The American Nationalism Debate

Sen. Ben Sasse, the Star Spangled moron from Nebraska, unleashed a tweetstorm last night about Richard Spencer, the Alt-Right and the meaning of Americanism:


It was easy to pick apart in 140 characters:

The Ben Sasse version of American history is mainstream conservative orthodoxy. It is the notion that America is a proposition nation and that “racism” is un-American. This is particularly amusing in Ben Sasse’s case in light of the fact that the Kansas-Nebraska Act was a major historical event that polarized the country and led to the War Between the States. The immediate cause of that conflict was the status of blacks and whether slaves could be brought into the Western territories.

While all this has been going on, Andrew Anglin has been arguing at The Daily Stormer that we need to adopt American nationalism. As many of you have no doubt heard, the #TakeTheKnee protests in the NFL have led some on the Left to condemn the American flag and national anthem as “racist.” Anglin has argued that we need to “pick up the gun” and embrace the American flag, Americanism and American nationalism in response. At least this is the gist of what I remember reading this morning. The Daily Stormer is down again and I am unable to access the article.

A new organization called Patriot Front has launched which has a much more nuanced take on American nationalism. It draws a critical distinction between the American state and the American nation. We should all be able to agree than Americanism in 2017 isn’t what it was in 1790 or 1865 or 1965. It will suffice to say that it has come unglued over the past fifty years with a Jewish elite in the cultural cockpit. It would have shocked our ancestors that one day the NFL would be a pillar of our national identity.

How did we go from the Founding Fathers to Ben Sasse cucksplaining “white culture” and these insolent NFL players? The truth is that it was a long drawn out process of weakening and undermining our culture and national identity which began with the ideology of the American Revolution. In order to justify breaking with the Mother Country, the Founding Fathers seized on the fashionable Enlightenment theories of their times which elevated “liberty” and “equality” above all other goods.

Previously, John Locke had been unknown in the American colonies where “white supremacy” had long been established. His great work The Second Treatise on Civil Government, which was first published in 1690, had been ignored in the American colonies in the eighteenth century. It wasn’t until 1773 – the year of the Boston Tea Party – that his writings came to the attention of the colonists. Americans seized upon Locke’s Second Treatise because it provided a handy justification for their decision to resist imperial authority. This is a decision which had already been made for quite different reasons.

It is also worth noting exactly what in Locke’s work appealed most to the American colonists: it was his interpretation of the biblical story of Jephthah in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Judges. When the Israelites begged Jephthah to take up their cause against the Ammonites, he in turn asked God to decide the controversy. Jephthah made an “Appeal to Heaven.”

John Locke argued in the Second Treatise that in extreme cases when a ruler betrayed his people and the judges with the authority to hear their cause sided with the tyrant, the people could make an “Appeal to Heaven” when all other avenues had been exhausted. It was this “An Appeal To Heaven” flag with the green pine tree that was adopted as the symbol of the insurgency in New England in the heady days after Bunker Hill. The insurgents in New England were highly religious Yankee Puritans who came of age in the aftermath of the Great Awakening, not the Big Brain Nibbas we imagine today.

While it is true that Americans revolted in defense of their rights and liberties, these rights were the traditional safeguards of life, liberty, and property that were guaranteed under the British Constitution, which King George III was accused of subverting in a sinister Papist conspiracy. The Quebec Act had extended the boundaries of Quebec over what is now the Midwest. The American Revolution was fought in the name of the British Constitution which the American colonists had lived under for generations. The rights and liberties were also said to be derived from the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God and this is what stuck and has been the source of so much confusion.

This was the beginning of the tension between the ideology of the American Revolution and what had existed before it. The result of the American Revolution was the triumph of the Patriots, the demise of the Loyalists, the end of the monarchy and British rule, the triumph of liberal republicanism and the expulsion of “English” from the nascent American national identity. In the aftermath of the American Revolution, an American was someone who was White, Protestant and republican in politics.

