Las Vegas Massacre: Random White Dude Opens Fire On Country Music Concert, 58 Dead And 515 Wounded

Update: So we’re now learning that Paddock was quite the gambling addict before his killing spree. We’ve also learned that his dad was a notorious bank robber who made the FBI’s Most Wanted List back in the 1960’s. This would probably negate the whole ISIS connection we’ve heard spread around in the last few hours – it’s still of course possible, but I would be personally quite shocked.

I hate when the news cycle does things like this to me.

I go to sleep with a nasty chest cold of some sort (apologies ahead of time if this article is a mess), and I wake up to hear that dozens had been slaughtered during a 30,000-strong country music concert.

We already know that the culprit is not a Moslem, but is instead a 64-year-old White guy named Stephen Paddock – family are saying that he must have just straight up snapped.

Perhaps history will look on this day forevermore as the moment when the Boomer at last learned to hate.

Daily Mail:

America is reeling from the worst mass shooting in its history after at least 50 people were killed and more than 406 wounded at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The shooting broke out on the final night of the three-day Route 91 Harvest festival, a sold-out event attended by 22,000 and featuring top acts such as Eric Church, Sam Hunt and Jason Aldean.

Police say the shooter was 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock, a resident of nearby Mesquite, Nevada, who opened fire on the festival taking place at Las Vegas Village from a room across the street in the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 10:08pm. 

In a statement, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they breached the hotel room on the 32nd floor and found him dead inside, among an ‘arsenal’ of weapons.

Investigators are now raiding the home Paddock shared with Marilou Danley, his ‘companion’, who was initially called a person of interest. Police located Danley early Monday morning, and after speaking with her, no longer believe she was involved in the shooting.

I’m not too sure about this one.

We still don’t know this wench’s specific nation of origin, but I suppose she could turn out to be one of those Moslems that are common in parts of Southeast Asia.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said investigations are still ongoing and police have not yet determined a motive. He was not believed to be connected to any militant group, Lombardo said. 

‘We have no idea what his belief system was,’ he added.

Terrifying footage from the scene shows concert-goers reacting with confusion and then panic as the festival turned into a bloodbath around them.

Video from close to the stage shows people hitting the floor as others crawl to safety or run for their lives. Audio from further back in the crowd captured several bursts of sustained automatic gunfire.

Witnesses said ‘hundreds’ of rounds of ammunition were emptied into the crowd, with Paddock stopping several times to reload as he carried out his massacre.

Among those shot dead at the concert was an off-duty Las Vegas Metro Police officer. Attendees said a large number of law enforcement and military personnel had been attending the show.

Only one serious question currently surrounds what is now officially the worst mass shooting in American history:

Will they try to tie the murderer to the Alt-Right?

My guess is no, and I’m also assuming that we’re just seeing someone that just finally lost their cool and went psycho on world-class stage – he’s also old enough to have perhaps served in Vietnam or in another area within that specific theater of war.

What I’m most interested in is a witness testimony of something very bizarre that occurred not all that long before the bullets started raining down on the crowd.

One witness at the concert told that a woman had entered the crowd with a male companion and screamed ‘They’re all around… You’re all going to f***ing die today’ just 45 minutes before the gunfire broke out.

The woman was described as being Hispanic and in her 50s; she and the man were escorted out of the venue by security. 

Witness Breanna Hendricks, who was in Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday, said: ‘There was a lady who came running up behind us in the concert and she started to play with people’s hair acting crazy and she told us that we’re all going to f***ing die.

‘She said they’re all around us and we were going to die,’ continued Hendricks, whose mom Shawn Hendricks also witnessed the startling altercation.

‘She was Hispanic, probably about 5ft 5, brown hair. It felt like she had knowledge of what was about to happen, her and her boyfriend who was also Hispanic.

I suppose this could have all been fabricated by a couple of girls hoping to become famous, but then again…

Could it be that Paddock was more than just a lone wolf?


  1. Possibly another instance of blowback caused by US misbehavior in the Middle-East, this time not at the hands of a random sand-nigger but apparently a White renegade who has chosen to side with radical Islam over the degeneracy of American culture.

    “The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries,” it said. In a second statement, Isis claimed the gunman “converted to Islam several months ago”

    • It’s not likely a 64 year old baby boomer would suddenly convert to Pigslam and become a terrorist. I think he just flipped out because the stress and the bullshit of living in this joke of a country overwhelmed him.

      • We’ll know more by the beginning of the afternoon.

        Maybe his Gook “roommate” converted him? She does look like a Flip or something similar.

      • Spahn, I’m sure your were around on August 1, 1966 when Charles Whitman went up to the top of the bell tower at the University of Texas, plugged over 20 people & wounded 50+.

        I still remember that event like it happened yesterday. Listened to it all unfold on my, yes, U.S. made Motorola transistor radio, the same one I had on during the weekend of November 22-24 & Monday the 25h, 1963.

        I think you’re right about the guy flipping out. That’s what happened to Whitman. His wife recently divorced him & was just back from a tour of duty with the Marines in Viet Nam. Keep in mind, the U.S. was really going down the shitter in the mid ’60’s. All of it must have really gotten to him along with the psycho medications he was taking at the time.

