Hurricane Spencer Slams Gainesville, Communist Trash Discover New Levels Of Autistic Screeching

Well now, everyone.

It looks like the fun happenings are relatively over for now at the University of Florida, and I think we can safely say beyond a shadow of a doubt that today’s campus extravaganza was a near-perfect success.

Richard Spencer delivered one of his best-ever live performances despite new unlocked tiers of Leftist angst – just an hour or so after giving what I personally feel was the most rounded out and complete press conference of his entire life.

Like, he inflicted hurt and humiliation on the parasitic Lugenpresse that will surely never be forgotten in the foreseeable future.

In fact, I’m actually quite angry at myself for not finding the time to sneak out of my wage-cuck job to attend the speech – I suppose I could have called sick, but I figured I’d best save my time for Tennessee next week.

It’s all good though, I guess, for at least we have the joys of digital social media to convey and preserve the images of our enemies.

In fact, they didn’t even try to intimidate other than through repeated autistic chants that probably could have been memorized by my baby son if given enough time and coaching (that would be child abuse, though).

My only real regret is the fact that the Q&A period of the event didn’t last longer, for that’s always been my favorite part – especially if Richard is at the top of his game and decides to have fun with the typically-deformed, obese, mentally-retarded, and/or confused protesters.

Still, I’m just happy that we can end the day with an optics scene that will likely go over quite well with those who are either on the fence, or just starting their journey into the Alt-Right and Nationalism in general.

You now have even more scenes in which we can plainly see open Communists celebrating and taking pride in the fact that they are engaged in the destruction of freedom of speech.

You cannot reason with these vermin, and you cannot hope to win debates against them in traditional format.

All you can do is expose them and force them to show their hand, and I really must thank Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and all others involved for doing this in the most irrefutable and straightforward way possible.



  1. The last question, by Egyptian/Puerto Rican girl, about Spencer’s getting punched in the face, was weird and disturbing.

    • No more disturbing than seeing the Talmudics suffusing the audience with their visceral hate for White, Christian, normal America. And to think… They are here merely at our sufferance.

      Which means, we can throw them out anytime we want to, and history will justify us. 110 and counting

  2. VERY good speaker. “IF” … you can condense your GOAL into a simple explanation, AN ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY … you will get a lot of support, and can even run for it’s first president.
    I’m impressed by your “presidential like” demeanor and responses. Sheeple, er I mean, people … NEED a simple plan presented to them they can get behind.
    AN ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES. PERIOD. No more, no less. Keep it simple. You need :



    If you DON’T have a simple plan, you’re just “whistling Dixie.”

    PS : You’ll need a LOT of money and support. NEVER EVER EVER say anything resembling “Hitler good Jews bad,” BUT … it’s great when you SPECIFY WHICH Jews are bad. Get it ? I’m trying to help you. “I” want you to succeed. Pace yourself, be smart, and don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You’re doing great so far.

    PS : You forgot to mention THE BUSES OF GEORGE SOROS PAID FLUNKIES THAT PULED UP AND STARTED THROWING THINGS AT “EVERYONE” in Charlottesville. Use the press to demonize THEM and show we are the Saints. WE have God on our side.

  3. By allowing so many non-whites in Spencer made his point very clearly. Freedom of speech is white and American and those that are against freedom of speech are non-white and not American.

    • Jews and black/brown peasants have no concept of free speech in their societies.

      Jews are still butthurt over Wagner saying something bad against Jews 175 years ago, his music is banned in Israel.

      • Two of Wagner’s closest friends were jews – Felix Mendelsohn and Giacomo Meyerbeer. But that doesn’t matter to most jews, who have a pathological hatred for humans and will look for any excuse to justify that hatred.

  4. Very interesting threat by a nog in the audience:

    “Why are you still here?”

    Spencer should reply to such threats by saying:

    “Are you threatening me? I guess I’m still here because one of you animals hasn’t shot me.”

  5. Obviously the USA in current form is doomed. Rockwell would get a fair hearing from a crowd that was intellectually hostile.

    • Of course the U.S. as it is today is doomed, like every other multicultural empire it has the seeds of its own destruction from within built in from the beginning. Those seeds are terminating rapidly right now. Whites can and must use this to seize control of at least key areas of the former U.S. when that happens before they can reconquer the rest.