By the 19th century, the ideology of the American Revolution was already spawning new cultural fissures. The doctrine of “liberty” and “equality” and the “rights of man” clashed strongly with slavery which was swiftly eliminated in New England. The hierarchy of master/slave replaced the old hierarchy of kings/subjects as a focal point of unrest and culminated in the dissolution of the Union and abolition. It also found other outlets in the opposition to Indian Removal, America’s westward expansion and “civil rights” of free blacks in Reconstruction.

The next great cause was the women’s suffrage movement which demanded that women have the same rights as men. After decades of agitation, the cause culminated in the Nineteenth Amendment. The ideology of the American Revolution also shed its isolationist cast when Woodrow Wilson plunged the United States into World War I to “Make The World Safe for Democracy.” The purpose of Wilson’s League of Nations was to export and impose American principles on the entire world.

This brings us to the Second World War. The ideology of American Revolution was central to that conflict and the creation of the postwar world that followed. The major result of that conflict was the triumph of the idea that “racism” is immoral, that racial differences do not exist and that blacks are equal to Whites. In the frenzy of wartime propaganda, American racial attitudes were completely transformed in the seven years between 1938 to 1945. Gunnar Myrdal’s 1944 book An American Dilemma emphasized the conflict between the American Creed and the pattern of American race relations. This message that Americanism was opposed to “racism” was driven home in Hollywood movies like The House I Live In.

The next great crusade was the Civil Rights Movement. The result of the Civil Rights Movement was the reimagination of America as a “global nation,” the elevation of “racism” and “anti-Semitism” as our greatest national sins, the decoupling of whiteness and American identity and the beginning of our marginalization in American culture. Henceforth, Whites would be stripped of moral legitimacy and “freedom” and “equality” would always be associated with the cause of negroes who around that time were elevated in the social scale to “African-Americans.”

By 1965, Americans had never been more free and equal but there were still more social hierarchies waiting to crumble, and after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement we flung open our borders to Third World immigrants. We also had the triumph of feminism and the homosexual liberation movement in the Sexual Revolution. The spread of contraception, divorce and abortion swiftly began to undermine the family and church. It set the stage for the spread of atheism and the triumph of gay marriage and the transgender or gender dysphoria movement in the LGBTQ community.

Every single bit of this has been justified as the latest expansion of freedom, equality, tolerance, rights, individualism, and so on, and it has brought us to where we are today. As I mentioned earlier, “English” was the first marker to be expunged from American identity. Later, “whiteness” was expunged during the Civil Rights Movement. Since the end of Cold War, “Christianity” has been decoupled from American identity and multiculturalism has challenged the idea that we are united by a common language.

By the 2000s, Americanism had been reduced to sportsball, jingoism, commercialism and the decaying universalism of liberal ideology – these were the ties that bound our great nation. Gone were all the things that have traditionally bound a nation – race, religion, ethnicity, culture, common history and memory. In the aftermath of 9/11, George W. Bush told Americans to go shopping:

It seems like ages ago.

In the last eight years, we have witnessed the demise of jingoism and commercialism as unifying pillars of our national identity, and now we are witnessing the end of Joe Sixpack and sportsball. The only thing that is left of our present decompiled Americanism is the ideology of civic nationalism and we don’t even agree on that anymore. We’re down to nothing more than Ben Sasse’s cuckery and that isn’t a meaningful identity strong enough to hold together this American Babylon.

While I am sure everyone will pretty much agree on the diagnosis, the question before us is whether we should rebrand ourselves as American Nationalists, adopt the American flag and “pick up the gun” of Americanism. My honest answer is that Americanism is dissolving before our eyes, the process is dramatically accelerating under Trump and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole damn thing didn’t just unravel over the course of the next few years. We’re closer to total cultural collapse than ever before and it is coming sooner than I anticipated.

If past is prologue, cultural collapse precedes a political collapse, and the result will be violence. We live in a time reminiscent of the 1850s when America’s two party system and Protestant denominations collapsed. We’re beginning to see low level political violence like Bleeding Kansas. During the War Between the States, Americanism was contested in the bloodiest war in our history.