          • Also, keep in mind another tragic event had just occurred two weeks before on July 14,1966. That evening, Richard Speck murdered those eight student nurses in their dormitory in Chicago. I was watching TV that night when the program was interrupted with a special bulletin announcing what had occurred & that was a full 10 minutes. The news media really played it up afterwards & there was still much talk of it on August 1st. Even though Whitman had that tumor & was on medication, did the Chicago murders tip him over to the point where he wanted to one up Speck? Unfortunately, Whitman took that answer with him to the grave.

            P.S. serf: As morbid as this sounds, there were actually guys talking about what weapons & tactics they would have used had they been in Whitman’s shoes back then. It was a hot topic for week afterwards at places I use to hang around in back ’66.

  2. It’s a shame that a White guy snapped and killed a bunch of fellow Whites, who were enjoying a White oriented C&W music festival. But that’s the kind of stressed-out society we live in now. So I blame the jews and the niggers.

    • I’m hearing rumors right now that he may have been a convert to Islam – it’s all unconfirmed right now, and seems to have an Israeli and ISIS source.

      We’ll see, though…

      • ” I’m hearing rumors right now that he may have been a convert to Islam – it’s all unconfirmed right now, and seems to have an Israeli and ISIS source.”

        Well then, it must be true! Jews & Moslems never lie…

  3. He’s a race-mixing Boomer who specifically targeted an implicitly White event – a country music festival. You don’t think he knew this? Come ON!!! There is NO WAY he ‘just snapped’. So sick of pop-psych explanations for anti-White hatred.

  4. There are reports that ISIS is taking responsibility says this is one of their soliders. I have seen a report that he is a Muslim convert. Could be fake news… But that is what I have read. From the Daily Caller:
    “A statement published by Damaq, the ISIS propaganda agency, claimed Paddock as a “soldier of the Islamic state.”

    “The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries,” the statement reads.

    The suspect “converted to Islam several months ago,” according to the statement.”

    • Please don’t make wild, unsubstantiated speculations. It’s a huge problem in American Right wing circles. The temptation is just to blame some group that you fear or hate….

      “It must be the JEEEEEEEEEEEEWS” or some other scapegoat group.

      Always work to get the truth – it might be that in the case with that Lib women Congresswoman in Arizona that it was a crazy person.

      Crazy, mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns. That’s not the hated “Gun Control” it’s just common sense – please present common sense in ways that normal people even gun conservative can understand.

      We can’t allow millions of hateful Islamists to migrate in to our country and get unlimited access to the most destructive guns.

      I’m for

      Immigration control
      Muslim migrant invasion control
      Black criminal control
      Nut case Antifa, Communists control and…
      Pro White forms of birth control and (Name it something else) Gun control.

      • The Jews aren’t a ‘scapegoat group’, you dumb Slav. They’re the perpetrators of White genocide. Why does Brad even let you post here?

  5. If he was indeed a Muslim convert, expect the following in the coming days/weeks/months:

    -Increased police protection (more so than they already get, which is absolutely outrageous and obviously massively unconstitutional) at all mosques and synagogues across the country

    -Nauseauting bromides about TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY from literally every propaganda outlet available in the USSA

    -(Goes without saying) Gun control attempt, part billion, by the Jews and their (((busybodies)))

    -Huge uptick in pro-conversion propaganda in USSA government schools (wouldn’t be surprised if brainwashed middle-aged women voluntarily organized their own Hijab Day for themselves and the kids, for instance)

    Am I missing anything?

  6. If he was a loner, and I believe he probably was, how did he procure automatic weapon(s)? It indicates pre meditation, not someone who just snapped. Usual suspects will do their damnedest to link this to “white supremacists”, as improbable as that is. Fancy a white super with an Asian “companion” shooting up a C&W concert.

    • He had camera equipment inside the hotel room too.

      This guy planned for a long time to get this set up.

    • Yes, that is a very good question about how, where and from whom did he acquire those weapons? Where did he learn how to use them? From a couple of the photos of the scene, I would say he was killing people with short, disciplined bursts. Was he in the military or not? Even more disturbing, how did he get all those weapons into the hotel un-noticed? And what of the mysterious Hispanic couple warning concert goers of what was to come? I am not convinced he was a lone wolf who blew a gasket. If the Jewsmedia and the Zionists who actually rule the nation push for gun grabs and further attacks on the few civil liberties whites have left, that will be all the proof I need this was a false flag and this guy was an expendable patsy.

  7. “Gun control” is of course a mind closing term for most Conservatives. I prefer terms like

    “Responsible gun ownership, gun safety policies”.

    I was fine with Mayor Guliani and Mayor Bloomberg in NYC making it reality that basically no one besides the police carried guns in New York City – stop and search.

    I consider people who think anything goes gun ownership in the USA – that’s as crazy as these “Conservatives” who think there should be no restrictions on immigration – “anything goes” no restrictions, not limits in numbers – just welcome the entire populations of Haiti, Zimbabwe, Somalia, the Islamic world.

    These are kooks or traitors or enemies in my book.

    With guys – I like something like Switzerland – it’s part of a citizen army, not the wild west.

    Crazy people must not be allowed to own or carry assault weapons or any type of guns. There need to be courts to judge if someone is crazy to the point where they can’t be trusted to carry guns.