    • Haxo, I’ve been watching you rustle WRSA for quite a while now, I don’t get some of those guys, they seem to be full of vitriolic hate.
      My take is some of them are communists.

    • Good point. I too am weary of people denigrating Richard Spencer while they themselves hide in the shadows. Spenser has risked a great deal. He deserves respect and gratitude.

  6. I’m Alt Right..full-blown….but I have to get this little dig in at Paul Kersey…

    Paul Kersey

    White Working Class Teenagers really don’t know what they are signing up for when the sign they sign US Military Contract. It’s great that you have a Trust Fund and can do body building all day….These kids don’t…what an utterly loathsome and despicable tweet about the US Military and Lobster Roll…..SPOILED BRAT RICH KID…

  7. The fact that no one – NO ONE – ever corrects the inaccuracies of Adolph Hitler is pathetic. Really get them crying, Richard, WWII itself was the Holocaust.

  8. Richard Spencer really needs to start throwing the Nazi charge back at the ANTIFA..hint:the Democratic Party Neo-Nazi Coup in the Ukraine on behalf of the Democratic Party Kikes….

  9. Funny how you never, ever see any good-looking people in that antifa crowd. They all look like mutants. It must be their inner ugliness physically manifesting itself.

        • He’s the Puerto-Rican/Egyptian broad that asked Spencer about the punch.

          He just identifies as a man on this site specifically.

      • Of course the alt- right crowd is mostly men; the alt-right men are mostly alpha males therefore they are the ones leading unlike the girls mixed in with the beta males on the antifa side.

  10. Enoch did a great job handling those obnoxious commies. The enemy made complete fools of themselves with their childish name-calling and theatrics.

  11. Richard Spencer

    The ANTIFA and DEMOCARATIC PARTY VOTERS shriek at you:”WHITE ETHNOSTATE…ETHNIC CLEANISING…while post-1965 Immigration Policy is street by street by street…town by town..county by county..state by state racial cleansing of the Historic Native Born White American Working Class…this is what happened in California…..ACUSE THEM OF GENOCIDAL RACIAL CLEANSING….

    What exactly do you want to talk to Sirach about…sounds like an Iranian name…his people are racially cleansing our people in the voting both Nov 3 2020….POTUS KAMALA HARRIS…AG PREET BHARARA…its coming..

  12. Unfortunately….Richard you allowed the antifa to control the terms of debate…They shriek:”WHITE ETHNOSTATE…RACIAL CLEANSING…while they openly support the RACIAL CLEANSING OF OUR PEOPLE out of off of our LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE!!!!…..F SIRACH..his people are voting our people into a violently persecuted racial minority across the US…tell him to go fuck himself….

  13. As with most American institutions of learning, especially those of supposed “higher” learning, the University of Florida produces an end product that is just as uneducated as the day it left the womb.

    The pizza analogy was priceless. UF journalism?

  14. I believe the most lethal response that Richard Spencer can give to the Democratic Party Voting Bloc is:The Democratic Party is openly calling for the ethnic cleansing of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS… can the ANTFA and White Liberal Democratic Party Voters give any reasons why THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS should be in favor of this?…No you can’t….so the only option is a full-blown revolt result against DEMOCRATIC PARTY RACIAL CLEANSING IMMIGRATION POLICY….

    I don’t like this talk of a White Ethnostate…does China get the Military bases in California?…visions of the filthy GD KIKE IDF in California….THE FILTHY KIKE IDF ALREADY HAS OFFICES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA………

  15. It really highlights the hypocrisy and bigotry of the U.K. government in banning Richard Spencer-someone of British ancestry-because they perceive him as ‘racist’……but yet, allow Robert Mugabe in. They would also allow in the leaders of Japan or Israel without question. What am I missing here? Don’t they lead governments that pretty much ban immigration of those unlike themselves?
    As a movement, we need to articulate these double standards with real vigor and passion.

  16. Accelerationism. Good job Spencer, Enoch, Mosley. Do this and the flash mobs all the time.

    The leftist pols like Mike Signer and the smelly protesters are our useful idiots.

  17. One last comment. Who the hell was the idiot in the red braces and white shirt with shadowy swastikas? He even got himself Cohencidenly punched.

    • That idiot dressed like a 70s National Front British Skinhead will mysteriously never be doxxed and named, just like the guy who had the Swastika flag in CVille.

      Weird, aint it?

