President Cuck To Immediately Sign Resolution Condemning The Alt-Right

Conservatives, moderate Republicans, and phony “Christian” moralizers played no real part in Trump’s almost-unbelievable successes in 2015 and 2016.

No, it was the Alt-Right and the previously-titled “silent majority” of White working class men and women (many of whom share at least some of our beliefs) that made the difference during the darkest periods of the GOP Primaries and General Election.

These people in many cases stepped out of the shadows to vote for the first time in their lives for a man they trusted with every fiber of their being, and regardless of what various Jewish pundits say, much of that had to do with a dream (subconscious in many instances) that Whites would at last be lifted out of the depressing pit that had been dug over the last few decades.

But now we see the man in which so much hope was placed turn around and straight-up pimp slap the millions who lined up for hours in many cases to cast their humble votes – SAD!

Fox News:

The White House said Wednesday that President Donald Trump will sign a bipartisan congressional resolution condemning white nationalists, after the measure passed both chambers earlier this week.

The joint resolution targets the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups and urges the Trump administration “to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.”

So much for removing funding for federal agencies targeting us, eh?

Isn’t this resolution pretty much exactly what Hillary promised to do?

Lawmakers said the legislation would put the president on the record opposing hate groups after violence erupted at a racially charged rally in Virginia last month.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday the president would sign the legislation.

“He looks forward to doing so,” Sanders said in the daily White House press briefing.

Of course he does, even though to do so would be a form of political suicide when combined with the DACA amnesty and lack of wall building.

Because when the dust settles we will emerge in a position stronger than ever before, for we are not tied to the MAGA brand like so many of the emasculated beta males that treat Trump like a daddy figure for undefined psychological reasons.

We are now the only show in town that’s willing to push ideas, cultural changes, and policy that would in the end benefit the forgotten White men and women that Trump so cruelly used and discarded.

They may think us a bit rough and tough, but in this fallen age, such strength is needed.


  1. It s just empty symbolism – like the Russians still doing parades for the 1917 Bolshevik revolution – like statues of Lenin – meanwhile power is reserved for White Slavic Russians and Jews who did the Bolshevik revolution are unhappy – always on the move.

        • I do wonder if this is part of the move to eliminate cash. A non-person can get around in a society where cash is common, but if it is cashless they are screwed. The communists starved thirty million people and I don’t doubt for a second that they would do the same to any of us.

  2. Many sites are ignoring the big cuck by Trump or trying anything to cover up their formly massive support of Trump.

    He played us all.


    The vast majority of the new ‘Alt-Right’, is merely an incarnation of that which was prevalent in my childhood – The Southern Wing of the then being usurpt by radical New England liberal types, Democrat Party.

    And, as such, this condemnation is a warmed-over desire the then Yankee Democrat Jews had over our WASP Southron parents – to punish us for the intensity of fear, loathing, and revulsion their parents felt for ours, and, perhaps, still feel.


    In reality, it’s decades too late, and, at this date, will only serve as a continued strengthening of the Alt-Right brand to the White Teens who, hankering for not just a Rebel Without a Cause (self-absorption & self-destructive degeneracy) will naturally migrate to the Weltanschauung of their forbears.

    It’s happening now, and the way The Establishment is going about handling it, is NOT going to help them.

    In fact, everything they do is going to help the rearising Dixiecrats, unless they address the naked usurpation and usury of the system; though, considering how hard and long the aliens and alien entities workt to get the system exactly this way, is extremely remote.


    The Establishment has either not read about the years leading up to the French Revolution, the fall of the Weimar Republick, nor about events in Mother Russia over the last century. Either that or they have simply not reflected on these things in a very long time, and, soon enough, it’s going to be a very painful omission for them.

    • I will say it now, even though I pushed the thought away with every negative post I read about Donald Trump, from 2015 forward.

      Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton were “Controlled opposition.” Trump’s candidacy, his platforms, his so-called “positions” were a studied attempt to draw us ALL out of the woodwork!

      The Judenrat did this purposefully! The Jews must pay! Forever!!!

      It is now readily and patently apparent, the Donald J Trump is as much an asshole as Clinton, and he has now betrayed this country. He is a first class, A-1 traitor! He must either be impeached, or…..we’ll, you know what else.

  4. Look at all those Jooo’s in the picture! Fuck me. Trump is Israels bitch.
    That picture says what a thousand of my words can’t. Basically thats your……’democracy’ summed up in one image just there. Study it and weep.

  5. “I tell you what, we’re gonna cuck so much, you’re gonna get tired of cucking!”

    Wonder if he lets Tyrone the Secret Service agent get after Melania.

  6. Who cares if people are condemned? I mean really?

    The Alt Right failed to get its version out in a high enough quality video, ergo it gets condemned. Same old story.

    • If only all the people other than you would have stepped up and gone that extra mile.

      On behalf of everybody else who’s not you, I apologize for missing your performance benchmark.

      • That’s right.

        All we need to do next time is produce a more-perfect video and we’ll halt the entire Lugenpresse in its tracks – hell, they won’t even try to spin the narrative if the video is good enough.


  7. The only train we should have gotten on is the one of secession. Nothing is going to change through the voting box. It is way, way too late for that. How many times do we have to be told this? Let’s expand the secession movement and make it unstoppable. Let these whores have the crap country they alone created. I think from this day forward I am a woman without a country. No more voting for me because it only validates the corrupt system that I want no part of.