    Again, what I suggest regarding gun ownership is not “Gun Control” – it’s responsible gun ownership policies. Crazy kooks, like the ones who violate OD comment guidelines, like the ones who grab the microphone at race realist, Alt Right conference and go on and on and on about some secret conspiracy that only they and a handful of other kooks know about – these people are just crazy and must not be able to carry guns.

      • LOL

        We need a straitjacket for Jackieboi as he interprets women explaining ‘You’re an gross toad’ as some expression of female sexual enthusiasm. He’s definitely chemical castration or internment material.

        • Onceler,

          Aren’t you seeing what I’m seeing? Look at all that trash. It looks more like the remnants of a rap concert or the Obama inauguration. And, those bodies look like they just laid down. Why is it that all the perps end up dead? No attempt to keep them alive cause they’ll sing? Another patsy? For all we know he could have been an attendee.

          I am not convinced it’s real. The immediate calls for the guns say it all. I know them too well.

    • As our ruling class sees it, if you think it’s a bad idea to let millions of Muslims settle in your country and collect welfare, you are an Islamophobe and a dangerous kook who should not be allowed to own a gun.

      When we have a government that’s on our side, and to ensure it stays that way, only white men of good social standing are allowed to vote, then your idea is worth considering.

      • My view is slightly different.

        If you are somehow indifferent to the mass Muslim migration invasions of Europe, USA and the West like true believer Libertarian loons Ron Paul and Rand Paul than yeah, I’m labeling you as someone can’t be trusted to own or carry guns.

        Somethings are so obvious and basic like after 9-11-01 and all the subsequent Islamic slaughters of White Western people by Muslim migrants – yeah, mass Muslim migration invasions of the west are bad.

        That seems rather obvious, but it seems to escape the minds of lots of people in Conservative, Constitutionalists, Libertarian places.

        • “…Somethings are so obvious and basic like after 9-11-01”

          Like building 7 on that day falling the same speed as a rock dropped in air, a fact that can’t be denied, meaning the building was supported by the same material as the rock was…AIR. If the rock falls one speed in AIR, (gravity is exactly the same for the rock and the building), and the building falls the same speed, then the building fell through…AIR just like the rock. I wonder what happened to all the steel columns and concrete that were there before it fell holding the building up? I guess Muslims carried them all off and sold them to the scrap yard. Maybe we should park the FBI in scrap yards so next time they do this we can catch them before the building falls.

    • Hey Jack, since you’re a stepenigger Jew-lover and ex-public school teacher (lulz), you are in NO position to judge whether any actual White person smarter than you should be able to own a gun.

      I’m not even sure why your ancestors were granted American citizenship in the first place.

    • So who decides who’s too crazy to own a gun? The Benevolent Gov’t That Would Never Ever Ever Become a Tyranny? Leftists who think that all people to the right of Trotsky are Evil White Male Deplorable Racists Who Should Not Have the Vote Even and Should Have Their Countries Taken Away From Them?

      You want to disarm people at the moment when hordes of Communist Antifa and frenzied brown killers are howling for white blood? They’re already beating people for wearing MAGA hats. Can you imagine if they had no worry about getting shot? They’d be beating people to death for being white constantly. You wouldn’t be safe ANYWHERE.

      Spare me your communist talking points. Such a proposal automatically assumes eternally saintly behavior on the part of the gov’t, and on the part of whatever hordes of critters they flood into the country.

      You just don’t want any resistance to the Cheka. You want a disarmed, herbivorous, helpless population that you can impose your will on. Period. End of story.

  8. This has all the marks of a FALSE FLAG. I think there IS AN ISLAMIC or COMMUNIST Connection or BOTH. David Letterman gave out a brainless Tweet that went this way

    {Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was NOT a “lone wolf”, he was NOT “mentally ill”, he was a TERRORIST. End white privilege today.}


    • I’m thinking black op, although some early accounts of crisis actors suggest there were at least some psy op elements.

      It’s incredible, BRJ, how easily supposed sophisticated historians on here forget that General Ted Walker was in the process of being declared ‘mentally ill’ by RFK when he went AWOL on the integration of the South, and that the Soviets repressed revolt by ‘diagnosing’ political dissidents who opposed Communism with ‘schizophrenia.’

      What a bunch of tools.

      • And, who the hell is your source for “facts, ” Jack? Despite all the obvious realities that everyone – meaning the entire world’s population – is controlled through molded public opinion, corrupt media, whore politicians, corporate interests, etc., you remain easily led and continue to religiously defend the control mechanism itself.

    • I agree this was a false flag terror attack, with an expendable fall guy to divert attention away from the real perpetrators.

    • False flag. Way too many incidentals. You have to wait and see who gains. If no one does I may be real, I just don’t think it is. I’m an old guy and have witnessed many FF’s. With this one it may not be who gains but who loses and that would be white people. Demonize the ‘privileged class’.

  9. Yeah, to be honest I think gun control is a very sane option when we have no immigration control. Believe me I am pro-2nd amendment, but we are living with crazies.

    You can’t get “the jump” on a crazy person with a gun. They can kill you fast before you ever knew they were a threat.