I don’t see any reason to argue with anyone about American nationalism. It is clear to me that whatever this is approaching on the horizon is going to define the parameters of Americanism moving forward in the 21st century, not a few blogs on the internet. I can see the conflict being resolved in a number of ways – a national breakup along known ethnocultural fault lines, military dictatorship, some new ideology or religious movement that replaces our exhausted liberal tradition, a plunge into spiraling anarchy – but some new source of unity and cohesion will eventually be found.

In the meantime, we shouldn’t lose our own cohesion arguing over flags and symbols and labels while we are living through a turning point in American history. Maybe we should just watch.

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  1. Another politician with all the proper social graces. It’s amazing how many of them are genuine lowlifes. He uses no professional discretion with the personal attacks either. Probably just completed the Tavistock Institute’s class “Herd Mentality for US Politicians”. He must be a real charmer at the DC cocktail parties, too.

    Hunter, you’re a great orator and you know your history.

  2. I had thought that I would croak before the unraveling, the collapse, the civil war of extermination, the mother of all dictatorships, or the partition– whatever is on the horizon. Now I think all of us will see it.

    • I agree most, if not all of us will find ourselves fighting and VERY often dying in the civil war that is coming. It far too late to avoid it.

      • True.

        Ten or twenty years from now, many of us will have fallen in battle.

        It’s crazy to think about – not that long now until everything unravels into a new and shocking paradigm.

        • Somewhat affected Matt Heimbach made a very rational observation when he pointed out:

          In 1950, 90% of Americans polled were against integration.

          In 1960 80% of Americans polled were against “Civil Rights”.

          Contrast the above to where we are today. It may not be a question of being “awake” or even being “aroused”, but what tactics are used.

          • And in 2008, 90% of the American populace were against the (((bank bailouts))).

            It sure sounds like “home of the free” when you see (((whom))) has prevailed.

        • True, a decade or two, and most of us are likely to have been pushing daisies.

          What choice do we have? Roll over and kick the can to our posterity? Nope.


    Don’t make this more complicated than it is….Ben Sasse is a toady-whore for very powerful MEGA-CORPORATE INTERETS…AND what these GREEDY CHEATING WHITE LIBERAL MEGA-CEOs want is an unlimited supply of nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT scab labor so they can steal the wealth of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS….

    This is of course is bad enough…but importing an unlimited supply of NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR also has very very nasty demographic consequences:THE FATE OF THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS is put in the hands of the highly RACIALIZED nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc. Exactly how is it in the interests of the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS to consent to putting their fate in the hands of Jamaican-Hindu POTUS KAMALA HARRIS’S MAJORITY NONWHITE DEMOCRATICVPARTY VOTING BLOC..?….TO Ask the question is to answer it….

    SASSE claims that it is UNAMERICAN for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS not to consent to their DEMOGRAPHIC EXTERMINATION within the borders of America.


    HOW you frame the issue will determine if you can publicly expose SASSE for the filthy disgusting cockroach that he is…

    Start googling about Ben Sasse and the convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert….Pedophiles do seem to be intertwined with SASSE for his whole political career…

    On another note….stay away from 23 and me….the company engages in personal data hoarding…Morever, if you read the technical discussions on Reddit and Quora, there are very serious statistical accuracy issues with 23 and me…23 and me is most definitely a scam according to the Russian Computer Programmer who wrote the Python code for 23 and me…

    • His face and responses tell us he’s always been a pansy-assed pale face.

      Hammacher Schlemmer’s current catalog:
      “The Better Genetic Ancestry Profile
      Description – This is the advanced ancestry test that uses the latest genetic technology and research to precisely pinpoint your roots. Unlike lesser services that only analyze 26 populations or 18 gene pools, this superior ancestry tracking compares your DNA profile to 862 populations and 36 gene pools, generating a more detailed narrative of your ancestors’ history and migration. The kit includes swabs that you rub against the inside of your cheek and mail to a professional laboratory via the provided envelope. The laboratory compares the unique sequences in your genome with DNA markers from around the globe spanning 2,000 years. Results are available in two to three weeks, viewable online through the laboratory’s website, and include reports on the history of your top three gene pools.”

