A Charlottesville Martyr: Political Prisoner Jacob Goodwin Needs Your Help Today

It’s disgusting to think that we still have men trapped behind enemy lines due to their self-defense actions during the Battle of Charlottesville – actions that in any normal society would be dismissed with no criminal charges whatsoever.

Among these brave White men is Jacob Goodwin, a 22-year-old activist who was dragged into the chaos that is the DeAndre Harris hoax.

A hoax that has been exposed in full across social media, and a hoax that has been broken down time and time again by Hunter, myself, and others in literally every single way imaginable.

DeAndre has been charged, but yet Jacob still sits behind bars facing God only knows how many years of lost freedom.

This, Brothers and Sisters, is an outrage that every day shakes me to the core of my being – our comrades should never be allowed to rot while there is even a slight chance at vindication.

Many of us got to meet Jacob’s parents while in Tennessee last weekend, and I promised them that I would do my part to help draw attention to their son’s plight – I’m not ashamed to admit that tears welled up in my eyes when I heard their pleas for aid and their refusal to bow to the Jews and their Leftist allies.

Therefore, as part of that promise, I’ll link to the GoyFundMe Legal Defense Fund Project for our captured warrior.


At the moment, we’re about 10% of the way towards the ultimate financial goal, but I think we can do better – some money was also raised in person during our lunch break at Henry Horton State Park.

If you can, please contribute so that young Jacob can hug his parents, resume his life, and get back to fighting the demonic enemy that seeks to destroy us all.


  1. I’m deeply saddened to hear that poor Mr. Goodwin is currently in jail, but I’m happy that white advocates are raising money for his legal defense. As soon as I am financially able, I will make a donation. Also, I commend whoever developed GoyFundMe.com. I read that PayPal and CloudFare no longer allow Daily Stormer and other white advocate websites to use their services. It’s great that we now have other options. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marcus,

    This needs to be the top story. The camel jockey is unimportant compared to Jacob’s plight.

    I just donated. Everyone on this site should throw in something. Have you or Hunter reached out to Sam Dickson?

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