    • You can’t have guns around when you are flooded with negroes and assorted Muslims. That’s why the Tory party banned automatic rifles in the 1980s after Michael Ryan shot up Hungerford as they knew equal rights to weapons meant Hajis and Dindus would have the right to build up arsenals.

      • Wrong. They banned guns because the Jews told them to do so. The hajis and dindus can still get guns when they want them – they have closed ethnic groups with foreign contacts. The native Brits, not so much.

        • Thatcher’s cabinet was (((Lawson, Brittan, Rifkind, Saatchi))) all Red Sea Pedestrians.

        • Jews are arming these Saracens, how else can you explain the massive weapons and ammunition caches that have been found around Europe, and in the U.S.? These young fighting age men who are invading Europe certainly are not bringing in shipping containers worth of weapons.

      • No. It at all, I’m explaining what the Tory party did. The way America got round the problem by banning convicted felons. AKA blacks.

        • “convicted felons, AKA blacks.” That actually made me laugh despite the circumstances. Thank you, sir.

      • @ironsides
        “So you want to disarm us at the precise moment we’re being flooded with invaders who hate us?”

        I am telling you that you are already disarmed living amongst crazies. And before you all jump, there ARE a lot more crazies per capita now more than ever, and a lot more condensed through urbanization. There is a reason we are seeing so many more mass murders, it hasn’t “always been like this” and this has ramped up way more than just “anomalies.” The big GOV is making white people crazy too with shots, bad food, disgusting morality, and of course flooding us with foreigners.

        So yes I want to disarmed everybody, and smart people who know how to make “aces up the sleeves” in a self-defense scenario will suddenly be at the top of the food chain again.

    • yes Professional I strongly agree with you there. Lot’s of Conservative ways of thinking and acting are just flat out wrong when racial and demographic realities change for the worse.

      When I/we are with nice wholesome, intelligent White people in North Dakota or Nebraska than Pro life positions make sense and we want to supper these nice people.

      When the demographics are of those of Baltimore or the South Bronx, then no. Liberals and Leftists, secular non Christian people in New York City often site abortion rights as a major positive force in reducing New York City’s appalling murder rates, Margarette Sanger had better racial views than Pro Life absolutists.

      I have no problem arguing for ZERO Muslim immigration and making it reality that Islamists with hateful views of my people, my culture are not allowed to have access to guns in this country or in any White country.

      I don’t carry about slippery slope gun rights absolutists who say;

      “Well first they’ll take away the guns from the Muslims, then next it’s Conservatives then eventually me”.

      I favor taking away guns from race denying, Islamic denying dumb ass*****

      • Well, as far as I’m concerned, American citizens are whites who can speak English. The rest are Foreigners Who Are Inexplicably Called Americans.

        Restricting gun ownership to American citizens (as defined above) is fine with me. Sure, there will be a few nutters (this loon being a case in point), but otherwise, I’d go for that.

    • Go do some reading on Australia. The mass shootings start there in the 1970’s until Port Arthur. They gave us their guns and have regretted it ever since. If you don’t understand what’s really going on, remain silent on the 2nd Amendment.

  10. Could be the White guy was shot and left in the room and someone else did the shooting. The only other time this has happened is the Texas tower shooting and that guy had a huge brain tumor in his brain. He complained that he was having problems but he never got any help and ended up killing a lot of people as a sniper. Anything can happen but why would this guy do this? Add in the pre-warning, if true, and it’s very odd.

  11. These kinds of events always bring out the kooks in the comments section. Yes, people do flip out for apparently no reason. There are lots of people walking around who are ticking time-bombs. They live in a nonsensical world so they act nonsensically. This particular nut may have realized that killing a lot of innocent White people would inflict the most grief, certainly more so than killing a bunch of random niggers or beaners.

  12. In the year 1983 53 independent companies formed the media. Today, six zionists, at least five of them verified jews, own the six corporations that make up the media.

    There is a jewish oligopoly that is waging a virtual war on our Constitution and western civilization.

    Grow up kiddies.

    • Do you have short to the point article (Current) that documents this Jewish Media mafia?

      The last one I know of was William Pierce back in the early 1990s.

    • Onceler has pointed out a disturbing trend over the past 30 years.

      If all the media were owned by Chinese-Americans, negroes or Mexican-Americans would you ask for proof of some conspiracy or mafia or would you be justifiably concerned about what was being pushed over the air, Jack?

  13. Five Questions:

    Does he have children?
    Did he travel abroad, say to Bangkok or Manila port of call?
    What debts did he accumulate?
    Where did he work?
    Any political leanings?

  14. Mariana turkey shoot
    Shooting lasted over an hour or so. Unloaded all the hammos and saves one for himself. of course the police didn’t make untill the sound of shooting stop.

  15. Please, no crazy conspiracy theories, or silly speculations. Wait until more facts about the gunman are in before we talk about why he did it.

    • Agreed. Hey Steve let’s get together again in the real world. You really did a great job for us at the LotS protest in Middle TN against Tyson Foods.