      I dismissed the Craig Cobb results. I immediately saw what they were doing (or was he a willing participant?). Until all of us understand the traps they constantly set, they will have positive results from both their overt, subliminal, and everything-in-between weapons.

      Ditto with giving blood. I often wonder what else do they do with it or learn from its contents complete with name and address of its source.


    Ask SASSE why he has a problem with an America that was 90 percent Native Born White American like when America was 90 percent Native Born White American in 1969 the year that America landed two Alpha Native Born White American Males on the Moon…Ten more after that…YOU CAN ASK THE CHINESE AND HINDUS IN CALIFORNIA THE SAME QUESTION…

    In 2017…White Males are dying at an unprecedented rate…at a higher rate than WW2 ERA….as a direct consequence of the demographic and labor market consequences of the passage of the 1965 nonwhite legal immigrant increase act and post-1965 nonwhite legal immigrant increases=Nonwhite scab labor…

    There are no benefits for The Historic Native Born White American Working Class becomming a white racial foreigner in California and across the US….Inflict the same policy on the Chinese in China and the Chinese in China would scream CHINESE GENOCIDE…and they would be correct in stating this…..if the legal immigrants COMMING into China were from India…..there would be open violent race war in China….

    But the Chinese in California demand that Whitey consent to his-her demographic extermination within the borders of America…at the hands of Chinese and Hindu “Americans” and their US Chinese-Hindu GENELINE….in our America…

    I have noticed that there is complete silence from Paul Kersey about Asian Legal Immigrants and their US BORN CHILDREN..I AM SUSPICIOUS THAT KERSEY IS HALF GOOK…..



    The very very great benefit of a very severe LABOR SCARCITY=VERY HIGH REAL WAGE

    That would have occurred

    If the (((THE 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT))) HAD NOT BEEN PASSED…and if all nonwhite legal immigration had been shut down to 0 in 1965…FOREVER!!!….and if this had been done….

    0 probability of 9/11 ever occurring

    0 probabilty of the earlier 1993 terrorist attack on the TT ever occurring….

    0 probability of Major Nidal slaughtering American Teenagers at Fort Hood…

    And…Native Born White Americans still a 90 percent racial majority within the borders of America in 2017…

    Ben SASSE….a filthy disgusting cockroach… demanding that millions of Native Born White Americans to engage in DEMOGRAPHIC CUCKHOLDERY…WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO DO THIS…..










    An all Pakistani Muslim American Nuclear Submarine Crew led by Captain Said Mohammad…Annapolis Graduate? AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE!!!

    Labor Market Flexible…that’s what the young White “MEN” CUCKS….who start their careers at Mckinsely and Company….call it=exterminating THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS…



    • I refuse to call myself an American anymore, actually. I’m a White man, a racial-realist, I lean politically towards National Socialist ideology, and am a citizen of ORION!

      I woke up from the delusion called “Americanism” years ago… and left behind me, a million miles away. Though I’m personally not looking forward to the hard reality of the destruction that’s surely coming to what passes these days as “America”, because I’m pushing 50 and have a sick wife, I paradoxically WILL be glad to see it burn. So that from the ashes maybe we can build something much better. My biggest worry is that (((TPTB))) will somehow be able to keep America and Americanism floating along, despite everything, for years and years… allowing our people to remain “comfortably numb” as our numbers dwindle towards extinction levels.

      Again, I am not on Team America. On Team White only. So, in a sense, all of this madness that’s taking place here (NFL Negroes kneeling, jews jewing-up everything, cities burning, the lying media, etc., etc., etc.) is happening to a foreign country and doesn’t evoke too much of an emotional response from me anymore. Except a curious mixture of sadness and amusement. Does that make sense?

  8. I think a military dictatorship is likely for two reasons. 1) It is the only institution left which moat people here support. 2) Brute force is about all that can hold a multi-racial society like this together for any length of time.

  9. Mr. Griffin, very impressive article and amazingly cogent Twitter responses. The opposition rarely encounters men such as yourself. Your efforts are appreciated by us all.