  18. If Richard Spencer refuses to define himself as a “national socialist” so as to omissively concede to being a “white (s)upremacist” WHEN he is, in fact, NOT a white (S)upremacist THEN he might as well be advancing the cause of radical “white” liberation, i.e. white racial self-annihilation.

    ALL white males, WHETHER real or perceived, have before them either a perpetuating self-annihilation (within antifa, the homosquad, the fascists, the anti-racists, etc.) or their leap of faith towards white (S)upremacy.

    In the context of the Confederate, this memes the resurgence of The Southern Monopoly.

  19. Richard “Hurricane” Spencer. I like it.

    “Here comes the story of the Hurricane. The man the authorities came to blame…”

  20. This is going to be a really long post, so I apologize in advance. I know I always post about Spencer here on OD and get falsely accused of ‘infighting’, but it must be said again. His philo-Semitism and Eurasian hasbara propagandizing is both duplicitous and tragically misguided for all of us, because he receives so much MSM coverage and he still cannot tell the truth. All I ever hear is him parroting the talking points of the spiritually Jewed and anti-White Duginist cult. I’m not sure how much of this is what he’s (((learned))) from Nina and just chooses to believe because he’s a misguided cuck, vs. him being paid off, vs. his hardcore narcissism wanting personal fame. Who knows?

    And for those who get triggered by any criticism of our ‘Movement Leaders’, please read ALL of Dugin’s books and writings. He openly talks about wanting to genocide the remaining White Christian Ukrainians that didn’t manage to starve to death the first time under the (((Soviets))). Something like 40% of their entire population was murdered by Soviet Jewry and the satanic Bolsheviks who Spencer idolizes! Parents were forced to eat their own children under the Bolsheviks, for God’s sake!!!

    He will not touch the JQ or the Holohoax, two topics essential to any truth-telling/non-kosher White opposition movement. He has blamed our genocide on ‘liberalism’, which is Soviet-style Alt Lite retardation.

    It’s a documented mass murder we are undergoing, Richard!!! SAY IT! IT’S A REAL HOLOCAUST AGAINST WHITE AMERICANS, yet I continue to be more disappointed with every speech I hear of this guy. This man has a golden opportunity to spread the real pro-White cause via all of the free media coverage, yet he blithely continues on in his standard mode of ‘fag professor’. Why didn’t he tell that piece of genetic garbage who asked him the last question to simply GO TO HELL? IT IS NOT THEIR COUNTRY! I really worry that Spencer will never defend himself as a true leader would because of his ideological love affair with Zionism and Bolshevism.

    Last thing – I’ve said this many times, but he’s always been a slippery deconstructionist regarding the most basic WN principle: the 14 Words. Just check out his Instagram, where he writes (I’m paraphrasing) that ‘the White race is a social construct’, and we shouldn’t save the ‘flabby White man’ because he deserves to die, or something:

    P.S. – I obviously want us to be friendly with the Russian Slavs, I too yearn for the elusive ethnostate, and I really love the MSM coverage Spencer gets because it’ll inevitably wake up a few more of our brainwashed racial kin. But I ultimately agree with Weev – the ethnostate cannot be an Indian reservation with Richard Spencer playing Jim Jones

    • You say you are a PhD holder or a PhD seeker.

      Why don’t you openly lecture your talking points at Gainesville.

      I’m not attacking you here, but why not?

    • Goy Goddess, RODOH has a means of private messaging, it’s the Real Open Debate on the Holocaust site. We could exchange emails.

      There’s a cultivation of denial on here (of controlled op) that has gone past a point I can continue to defend in any way.

      Would love to chat privately.

      Take care.

    • Oh, and the ‘insane’ hypocrisy and degeneracy on here has gotten quite out of hand, and has been worsening for some time. Moderators allow spahnranch to actually defend the jews of Lakewood, NJ, who very directly railroad the white working class in the area into the psych system’s prisons:

      Carolyn Yeager has been doing excellent forensic accounting and analysis of jewish racketeering in that specific NJ county (one of the hottest spots in the most jewed state) for some months now, on and off. I have provided analysis of some of the dynamics resulting from and undergirding the jews’ machinations, in terms of the medical industrial complex role in all of it.

      OD has become an obscene joke, with it’s indulgence of anglo-hating saboteurs like spahnranch and its absurd high school antic promotion of Richard Spencer.