    • Well, it looks like our gunman was probably a psychopath. His father was a psychopathic bank robber, and now his son turned out to be a psychopathic mass murderer. When I heard about the atrocity, I suspected the killer was either a bi-polar nutcase or a psychopath. His actions point to psychopathy. He was extremely well organized, which indicated a mind that could plan and plot something like this. A person with a mental illness would not be able to think clearly, because he would be suffering from hallucinations and distorted thinking that would prevent rational thought. Such a person would be more inclined to spontaneous violence rather than a well thought out plan to commit something like this act.

      • Wrong, Stephen, on some basic counts.

        1. There is no biological disease ‘bipolar.’ There does exist a complex or syndrome that supposedly is called bipolar. In the most pharma-controlled states, however, bipolar is just the catch all label the system gives to anyone it can get its clutches onto. It literally has no concrete definition in praxis.

        2. There is a biological disease called manic depression. It has nothing to do with the above complex ‘bipolar,’ which is often a form of unmoored PTSD. Manic depression is NOT a developmental, situational phenomenon. It’s not half and half, either. The system claims there is some spectrum of ‘bipolar.’ This is a total lie.

        3. Manic depression features psychosis in the manic stage. This is NOT anger in any form. It is solely ELATION. This phase does NOT feature violence or aggression. If the cops were to surround and try to contain someone hallucinating and/or in the throes of a psychotic delusion (thinking they’re superhuman, etc.) that person would probably just give in and the experience would feed into their psychosis. A friend of mine believed he was god while truly manic; when his mother called the cops and they literally had to restrain him he experienced this as being resurrected (I think when he came out of the body bag that is).

        Your only valid point is that psychotic people wouldn’t plan something out. You miss that true psychosis is inherently non-aggressive. And that manic depression isn’t bipolar, which is a character/emotional/situational complex.

        There is psychosis on the one hand, which is almost always (there are rare exceptions) a function of biological disease but which is absolutely non-violent. Then there are just fucked up people who could be called all sorts of things – ‘nuts,’ ‘crazy,’ etc. in their psychologies but who really aren’t psychotic.

        Some people think Lorenna Bobbit was ‘psychotic’ or some form of ‘mentally ill.’ Some people think her husband was the ‘sick’ one.

        I think they were both sort of fucked up people, him for raping her and her for being married to him and putting up with it. She was justified, in my opinion; he wasn’t. Her culture probably accounts for her odd imbalanced situation; in his case his character and ‘mental’ problems were the etiology.

        Many on here would think her the ‘sick’ one and him the ‘victim.’ But neither truly had some disease. And no one who planned to mass murder someone does, either. They’re just evil.

        There is no conflation between psychosis and violence almost at all. Trying to construe someone as ‘diseased’ for doing evil or something unlawful is just ridiculous.

        Good and bad exist. There is such a thing as human choice, even when stratified by dimensions of political dynamics, etc. etc.

        Stop trying to conflate biological disease with human character and choice.

    • “…police did not engage the suspect.just out of self preservation…”

      I don’t think this is true. He was way up on the thirty something floor. I think the shooting only lasted 20 or 30 minutes. It takes time to get through traffic, go up the building and down to the far end of a hallway while a guy is shooting so I see that as a quick response.

      I don’t see them hesitating at all. Brave cops.

      • no, Paddock was allowed to blast away for fully 60 minutes. That’s why so many wounded in addition to those killed. SWAT should have been on-site and firing back into the window after no more than 20″. Las Vegas is a Jew town – run by billionaire (((gambling moguls))) Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelsohn et al. The mayor is almost always a Jew. Draw your own conclusions.

      • I was wrong about the timing. Bad early information. It was 72 minutes, that’s a long time. Supposedly the police were upstairs earlier but had no rifles so they waited for SWAT. Not sure what to think about that. It’s their job…but…rushing a machine gun armed person with a pistol…hard to hold someone faulty for for not doing that.

  16. More proof, as if any more proof is needed that

    Guns, guns, guns and “Muh Constitution” is helping our people helping our causes.

    We have to learn how to fight with other weapons, other ways than Guns, Guns, Guns.

    The Anti White Leftists didn’t take over virtually all of our schools and universities, all of our TV news stations and all the Hollywood media studios including Walt Disney studios using…..

    Guns, guns, guns.

    We have to learn to fight the effective way the anti White Left including the Jewish ant White lib Left, Jewish Neo Conservatives fight – and they don’t fight fair and they mostly or really never use guns, certainly not assault rifles.

    We need to learn to dox, network, make long marches through institutions or create new institutions. We’re obviously never going to be a match for the worst anti White jews in the area of

    Lying for the cause

    We’re just not good liars.

    But, we can get a lot better at doing underhanded, unfair, deceitful ways to fight.

    One such tactic is to use the time tested Jewish tactic of changing one’s sir name to assume a different identity to blend in.

    Lev Bronstein becomes the Russian sounding “Leon Trotsky” or just “Trotsky’.

    John Stuart Liebowitz becomes – John Stuart.

    We can do the same.

    If one of our guys that can’t get ahead as John Smith can get very far ahead as

    Juan S Valdez

    Than yeah, do it – make that change.

    And this is an idea I’ve had for a long, long time.

    Start changing your/our names to Jewish names at start being very obnoxious and insulting to Muslim immigrants.