  10. Well, of course those people who live in America who put the concerns of America first, ideally would be called Americans, and would most certainly be White Europeans. However, nonwhites including Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese and jews, have never put America first and in fact it is quite obvious they put their own ethnic groups first without any consideration of what’s good for the country or the common good. Blacks only care about black issues centered around free stuff and they have been empowered by the jews to do whatever they please. Hispanics, many here for centuries, do not put America first. They only care about hispanic issues, and jews, the arch culprits in our subversion, create division any way they can leading nonwhites against us.

    Whites and their once orderly societies and White homelands are targetted for destruction. America was an almost totally White nation, founded by White Europeans with Christian values. Nonwhites have not only refused to assimilate into White culture, but with the leadership of jews, they are all working together to destroy America by changing it from a once moral country with high standards set by hundreds of years of trial and error, into a chaotic, warlike, criminal, state, in which American Whites are not included, smeared as racists, and viewed as unamerican and subversive if they dare insist the US government abide by the principles laid down by the Founders and the US Constitution.

    This ‘American’ thing was based on the idea that people are created equal. But that statement was written exclusively for a White America. It was written before the founders, the first Americans, knew America was going to be inundated with non-white races by immigration policies written by nation wrecking jews.

    If these nonwhites are promoted as ‘Americans’, as the jewsmedia is doing, then count me out. Truth be told, we simply are not equal. Race matters. Racial differences breed different behaviors. It’s pretty obvious that different races can’t really live together unless it’s understood that it is equal rights for all, special rights for no one, but that will never happen as long as there are jews in the mix creating all sorts of situations that are destructive to an orderly, moral, society.

    When did it all go wrong? When did America first begin to become anti-American/anti-white? I suppose early in the 20th Century when the jew Federal Reserve (1913) was given the power to print money from nothing and loan it to the Federal Government which agreed to pay it back with interest. Not long after, jews tricked America into WW1, and after that came the devastating depression of 1929, caused by jew money manipulation, soon followed by yet another fratricidal war, incited by the jews who are working to eliminate us altogether.

    Jews inflicted America with destructive multiculturalism and diversity over the past 65 years, but you can’t say moral, altruistic, White Americans, in the historical traditional spirit of America, didn’t naively give their best efforts and trillions of dollars of their hard earned money to try and make the impossible work. Unfortunately, mixing of races has never worked in the history of man, and it’s not working in America. That the overwhelming majority of Whites still don’t understand it’s not America first, but race first, with all non-White races, is quite remarkable. Today, we observe even more extreme hatred and hostility by nonwhites toward Whites no matter how many stupid Whites bend over backwards to please them. We Whites who are awake see the creation and orchestration of all programs destructive by racial supremacist jews, but most Whites don’t. Americanism as it was conceived in days gone by was embraced only by White Americans and could work only if America was racially homogenous.

  11. American nationalism used to be WHITE nationalism and it is rapidly becoming so again.

    Note that our enemies are turning their wrath against the American flag now that they’ve wiped out the Confederate flag. In a race war, your enemies will tell you what side you’re on. The American flag may once again become a symbol of WHITE nationalism by virtue of our enemies making it so.

  12. Covertly adopting the Star Spangled Banner for actions inside the Stadium are critical this weekend. Be a thuggish lout and Disrupt the Games with field invasions and pranks of all sorts while wearing the flag or carrying it. Turn the symbol into a circus.

  13. Middle class are on paycheck to paychek of paying off interest.Jobs pass on to non whites Orwellian affirmitive action.hoards of bottom feeders predatory state and local taxation for the public health and safety erroding.Politicians are baily of corporate parasites.

    wiggers conservitive into hip hop and rap music..disconected from history of arts and music.

    Atonomous commute and residential enclaves zero extendend family.

    They keep saying we’re devided.It started with brown v board of education devided white community.United we stand.Devided we fall.

  14. If the U.S. was founded on white nationalist principles and if these ideas characterize its history, then it’s silly to cede our identity and history to a Jewish ruling class that tried to redefine what Amerca is after WW II. You yourself have made the case in your responses to Sasse. We need to take back those symbols, not to give them and our history away to our enemies.