  21. Even though they have been reading my comments here and other websites over the years….The AltRighters over at AltRight won’t let any of my comments through over at…

    I remember the days when Richard Spencer in his graduate school days used to debate me over at MAJORITY RIGHTS about IQ PSYCHOMETRICS as a viable strategy for the…


    IF Richard Spencer’s new HINDU friend Sirach doesn’t like this…he can go back to the fucking toilet bowl India…..

    I attempted to post this comment on this morning…never got through:comment moderation….are the faggot Swedes comment mods over at

  23. LET’S TALK ABOUT VORONOI CELLS…ALT RIGHT VARIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is what happened at U of Florida yesterday…another Alt Right Voronoi cell created…at least a trace of it that will never be removed(do you think in terms of closures?)


    WE don’t want no stinking ETHNO STATE RESERVATION…if you take the triple integral(explain why) of thousands of ALT RIGHT VORNOI CELLS ACROSS AMERICA…SEA TO SHINING SEA…WHAT DO YOU GET?

    Answer:PRE-1965 90 PERCENT NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA..So..let us start the re-conquest for THE RACE!!!!!

  24. After having watched, for the last many years, every other ethnic group having rallies and conventions, it was certainly refreshing to see an event which promotes the interests of whites.

    Really brain dead attendees mindlessly screaming and chanting. Are they capable of coherent thought and debate? (rhetorical question)

    That foolish young man with the Communist Halloween costume must support the mass killing of millions of people that past communist regimes engaged in.

    • Glenn DeFeo

      You are foolishly missing your target……Richard Spencer was referring to the MILLIONS MASS MURDERED by the CAPITALIST PIG CLASS…that funds the ANTIFA….and the ANTIFA are on board with the mass murder of the CONSERVATIVE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN POPULATION of Eastern Ukraine….

      You anti-commie crusade is the fundamental reason why THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS is being voted into a WHITE RACIAL FOREIGNER within the borders of America…by Sirach’s people….Richard Spencer’s new friend…

      Richard Spencer

      You blew a very very big opportunity to call the ANTIFA…CAROLINE ORR THE FILTHY SKANK…and the Jew Democratic Party Tapeworm Voting Bloc in Florida NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for their enthusiastic support for THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY’s MASS MUDERED OF CONSERVATIVE ORTHODOX CHIRISTIANS IN THE EASTERN UKRAINE VIA THEIR UKRAINO NAZI PUPPETS…

      RICHARD..JESUS CHRIST….you and Arch-Angel Enoch..blew a major opportunity to indict Antifa-and Florida parasitic TAPEWORMS for WAR CRIMES AGAINST EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS…you had the world stage on you two blew this opportunity…

      Glenn DeFeo..I..mean you are a pinhead…..your anticommie crusade:nearly 60 thousand mostly Working Class WHITE TEENAGERS..their names on the Vietnam War Memorial in DC….

      I blame COLD WARRIORS such as you for the extermination of THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS….

      Why the fuck won’t my comments go through over at…Swedish fags still doing comment moderation?

  25. The Left! What a misnomer. Joe Stalin would have had that guy draped in a communist flag and Che Guevera beret sent to an gulag within minutes of stepping on the street. He was onside in that respect. They are a bunch of weridos and wackos. Real life zombies.


    RAEAD “KICKING AWAY THE LADDER”..BY by the absolutely brilliant Korean economist Ha Joon Chang…Google every interview and debate with by Ha Joon Chang you can google…..


    Glenn Defeo=FUCKNG TARD!!!!

    Main arugment Ha Joon Chang=econometrics is untreated raw sewage…..

    If people only knew the mathematical scandal underpinning econometrics….AND THE FUCKING CAPITLIST PIG CLASS USED LABOR ECNOMETRICS TO MURDER THE NATIVE BORN WHITE WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..The HOLLYWOOD homosexual Ronne Reagan’s Amnesty was justified by using this econometric sewage in his fist Amnesty….entered into congressional testimony…….1986…


  27. Alt Right Theme Music:

    Prokofiev’s Dance of the Knights….

    followed by some Ol’ timey Flat and Scruggs music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trigger the Tapeworm parasite Democratic Party voters…..

  28. Did you see the Rabbi at the start of the RUPTLY live stream?? Was he a student or was he the organizer of the disruption?? Seems like there were a lot of Jews there.

  29. Whenever any of the autistics say “go home” we should just reply that we ARE home, this is our fucking home.

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