    Just think all the fun we can have changing a name to something like Jonathan Goldberg, getting a PO Box in Hollywood CA and start announcing casting calls for some viciously anti Muslim movie depicting their Islamic Prophet as a homosexual prostitute – open in on the start of Ramadan.

    Hey, Alt Right pro White realists will soon lose most 1st Amendment free speech rights, but some Jewish sounding guy Jonathon Goldberg in Hollywood will probably have everyone from the ACL-Jew, the SPLC the networks defending him.

    Have some fun out there as most of the news especially these Whites getting slaughtered stories is very depressing.

    • We don’t have time for a long march through the institutions. Nor will it be permitted. We need nationalist politicians yesterday.

      • We could do both. I note that racially conscious, Jew aware White Europeans in Central and Eastern Europe including Soviet Russia did that march and took over the Communist parties.

        Zionists and just the Jews here in the United States became strongly anti Soviet Union, anti Russia because they noticed that Jews weren’t running things in the Russian Soviet Union – Russia Soviet Union was pro Arab and Anti Israel and Soviet media was constantly saying anti Zionist things.

        One of my favorite racist, nationalist leaders in Russia’s Vladimir Zhironovsky – he named his anti Jewish, racist pro Russian Nationalist party:

        “The Liberal Democrat Party”


        What a hilarious guy!

        Here in Chicago the Liberal Left group “Friends of the Park” basically works to ethnically cleans poor Black AA from our beautiful Lakefront. These White Liberals have ripped out virtually every last concrete basketball court from the Lakefront.

        Let’s make America Green and White.

    • I’m not in favor of the second amendment. Blacks shouldn’t have the right to guns…for example.

      • You could solve that by making them non-citizens — which they obviously are, since they detest our country, its founders, and its flag.

        • Actually the Constitution made called 3 classes of people-Citizen, slave, and other. Notice the capital C….our current enlightened English academia wants you to know that was an accident.

  17. Enclose building Columbine high schoo shooting. The swat team in view outside concluded suspect planned ahead,they didn’t engage until the sound of assault riffle stop. Street hand gun fight the police have vehicle protection and vest. Different scenario of survival.

  18. “Guize! Guize! Give up your guns and change your names to kike names! Totes not a shill, guize!”

  19. Pollock’s forehead looks sloped back. His bottom lip looks rouge, fattened, possibly camel-like. I wish there were more explicit blood and wound images for verification. Looking at the O.J. Simpson trial yesterday, that crime scene is obviously morbid.

    • He does look a little something. But let’s not be hasty. He looks a little like this actor…Ron Pearlman.

  20. THE father of this guy was a career criminal bank robber and bookie known to use aliases. The brother is being disingenuous about Stephen suddenly snapping.

    • BINGO! Thank you for the fine investigative work, Captain. I had my suspicions we might be dealing with an Ashkenazi or a crypto.

      Marcus, if this turns out to be the case, please change the headline of the story immediately.

  21. I have learned over the course of several years now to ignore media reports for maybe a week or so. They are so wrong for days after these events. All we know is that this guy shot ~500 people. Wait and see.

  22. This is a Bowling Alone shooting fuelled by gambling losses.

    As noted just yesterday by HW:

    “We live in a country where 72% of the public feels lonely and 31% experience loneliness once a week…We know from the polls that large number of Whites are disaffected, alienated and feel under siege. We know that many are economically stressed and socially anxious and growing angrier every year. Large numbers of Whites have been uprooted and don’t feel like they have a meaningful sense of identity or community in America.”

    Nihilism as a social organizing principle just does not work.

    • A high rolling loosh kills low rolling parties at Vegas.

      Oceans 11 meets Con Air and Leaving Las Vegas.

    • Then why did he shoot up a bunch of people at a concert instead of going for a casino? And automatic weapons aren’t easy to get. That’s a 6 month wait at least, along with tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars spent on the weapon itself.

      • Why would you posit that a mass-murderer was thinking rationally?

        Other than Breivik, I don’t think you can find another example.

      • Who knows how he got them. I think he’s a former mob accountant. Given the dad’s rap sheet and his clean record.

        • Awesome detective work… it was a country music festival! You must be tired from all of that detective work…

      • Anyone reasonably intelligent can modify a semi-auto into a auto rifle. An auto is really not much of an advantage most of the time over the semi. In this case it made a big difference as he didn’t have to aim with some many people piled in one spot.

        There’s a lot of strange stuff about this. Guy was a millionaire with lots of houses. Seemed to be doing well. Brother says no hints of this. I’ve never heard of anyone doing something so drastic without some kind of deteriorating metal state. The really strange part is “10 guns”????? Anyone who knows anything about guns would know that was silly. I could see two with one as a back up or even three but ten. Pointless and much more risky carrying in all those guns. To the uninformed though it would really push the anti-gun message. HE HAD TEN GUNS. To them it’s like wads of cash or jelly beans the more you have the more rich or better.

        • Don’t forget the ammonium nitrate in his car.

          For someone who was essentially a soft Boomer cuck, these things make no sense.

          He was ready to hold off a horde of damned zombies from The Walking Dead…

          • Anonymous Coward says the police are saying that it was not a converted semi-auto. It was original. That’s hard to get unless you have organized crime connections. Where would an accountant get such a thing? Really odd. His dad was in with shady characters but that wouldn’t at all put him in the same bunch. All the guys his dad hung with would be long gone. The FEDS are really serious about cracking down on full auto weapons.

