The Future of Southern Nationalism

Southern Nationalism has a bright future.

In the comment section, I said I was going to address this subject in my next article. I had been planning to lay out my thoughts about this, but got distracted by the criticism of the White Lives Matter rally on the Nick Fuentes show. Palmetto Patriot has beaten me to the punch.

It has been a wild two years for Southern Nationalism. From the summer of 2015 until the spring of 2017, the rise of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right overshadowed everything we were doing. This only began to change around April when frustration with the direction of the Trump administration burst to the surface after the military strikes on Syria. Until then, I know that I was personally mesmerized as everyone else and absorbed by mainstream politics which reached a fever pitch and climaxed in General Bannon’s nationalist populist revolution in the 2016 presidential election.

Since April, the League of the South has participated in some form in Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn, the Nationalist Front rally in Pikeville, KY, the Battle of New Orleans, Unite the Right in Charlottesville and the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville. This year has been remarkable for the fact that there has been a return to street activism and we have come into contact with so many other groups which we didn’t interact with previously. More than anything else, this is due to the rise of Antifa, the more polarized political climate and the embrace by our opponents of political violence.

New Orleans was a good example of this: Southern Nationalists, Patriot groups, Confederate heritage supporters, Alt-Lite civic nationalists and Alt-Right groups all coming into contact for the first time and getting cross with each other over ideological differences. The rise of a popular front was due to the common threat posed by Antifa. In New Orleans, there was also the Take ‘Em Down NOLA movement, and in Charlottesville there was a similar effort to remove Confederate monuments. This was resented by a wide variety of groups which came together at Unite the Right in August.

Southern Nationalism was swept up in this. It happened in 2015 after the Dylann Roof church shooting in the backlash against the removal of Confederate monuments. It happened again in 2017 when the Confederate monuments issue heated back again and the streets became more violent. I think it is a good thing that we now have allies and we look forward to working with them again in the future. No one should get the impression though that this is all we are going to be doing.

As the weather turns colder, we are going to have a series of League of the South public rallies. The first of these events is scheduled for December and more details on that will be released soon. I believe Trad Worker is going to be doing some of their own events as well in the Midwest or Appalachia. There won’t be another big Nationalist Front event until January or February at the earliest. In the meantime, we are going to do some of our own events which will focus on familiar themes.

Get ready, South Carolina. We’re coming back.

In hindsight, I am not sure if I would change anything about the last two years. I feel that President Donald Trump and his message of “Make America Great Again” needed to happen. It had to happen to finally show our people that the system will never be reformed, conservatism will never conserve anything and even when given absolute power Taking Back America isn’t going to go work.

There is no stopping the cultural polarization which is creating political gridlock. We’re growing apart as a nation and no amount of wishful thinking about Hope and Change or Making America Great Again is going to reverse that long term trend. We need to be embracing polarization and balkanization. Acting as a cultural vanguard, there is much the League of the South can do to spur it along.

We don’t need a million members to raise the question of Southern identity. What do we get out of the US Empire? What do we get out of electing weak politicians like Lindsey Graham? What happens after Trump tries and fails to Make America Great Again and our people realize there is no going back? Southern Nationalists are already playing a bigger part than ever in that conversation.

What comes next? Does the feral anti-White Left come back to power? If so, are we prepared to live under such a government which tramples all over our heritage and rights?

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  1. Dear Chad – let me second Mr. Griffin’s reply to you.

    Whenever I’ve been ambusht, they never gave me a warning.

    Be well, and know we are with you – and growing all over the place.

  2. Though blacks and Muslims couch their condemnation of whites in PC terms of ‘injustice’, what they really mean is ‘you weak’. Blacks don’t get morality. Blacks only understand power. They fear and respect Power. When they see weakness(no matter how good-willed and redemptive), they see it as pu**y. It’s like hyenas respect powerful lions. But if a wounded lion went to them and begged forgiveness for all the hyenas it killed in the past, the hyenas would just laugh and say ‘you weak’ and tear him limb from limb. This is why ‘white guilt’ won’t work. Black mentality only respects power. Blacks respected the old KKK more than today’s goody whites. KKK was fearsome. Blacks hated it but feared it and with fear came respeck, shoo. But no matter how nice whites today try to be, blacks just see weakness. When blacks scream and shout slogans about civil rights, they really mean ‘you weak!’
    And Muslims, despite their spirituality, are also into power. Islam is about justice and POWER. Muhammad was a warrior, and there can be no justice without power. So, when whites act nice and apologetic, Muslims just see weakness. They feel that such wussy pu**y people don’t deserve to rule or own anything.

    Unless whites being back race-ism, they are done for. Year after year, they will lose more and more.

    • “If it were announced to you that the enemy had invaded your cities, your castles, your lands; had ravished your wives and your daughters, and profaned your temples—which among you would not fly to arms? … Will you allow the infidels to contemplate in peace the ravages they have committed on Christian people? … Fly then to arms; let a holy rage animate you in the fight, and let the Christian world resound with these words of the prophet, ‘Cursed be he who does not stain his sword with blood!'”
      – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

      Just sayin’… nothing new under the Sun.

    • You can be sure the Slavs too understand that, Ukrainians especially. Our enemies only understand, respect and fear power, which in the modern era flows from the barrels of guns as well as fists. It’s good to see whites here in the South as well as other regions of the nation are coming to the same understanding.