    The truth is that mass movements are not made up entirely of vanguards. Most people that support one faction or another aren’t employing some complex and nuanced view of history and ideology. They’re responding to simple and honest patriotism and this is the only card civic nationalists have to play. Why continue to allow them to play it?

    Take back those symbols and they have nothing. It’s not like their arguments hold up. The only thing they have going for them is their ability to appeal to normie nationalism with stolen symbols. Connect those symbols to white identity again and you win.

  15. Sasse looks like us but has no loyalty to us. His loyalty are to words and ideological abstractions, not to the survival and well being of his own race.
    Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
    For when it prospers none dare call it treason.

  16. I have a great friend, he was a Latter Day Saint Mormon missionary in some rough areas of Chicago. He’s still a nice LDS Mormon White guy, but he is definitely street smart and red pilled on racial and immigration issues. I haven’t tried to bring up the JQ with him. We correspond a lot and vent my anger at the near unanimous cowards, cuckservative Latter Day Saint Mormon political leaders like Mittens Romney and Orin Hatch.

    My friend laughs at my jokes about the once tough, gun fighting, separatist Latter Day Saint Mormons like Porter Rockwell now being a bunch of sissies who think it’s dangerous to drink a small red wine sacrament or even a hot drink like coffee or tea.

    I asked my LDS friend this week that since the LDS Mormon church is strongly against having a beer or a cup of coffee, how do they feel about human sacrifice as I strongly want to take the likes of Orin Hatch and Mittens Romney and drop them off (without their Secret Service protection) in the Back of the Yards neighborhood here in Chicago which is overrun with “undocumented” Latrino gang bangers. I told my friend that I would really enjoy hearing about their last living days on planet earth as they tried to explain to the undocumented Laraza gang members that

    They weren’t racist

    And they were really on the Laraza gang members side

    And they were actually welcome to come living in the LDS Mormon Pol’s home sleep or do other things in their wives and daughter’s bed rooms etc.

    Yep, human sacrifice

    The Celtic druids with their wickermen used to do it, let’s bring back some old time religion practices.

  17. Senator Ben Sissy only got into the Senate because his kike MASTERS paid to put him there. The jews probably have some kind of dirt on him too, just to make sure he stays in line. What could it be, I wonder? Did Sissy attend a fag orgy while in college? Does he have a half nigger love chile? Was he seduced by a female MOSSAD agent? Does he like snorting blow? At any rate he’s a piece of shit.

    HW, how have you avoided being shoahed off of Shitter? People are starting to come up to me demanding an explanation. What should I tell them?

    • I believe it’s much worse than that. White Nationalists all know the jews have vast power in the West. But it’s actually much worse than we want to accept. America is an occupied territory, and this is no exaggeration. Our country has been robbed from us. It is in the hands of the jewish state. We can’t even speak. America is run and controlled by jew psychopaths. Certainly, our congress, every congressman and senator receives direct instructions on every vote they cast from their jew handler.

      It’s not like these politicians don’t know about the jews. How could they not. Cognitive dissonance only goes so far. THEY ALL KNOW!!!, in detail, exactly what’s going on, and therefore they are anti-White. Not that any of them are opposed to what’s going on because they are only interested in their status, but they are also fully aware of what would happen to them or their family members if they resist or attempt to reveal what’s going on to the people of the US. JFK comes to mind. Besides, they understand if they rebelled for some reason, who would believe them?

      And the cuck media bozos, they have the same knowledge. That’s why we call them the “controlled media”. Those in the forefront, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the FOXjews’ fakes, and the countless others who support and propagandize for the jewish system — they ALL know — ITZ THE JEWS.

  18. This Republic was doomed from the start, it was understood that eventually the North and South were going to split. So let’s get it over with, already.

  19. I’ll never get how white advocates miss the money shots.

    Sasse says in one tweet that the US was ‘against all identity politics.’

    That’s where you plunge the knife in. Yet no one ever does.