          • Normally I would say maybe there could be a mob connection, but he just doesn’t seem like that kind of guy.

            Someone needs to look up who his wives were – maybe he had business connections through their families?

  23. Whatever personal problems he may have had and couple with a south east asia girlfriend ads fuel to the fire. Country festival pro Trump supporters.War on Islamic terrorist ratcheting up Paddock circumvented.

  24. A top legal executive at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, said she “is not even sympathetic” for the victims of the shooting at a country music festival at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Sunday night.

    “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Facebook, perhaps referring to Sandy Hook. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

  25. A top legal executive at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, said she “is not even sympathetic” for the victims of the shooting at a country music festival at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Sunday night.

    “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Facebook, perhaps referring to Sandy Hook. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

  26. The liberal media has two basic templates, if the shooter is a nigger or towel head, then it’s because of hundreds of years of repression, if the shooter is white, then we need gun control to keep these maniacs from getting their hands on guns.

    • Excellent observation, except we can replace the world “liberal” with the word “KIKE” to make it more accurate.

  27. That wasn’t full auto, sustained fire. Anyone who has heard it knows. Paddock either used a bump fire stock attached to a standard semi-auto AR or AK style rifle, or he used one of the numerous trigger enhancements that simulate full auto rates of fire.

    The fallout from this will be a GOP led assault on the 2nd Amendment in the name of “common sense gun laws”. This will trigger a DEM victory in 2020 and sweeping gun control. When the leftist have succeeded in neutering the 2nd Am, it’s game over. We become Brazil.

    I would say “arm up now”, but I’ve been saying that for a decade. It’s likely too late now. Prices have already doubled on ammunition. When (((they))) come for you and your family maybe you can hurl your Talmudvision at them.

    • “sweeping gun control”

      izzat right? You little wuss…so you’re planning on handing over your guns/ammo to the If so, you deserve the Death they have planned for you and yours.

      meanwhile, the only thing this is going to trigger is another huge spike in gun/ammo sales.

    • “…That wasn’t full auto, sustained fire. Anyone who has heard it knows. Paddock either used a bump fire stock…”

      I thought this at first but after listening to several full auto AK’s and comparing to the actual gun I think it was full auto. It’s hard to get a bump fire or other system to get continuous steady auto fire, which he did.

  28. 1. This guy shot up a bunch of white people who are likely to be Trump supporters.
    2. He also acquired some kind of automatic weapon. Assuming that it was bought legally, and not stolen or provided by some shadowy third party, that means he had this plan a MINIMUM of 6 months ago (assuming that he conceived of the plan and instantly ran out to get an NFA firearm).
    3. He has a non-white wench (weakest part of the evidence).

    So, let’s assume that his plan took more than 6 months to mature, as seems most likely. We have a timeframe of his starting this about 8-9 months ago.

    What happened 8-9 months ago?

    That’s right, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as President of the United State on January 20th, 2017, after desperate leftist efforts to get the vote declared invalid or Russian meddling used as an excuse to deny him had flopped totally.

    The leftists totally lost their shit. They went berserk with Pussy Marches, witches putting spells and curses on Trump, rioting and burning stuff, attacking people, calling Trump and all his supporters Nazis and white supremacists.

    Then exactly the right amount of time later for some leftist deep in Trump Derangement Syndrome to make a plan, apply for an NFA firearm, receive it, and set up to take his revenge on the “evil white Nazis” who elected Trump — mows down 50 white people at a concert attended by Red State types whom leftists view as evil subhumans ripe for extermination?

    Huh. That timing is quite the coincidence.

    • Sounds like a very plausible theory. Hope it’s true. That would really take the wind out of the (((gun-grabbers))) sails.

      What’s the slogan going to be: “Guns are for deplorable-killers, not deplorables?”

  29. Note how it targeted a C&W music festival- an event usually popular with whites, and didn’t save his rage for, say, a rap concert. He was also drilling an Asian! What a discusting turd.
    He’s also given – parden the pun – more ammunition to the gun control lobby groups.
    What a fucken waste of space.

  30. This crime is the stuff that conspiracy theories are made of.

    Just a few things I’ve heard through the fog of normie news.
    Paddock had no military service

    He had no known police record
    Despite his high-stakes gambling, he was financially secure. His brother claims he was a millionaire.

    He sent thousands of dollars to the Philippines in the last few weeks.

    His brother claims he never showed any interest in firearms, religion, or politics.

    He was divorced

    His girlfriend was back in her homeland (Did Paddock imagine he would survive and escape to the Phils? He doesn’t seem to have been retarded so I doubt this.)

    The guy seems to have no real motive. Maybe he had gambling debts? Or was mad about his divorce? Doesn’t sound likely?

  31. I just don’t believe the official narrative on any of these shootings. We can apply the thinking of the great James Forrestal when Joe McCarthy asked him why there was so much incompetence within our military.

    “McCarthy, if we were merely stupid, we’d occasionally have to make a mistake in our favor.”

    We all know what intentionally happened to both of those men.