  3. It goes without saying that if any of you are doxxed or exposed in any way, be sure to let as many of your friends in the movement as possible, know about it. Its important to support each other and have each others backs in times of danger. This will not only keep everyone safe, but prevent people leaving the movement if they feel they’ve been left to fend for themselves.
    As we get bigger and more influential, the Left, SPLC, etc will start getting nasty as they realize they’re losing the argument and can’t counter our facts and figures. Be ready for anything.

  4. Men must start being men again. Work hard and get to the gym. Women have to start being women again- take care of the home, avoid the gym and breeeeed! My wife and I had four kids…..and we’re still here. Its not impossible. So start fucking doing it! It must begin with breeding. Then bring them up to love their heritage.
    We can’t fight the third world hordes, and corrupt, Jew infiltrated government……with 1.3 children each.
    Its ok to breed, and its ok to be white.
    There is no nation on earth where the white percentage of the population is increasing. Lets begin a campaign and reverse this shocking, worldwide trend.

  5. we can either go with politics, hoping for the state legislators to call for an article 5 constitutional convention of the state legislatures, wherein the constitution could be amended (after ratification by 38 state legislatures) so as to send most power back to the states…

    or, we can go with the idea that politics is downstream of culture…and to change the culture of white america we have to reach out to whites and counteract the propaganda of the elite…how?

    One way might be to push a new version of history, a pro-white-working-class version of history…we have to use the internet and work in the real world…

    another avenue might be to discourage immigrants from coming here…by use of propaganda created in the written language of immigrant home countries…that is a long term program that might help us win in the political arena years from now…

    another avenue is to starve the beast…boycotts…we need leaders (politicians like trump?) who can serve as boycott leaders…i never spend more than i have to…all expenditures go to feed to corporate monsters that dominate america

  6. Antifa has turned out to be a joke and the coloreds will never get their shit together, so the only real opposition to White / Southern nationalism will come from…..other Whites. I still maintain that Trump will be the last President of the American Union.

    • White anti-Whites have always been the biggest problem. I don’t know about your POTUS prediction but anything is possible these days.

    • Antics is merely an excuse for target practice and keeping your weapons cleaned and oiled. Last weekend, I did precisely that to remain easy for any stunts they may pull, unlikely as they may be. However, never underestimate stupid people in large groups.

  7. ‘We the people’ are the owners of the constitution.
    A quick look around shows ‘we the people’ are a worthless
    10 pounds in a 45 pound bag.
    We don’t need to fix a broken constitution.
    The Declaration says we need a new form of government….

  8. The future of southern natonalism??? Yea……….there is no future there. Ya’ll really need to find a hobby or something. Marching around as nazis and shit………..aint no future in that

    • I sure hope the “planning” includes a basic simple MISSION STATEMENT / GOAL / WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO CREATE. Might I suggest a very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians ? It’s simple. It’s awesome. It’s meat and potatoes every white can understand, and $upport.

      To do otherwise … or to not do at all, makes it seem to the whites in America that you all don’t really stand for anything ! That you have no PLAN. No GOAL. That you haven’t really, “thought it through,” and that these protests are just sort of a hobby for us 🙂

      It’s a cool hobby, but if you really want a new country you have to say so.
      You mock Trump for saying,”make America great again,” but then you guys have a similar ‘mean nothing phrase,’ “white nationalism?” You want, “to secede … a free and independent south ?”

      All that’s ok when you’re preaching to the choir, ( us, ) but the sheeple and normies and their mama’s cousins need MEAT AND POTATOES !!!!

      What do we want : An enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christian patriots.

      Toss the toast and soup … and try those meat and potatoes and see what happens to your $upport !

      • Good point, JJ, Southern nationalists need to articulate exactly what their long-term goals are. If the ultimate plan is to have the Southern states secede from the Union again to form a new CSA then I think they should say so. But Trump is very popular with White Southerners, so secession won’t be taken seriously until he leaves office and the DC Swamp tries to replace him with one of its obedient, business as usual mediocrities.

        • ALL of you need to get behind THE BRAND. What brand ? That’s right … WHAT brand ??? I’ve heard of google, amazon, e-bay, cnn, fox, even angies list. But I’ve never heard of any names of groups in these marches.

          Solution : Create a brand that says it all.


          And this brand needs a MISSION STATEMENT don’t they ? A point … a reason to exist and ask us for $upport.


          Do this and you’ll be a household name in a year or 2 at most, and have loads of support.

          • @ James Jackson
            Great idea, I nominate you for head of the new party. The League of the South does a good job spreading the idea of Southern Nationalism but I think they scare off too many Christian Southerners who are otherwise sympathetic to the cause by associating with National Socialist. I know it rubs me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Dr. Hill and the League but we need a group with a clearly defined set of goals who won’t ally themselves with National Socialist to get a larger turnout at rallies. We need men who aren’t afraid of preaching our cause with fiery words and not backing down on our Southern Christian viewpoints. Most importantly we need Bible thumping, hellfire preaching pastors who will spread revival through our ranks. I sincerely believe that in order for our cause to succeed we will need God’s help and every man of us must get on our knees and implore Him for is blessings to be bestowed on our endeavors. I’m in dead earnest right now when I say that if there is anybody serious about forming such a party or group that I will be the first to join and put all my energy into it, as long as it will stand on the principles mentioned above.

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