    I’ll never get why you choose supremacism over defiance and then think you’re some ‘vanguard’ for the white working man.


      YOU NAILED IT…Richard Spencer unfortunately speaks and debates in the vague reveries about a White Ethno state…when should be going for the jugular and ripping it out….

      Asian “AMERICANS” shriek about the “evil” of the 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act….while they get to vote for a de facto NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN EXCLUSION ACT in California and across the US…

      SASSE is completely on board with the racial identity politics of Asians and Negros within the borders of America…

      Why does SASSE have a problem with a 90 percent demographic of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN?


      SOME of you may be aware of Quantum Entanglement…no matter the distance…the spin of a photon can be made to correlate with the spin of another photon in a way that looks instaneous and perfect…..It’s a metaphor for SASSE’S whole political career…which is always entangled up with some of the worst SATANIC pedophiles in the DC SWAMP….

      The Nebraska Republican Party Political Machine has been a rancid cesspool of pedophiles and pederasts for decades…

  20. Hunter has commented on the symbolism of the 500th anniversary of the Luther revolution which birthed liberal individualistic modernity. Luther was a smart shitposter who brought down the Cathedral of his day.

    Luther = smart use of revolutionary tech. Smartphones & social media are the printing press.
    LOLlard = old school failed methods.

    Luther subverted the vertical transmission mechanism of memes. I think there is a lot more inchoate anxiety among normies than you think. They can be reached by smart engaging polemical content online.

    Dugin has mentioned looking at the wreckage of fascism and communism for materials to build anew. I take Anglin as meaning something similar. The aesthetics, imagery and icons of Americanism can be repurposed creatively. Possibly in a way which is dovetailed with Dixie ideals and goals.

  21. John Diclaro writes:

    “This ‘American’ thing was based on the idea that people are created equal. But that statement was written exclusively for a White America. ”

    I respond:

    But the reality then and now is that there is simply no way to contain this Masonic universal brotherhood, equality just to White heterosexual sane (English) speaking men.

    This Declaration of Independence insanity comes directly from the French Enlightenment that would soon fall down in to the French Revolution mob rule, slaughter of the nobility and then when these insane ideas spread to French Santo Domingo (Haiti) they resulted in the slaughter of all White Europeans in Haiti.

    liberte égalité fraternite

    Liberty equality brotherhood

    These concepts sound good when you are only with high IQ, healthy White or high Asian men (As the pushy feminist Abigail Adams mouthed off and her husband John Adams slapped her down – it’s not to be given to the ladies) in real world, multi racial, multi cultural places – it’s just utter nonsense or worse suicide and/or mass murder for White Western people.

    • Well, since we don’t know what would have happened if the jews had not been permitted to interfere in our country’s development, I can’t agree with what you’re saying. You’ve left out the whole jew thing and it is the jews who interfered with, and now control our immigration policies. Any form of government has a tendency to be corrupted, but with jews, that possibility becomes an inevitability.

      “You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”—

      Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.</i?

      Marcus Eli Ravage, jew! 1928

  22. “By the 2000s, Americanism had been reduced to sportsball, jingoism, commercialism® and the decaying universalism of liberal ideology®”

    This is why I always write “America” as America®.

  23. Sasse the Cuckservative was head tutor for the Senate Page program at a time when I knew someone who signed up to be a page. He was an open homosexual (keep in mind, we were 15-16 years old) and a lot of his homosexual friends were signing up too. I thought it was really bizarre at the time, but knowing what we do now about Hastert the pedo and Sasse the MEGA-CUCK, absolutely nothing surprises me anymore. I wish North Korea would nuke Israel and then Washington D.C.

  24. On the one hand these people damn the founders of this country as racists, white supremacists, and nazis and talk about getting rid of monuments to them, the flag, the natl anthem and other things. The very same people then say things like, “The US was founded as a place where everybody in the world can come to get a fresh start” and that the US was created as the proposition nation devoted to equality, democracy and diversity.

    We’re seeing the destruction of the historical and its simultaneous replacement by a new national mythology.