    Aside from the occasional shooting of a rogue politician, a banker with trade secrets, aholistic doctor who threatens the Medical Industrial Complex, or a corporate or government whistleblower, how come these “deranged” shooters never go on a rampage and wipe out the real bad buys? The story of Oklahoma City Bombing first responder, Terrance Yeakey, is an enormous wheel of Swiss cheese.

    • I don’t swallow the narrative either. This crime is just too bizarre for the narrative to be taken at face value.

    • Amen, SW. That shooter killed a LOT of people. This took a lot of planning. He got a lot of heavy duty weaponry into that hotel room. Didn’t a maid notice? Never mind security; I can understand how he got the stuff in. But he allegedly had quite a professional set up. A novice would have made some real mistakes, doing something like this. This was very polished………

  32. Jack Ryan, youre an idiot and obviously on the other side. Go ahead and get me banned – doesnt change the truth.
    This has false flag/CIA-Mossad written all over it. Isnt it interesting that a paper in israhell apparently had the name of the shooter within minutes? and that they said it was an arab?
    Eyewitnesses state emphatically that there was more than one shooter; video evidence supports this from the report of the weapons if nothing else.
    And obviously, the first thing out of the box…jew senators screaming, trying to take our guns. Emphasis on trying… Never a word about immorality, not a peep on societal issues – mostly due to jew influence – nothing but blaming inanimate objects. Funny, towelheads tend to use celphones to explode devices, lets ban celphones! [which actually isnt an entirely bad idea…] Drunks kile thousands a year in vehicles, so lets ban cars! [ I know, the govt is trying that…] Doctors kill thousands in ‘medical misadventure’ so lets ban doctors and scalpels! Etc ad nauseam. But let a kook [allegedly] use an inanimate object like a firearm, and suddenly the object must be banned; somehow its not the fault of the perpetrator, but of an object.

    and captain john…in truth, only a white American HAS the Constitutional right to own a firearm; nonwhites are not legally citizens according to the Founding Fathers. Blame the war criminal lincoln and his rothschild backers for changing that one.

  33. Can’t explore the specs on LV right now (like I haven’t taken the time to in the past and barely got listened to), but (((they))) have been claiming that those SNP’s I mentioned, what I think are actually a few different groups of them, are a. inherited because they’re genetic and b. far more common in europeans.

    I stand by my earlier comment, although I was busy all day and couldn’t study the incident. It’s possibly a combo of black op and psy op, or just a psy op (meaning all deaths were faked).

    Psychiatry is one quicksand morass of ‘wild unsubstantiated claims.’ There is ZERO real biological science to it in terms of any *diagnosis* whatsoever.

    (((Their))) latest is that ‘biomarkers’ exist to ‘diagnose’ ‘mental illness’ in conjunction with looking at our SNP’s (small bits of genes that bear variations that occur in far greater frequency in certain populations than actual full mutations). The problem is these biomarkers don’t mark any specific disease. Low blood pressure is a biomarker, for example. So (((their))) ‘studies’ claim that they can identify some group of people who bear combos of these various SNP groups (MTHFR, COMT, MAO etc….) and who exhibit ‘biomarkers’ which supposedly relate but demonstrate no concrete connection to a disease that has no biological definition of morphology.

    Essentially, you have a bunch of controlling neurotic upper middle class commissars who managed to sit through medical school working out their personality problems and need to overcompensate (most aren’t very aesthetically attractive) on the working class and whoever else. Occasionally you’ll have an actual schizophrenic or manic depressive, maybe an extreme obsessive compulsive (which probably has genetic underpinnings but isn’t an actual psychosis/mental illness) but mostly the psych system’s prisoners are just the poor in various profiles.

    Pre-crime intervention. Since whites do seem to have some of these SNP’s at much higher rates (remember no concrete connection to the biologically undefined schizophrenia or manic depression has ever been found), they need to be ‘intervened’ upon. Also, some of the same SNP’s have strong correlations with higher IQ’s, and what’s called by genomics ‘the Warrior Gene.’

    They’re coming after smart, ‘white’/european fighters, folks.

    I myself am seriously considering taking off to South America in the not too distant future.

    • OMG, I’ve been eyeing northern Argentina for years….. Chile as a second possibility (they are able to feed themselves).

  34. Testing, I just had a pretty important follow up comment vaporize, about how the ‘Warrior Gene’ is supposedly far more prevalent in white men.

    So either this site (and or my IP) is being watched or some moderator is up to stuff.

    • You are not alone. I have had that happen a multitude of times on this site. I’ve also had attacks on my computer that are highly suspect. Two of them completely destroyed the operating system. I had to replace two laptops in about a year. Same exact issue each time and both times a cause could not be determined (hardware or software).

  35. With these terror events, the Official Report/Conspiracy Theory always finds the passports of the perpetrators in condition amid the rubble or immediately knows all the backstory of the guy they said did it (and killed). The FakeNN will have all the photos that make the guy in the Official frame into ‘the bad guy’.

    These terror events are always scripted and conducted by those officially tasked with murder/mayhem in the ZOG apparatus.

  36. A channel dedicated to ww2 nazi, evolution of evil.

    Every time incidents like this occurs politicians say evil.

    No end in sight some nut eventually act upon again, again, and again.

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