all and NO contact; and pedo on fully monitored Fed probation Kevin the weenie Strom. This is the failure folks. Everything to do with these people has been fully compromised. All the Discord servers prior, during, and even this last week continue to be fully infiltrated and all that information is being published by the left real time, and compiled and fully public. It is very important to unite, network and advance but have NOTHING to do with any of those groups or their people. Do not let Duke or Pringle push their way into anything, and do not let them know where you are planning any small or large action, and do not associate or talk to any of their people if they do show up. Do not let them in groups or on any intel for events. Do not work with Pringle on his plans for the Dark Web. It is all a big set up. The future is to important to be too stupid to keep making the same mistakes.

    • I agree with you sir, “Doctor” Duke and those other shady characters you mentioned are friggin’ radioactive. They’ve all been compromised and I don’t want anything to do with any of ’em.

      At this point the only pro-White activists of note whom I trust are HW, Dr. Hill (who, unlike Duke, is a TRUE scholar and Southern gentleman), Terrible Tom Metzger, POW Matt Hale and Alex Linder (The Mongolian manlet “Andrew Anglin” should be regarded as little more than comic relief). The boot boys over at Atomwaffen and Ironmarch have also shown they can be trusted. NSM also seems OK but I wish they’d put the swazi back on their flag.

      • I agree. Duke arrives to destroy an event and nothing else. Throws Trump’s name around a lot. Way too much in fact. Doesn’t anyone question that man’s background, his stint in prison (disappearance), his facial transformation, and his doctorate? The great Eustace Mullins said he was a con artist, a gambler, and a womanizer. My God he stinks as much as Kessler. As for Spencer/Damigo, I just don’t know yet. Believe it or not, the biggest thing that bothers me about Spencer is his little slogan “make white privilege great again.” That is not something a true WN would do unless he just wanted to ruffle feathers and everyone else’s expense.

        • Excellent comments, SW. I didn’t know the great, late Eustace Mullins was wise to Duke. So is Terrible Tommy, who refers to him as Plastic Man.

          • Yes indeed. When I first heard it, several years ago, that is when I first started to suspect something was way off with Plastic Man (which I like by the way) but who is Terrible Tommy? Starts around 2:20.

            www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=vVbmwkFRDRo

    • All of that is words to the wise. It all goes to show what is really going on. Even board members of the National Alliance when they discovered what was really going on with Williams and Strom tried to stop them. They publicly exposed this, and then took it to court to try to dissolve the scam Williams was running illegally. In several court cases Williams was unable to even prove he had any of those roles and titles he claims he had. Williams tried to kill some of them and did some really mess up stuff to try to hide it all. Two of those people who were witnesses against Williams are now dead. Reports are their families are still being threatened, as well as many others who have testified against them, reported crimes and have cabinets full of hard evidence. Alot was put online, even some private audio and vid channels that have these dirt bags committing crimes in them, and threatening lives, and several of David Pringle shooting guns at them while screaming death threats. Anything to cover up their cons, crimes, and bullshit cash cow that puts real people in danger having anything to do with them. Funny thing is Williams was funding his personal attorneys through selling books and things that were protected in Court orders and he had not right or authority to convert. Everyone knows what a piece of shit joke he has been for so long. But we have all these young guys now that just believe the bullshit, and are going to ruin their lives and endanger their families. Too much is at stake here.

      As for Duke, many proved over the years that he didn’t even write all those books he hawks, and much plagiarized, and others farmed out sections for others to do. He spends parts of his year in his apartment in Russia, and others in several places in FL. How is he not on no fly lists? How do they still issue him passports? After all he is a flight risk as ran from the law to other countries before for all the proven tax fraud, and campaign fraud, his past ties to many crimes.

      I remember all the many giving testimony and even an undercover news tv crew showing Duke and Black selling secret Klan member info, and all their contact lists to anyone willing to pay. The vid had them with paper bags full of Klan 3×5 cards and lists of anyone who had ever contacted them. In several court cases it was proven Duke still sells everyones info for his income. Has several front orgs he would use to do so. Also got tied into other cases of other corrupt politician when the money trails and records were being presented.

      All of Duke’s campaigns are cons and just for personal income. Look at the laws, he is barred from holding any office he says he is running for due to all his past convictions for campaign fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, and that old trying to take over a foreign nation thing he and Black did way back. No one gets this.

      If their annual Stromfront conferences are so secure why is the SPLC always present and taking pictures of people at the sign in table, and of all the people, and of all the cars? They offer nothing real, nothing positive, yet can totally compromise and destroy people and any efforts to really fix the problems that need fixing.

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