    • It’s like the blacks and kikes who rant on about racist Founding Fathers but then turn around and use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      The more they do this, the more they awaken some of our comatose brothers and sisters.

  25. They better hope I never become president, I’ll be booting out and executing more whites than any other variety.

  26. This Nebraska Sen. is maybe the worst cuck in the US Congress! It’s a matter of principle – we must insult, humiliate and abuse him to the point where he doesn’t dare show his face in public without being pelted by even normies throwing foul liquids and rotted vegetables at him.

    This guy and his wholesome, beautiful White family are one of our worst problems because the anti Southern, Anti White media mafia can put him out as the wholesome, Christian face of TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY against us mean, ugly racists.

    What this guy is and what he represents his the cursed 90s “Promise Keepers” that used to pack college football stadiums with White men who would be induced cry about how they were racists and weren’t good enough fathers and husbands. This whole Promise Keepers cult of emasculating White Christian men was dreamed up by the coal burning mud shark daughter of the University of Colorado Football Coach! American Football is a huge cultural marxist, anti White force in the USA. This Cuckservative Nebraska Sen. Sasse’s Facebook page is packed with his loving presentation of University of Nebraska Cornhusker football.

    His Facebook page has some mud shark 40s ish blond bragging about how she supported the original BlackLiesMatter movement in St. Louis/Ferguson MO.

  27. Coach Bill McCartney was a weirdo who enjoyed hanging around smelly Football Negro locker rooms…Coach McCartney didn’t even know his own daughter was doing his whole negro football team.


    • Coach Bill McCartney (of the Promise Keepers Evangelicuck cult) has a mudsharking daughter, Kristy, who had MULTIPLE mulatto children out of wedlock with her father’s criminal niggers in jerseys. It is literally the most disgusting story you will ever hear. I’m looking it up now and gagging.

      • I just took a look as well and McCartney has the facial look of a queer/pedo/Zionist. What a corrupted family. Thank the Lord its descendants will be classified as negro.

  28. Feeling good this morning! Flying my huge American flag in the bed of a pickup truck and playing the National Anthem in downtown Los Angeles full blast. There is nothing like triggering these 3rd world brown and black asses and their (((masters )))..

  29. Until you understand that protestantism is judaizing , you won’t get people like Sasse. This is all the logical outcome of heresy.

  30. I’m also not surprised that Locke used the reference to Jepthah. This is a feature of judaizing protestantism. They often referred to themselves as Old Testament prophets. Luther, the Hussites etc. It’s a rejection of Christ and His Church. What other choice do they have but to revert to Judaism.

  31. Dont you think it would be worth spending a little time in discussing what americanism really is or at least what it was meant to be. I have no doubt that where we are today is so far afield from where we were that it boggles my mind. I have been reinvesting lately into jefferson, madison, adams, washington etc. It has been a rather interesting look. I do not think that a single one of them would consider the america of today to at all match up with their vision. We have gone far afield and i think we should ask ourselves can the early perspective be recovered, if yes, then how and then plan from there….to destroy this system destroys the remnant of what was once attempted and launchs us off on a thousand year trek thru the jungles again to rebuild.

    As an example i do not even think we understand what the founders meant by the word equality…maybe we can reclaim their thoughts and utilize them to engage the remaining sane people and fight on that basis. We are essentially in the same precarious predictament that they were way back then, underneath an oppressive government favoring its elites at the expense of the people, their ideas may serves us quite well….and if so we can slip them back into the mainstream with a bit of ease really and build on the idea of american nationalism which by definition will refuse to take the rejects from the rest of the world.

    • I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to believe that the Founders meaning of equality was the equality of White Men, period. Who else was there? Now we’ve gone from that rational definition to the idiocy of everything and everybody is equal, from retards to geniuses. It’s nonsense!

      • Actually the founders meaning for equality was really a matter of manners and as well equality before the law….they were as tired as we of seeing the special consideration made for the “right” people…..thus they determined that all men would be equal in legal treatment and no one would be denied opportunity due to social status…we long ago lost that notion…ex. being obama, the clintons, the bushes and on and on….

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