    No corporate honchos or traitors in the new America. They immediately go in front of the firing squad when discovered. The idiots have all revealed themselves. The only ones that will receive a hero’s welcome is Rep. Steve King and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Remember, economist Martin Armstrong said that if nothing changes the United States will break up sometime in the 2030’s.

  8. Overreaction, Hunter. This is to be expected. The establishment is scared. They are still scared of the unpredictability of Trump and his populism. And they are afraid of the potentiality of the Alt-Right and its populism. They’re afraid that if these two things ever did really come together they’d be finished.

    They’re right.

    I’m not saying our time should be now, or would be now, except for Trump’s betrayal, and the G.O.P. Charlottesville-inspired-cuck-from-hell.

    Just saying, stay loose, stay frosty, we are gaining even when things get worse.

    • But the point here is to remind everybody still clinging to Trump that he’s not our friend, was never our friend, and will never be our friend.

      Forget the Trump Train – we hijacked that muhfuggah, and we’re driving down the tracks now.

      • The only train I want to see is the one that is transporting jews and communists to forced labor camps in the Arctic Circle.

      • I can agree with that. And a specific delineation of Trumpism’s shortcomings, contrasted with Alt-Right strengths & ideals, but not a visceral wolf-howl of betrayal (sorry – looking at your avatar, MC), which is what I’m seeing on Hunter’s twitter. (Sometimes I go there just to see if his head will explode.) Similarly, UTR-2 should not be an anti-Trump hate-fest, or an “I told you so” party of the purists, but a exposition/celebration of OUR ideas and values, based on the fundamental truth that America was founded as a white nationalist country, and preserving/defending the white race is preserving/defending America. And how this fits in to the world crisis of western civilization under attack. What happened to the Charlottesville statement? Let’s dust it off and sell it to the high quality 10% we need to attract.

        • LOL – I think I held back a bit, and I did go so hard just because some of those still defending Trump need that much of a hit on the head to get the point across.

          But I think we can do some of what you’re suggesting, and I think that the time in-between now and the actual time of UTR 2.0 will give us a better look at what we’re exactly dealing with.

          • Agree. Let the dust settle a little from all these explosions we’ve been having lately. And I wish some of our stormier spirits could compose their post-Charlottesville differences, to some extent. Unless I’m mistaken, Hunter seems to have maintained a relationship with Kessler, which is good. Some others have been taking a lot of cheap shots. But then I’m the Mr. Rogers, Rainbow Coalition guy of the Alt-Right. I’ll even put in a good word for Greg Johnson.

            If he pays me.

  9. Naturally the jews and other anti-White riff-raff will complain that this “resolution” doesn’t go far enough in “combating hate”. Trump won’t appease them and at the same time he will lose support among the people who got him elected – ingenious! I wonder if this glorious resolution also condemns Antifa and BLM?

    • It does not, but let’s just take advice from a certain person in the comments section and push for limited amnesty in exchange for 30% less legal immigration, and better Alt-Right video quality.

      That’s a winning formula right there.

  10. It didn’t even take a second term to abandon his base. Wow, just wow!!!

    He abandoned General Flynn at the very first hint of trouble. That’s told us everything whether we admitted it to ourselves or not. We always find excuses for them. Or, are we just making excuses for us?

    He will go down as the worst president in U.S. history thereby taking the crown and sceptre from Obama.

    I guess Jeffrey Epstein has dirt on him. Besides, don’t you think some of those photos of him and a young Ivanka are questionable? I never would have sat on my daddy’s lap when I was in my teens. In fact, never!

    • Maybe I shouldn’t say this but Trump’s realtionship with his daughter sort of reminds me of the relationship between the wealthy businessman Noah Cross and his daughter Evelyn Mulwray in the movie Chinatown.

      • ….”He’s my President.” Slap, “I said I want the truth!” “He’s my President.” Slap. “He’s my Rabbi.” Slap. “My President, my Rabbi” Slap. Slap. “I said I want the truth!” Push. “He’s my President, and my Rabbi!” Sob.

  11. I hope the cockroach Trump is impeached….

    Secession=violent race war…international incident with the Gooks in China when their people are expelled out of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE….

  12. Charlottesville was a trap set by hate groups called ADL SPLC,etc.After watching videos the police unleashed pack of ferals Dodge driver floored the pedal.

    Yids are bad news.Trump held back for awhile he caved in under pressure.

  13. The two Communists McAuliffe and Signer need to be put in prison for causing all the violence in Charlottesville but spineless Repubs won’t go after them and instead the Jews/MSM/Cucks get the Cuck-in-Chief to punch right…

  14. Voting Trump only bought time. Hillary would have gone full in on whites and both the 1st and 2nd Amendment.
    We have roughly three years to prepare for a Liberal Progressive President in 2020 with a Liberal Congress. Say hello to hate speech legislation, complete internet censorship and “common sense gun control”. They will attempt to disarm us before the final assault.
    Prep like your life and the lives of your offspring depend on it. It does.

  15. I should expect the Kali Yuga will end on happy note? No. We have no champions. We should expect that, as Kai Murros has stated, “The darkest hour is always before the dawn. It’s an old cliché, but, in this case rings true.” However, it’s an interesting question: If our voices are to be COMPLETELY excluded from the debate, then, what, pray tell, do we owe such a system? It has obviously completely orphaned us. How many “White Supremacists” (whatever the hell THAT means.) pay taxes? How many are policemen? Soldiers? Help prop up a system that no longer allows them any say-so? Troubling questions.

  16. Why is it whites a minority have to be condemn across the globe Without the ingenuity of whites 7 billion questionable inhabitant exceeds its expectation.

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