Roy Moore Dindu Nuffin: Cuckservatives Rally Behind Slanderous Media Offensive

In this modern age if you’re even slightly to the right of a Trumpist Deplorable, expect to witness the rebirth of Stalinist tactics that are oftentimes the work of direct (((descendants))) of the NKVD (thanks to Eric Striker for bringing this up).

You’ll experience vicious media attacks, boycotts, financial strangulation, implicit intimidation, and if you stand strong through it all, explicit terrorism that may or may not include assault and/or murder.

But most notably, and before the worst occurs, you’ll have to endure a barrage of insults, slander, and libel thanks to a press corps that has been dominated by the worst enemies of the White Man for generations, and has only grown more virulent in its open hatred of all that is good, wholesome, and righteous.

Moral men like Judge Roy Moore will have to stand up despite hour after hour and day after day of media coverage that in normal times would be subject to crippling litigation and popular mockery.

But in the fallen age we currently live in, even people that are supposed to be allies (at least on paper) will turn just as fast as the most rabid Leftist.

If you live in Alabama, be sure to take the time on December 12th to go out and vote for Judge Roy Moore – at this point he can’t be removed from the ballot even if he were to step away (that’s not going to happen anyway).

I want to see these cuckolds foam at the mouth, and I want them to grind their discolored teeth at the thought of having their agenda stomped into the dust (even if it’s just a minor piece of the agenda).

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  1. When it comes to sexual abuse allegations, especially against a perceived conservative, an accusation is as good as a conviction. Even if he’s innocent (probably is) he’s been tainted. The GOP cuckservative chorus knows this and has closed ranks against him. My bet, Moore will be forced to drop out.
    Fuck the Republican party.

    • While the Democrats elected a man who wears a dress, and thinks he is a she. Yeah right. Tell me which is more morally objectionable?

      A man who (under biblical terms), would have been able to marry any of those girls, but didn’t do anything sexual; whereas, a man who dresses as a woman is probably a skank and a whore and an idiot for being a man, gets elected in Virginia.

      Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. That eliminates everyone in Congress.

      • More like he in Congress who has not betrayed white Americans times without number cast the first boulder. Congress has been dubbed a “Parliament Of Whores” by author and journalist P. J. O’Rourke, and not wrongly I think. Most members of Congress are hypocrites who will be sweating like a whore in church if their acivities before and during their terms in Congress were subject to real scrutiny, if not investigation by parties they cannot bribe or buy off.

        • The Scofield bible was written by jews to center on Israel. You can’t really have an IQ higher than 95 and be an Evangelical unless you are using it for power or pervy opportunities. I am even suspicious of the King James bible. If we ever get our ethnostate I think it would be a good idea to re-translate the New Testament from the original Greek and take a good look at the Russian Orthodox originals in Latin. I would not be shocked if the “Nazis” had already done this. Christianity would appear to be a rejection of “Hebrewism” not an endorsement of it. The Talmud showed up around the time of the Koran so the jews of the Bible are not really the sick f–ks that control our governments now.

  2. It’s axiomatic: if a Jew or their cringingly obsequious minions say something, it’s a LIE. And anything a Jew or their minions condemn must be good for our nation. These dregs of humanity are the antithesis of our race and the curse of our civilization.

    God bless and Godspeed, Roy Moore.

  3. Wow, every single neoconservative asshole you can think of has come out of the DC sewer to attack Moore. The kind of enemies one has speaks volumes about one’s character.

    Look at me, for example. I have a greasy mestizo cut-throat from Antifa and a purple-haired mental case from Trenton State Hospital constantly nipping at my heels. But they have only suceeded in making me look like another Alexander Solzhenitzyn.

    • The last nigger who tried this had to quit Rutgers Law School with two classes left because, well, Joisey ain’t all sandniggers, and unlike some of the dupes and rubes on here, my people meant business when your ilk stalked me and worse. Phone records actually involve science, something mediterraneans don’t understand but the Board of Bar Examiners did, some of whom either were anglos or had to answer to us. His paisan down the simian ghetto street’s father sat in prison for killing people, tough to make it among anglo men when your version of ‘accomplished’ is achieving an erection and wearing a thick gold chain around your neck. It didn’t help that neither could compete with me much less my men. Heck, one just reached my height.

      Lots of us on here and in the scene talk about you and yours offline, Guiseppe. All you’re doing is proving yet another case for those who are ignorant. Another lollipop kid, always looking up at that blonde blue eyed woman, salivating pathetically.

        • Giuseppe incessantly obsesses over me, constantly brings me up in discussion (if that’s what this site’s caliber of debate which has degraded over time can be considered) then accuses me of ‘nipping at his heels.’ I simply explained what happened to the last guinea who tried to project his obsessive aggressions onto me.

          He ran into white people eventually, just as raunchyspawn will.

        • And the idiot fails to realize that this scene’s leaders, as it were, are all ‘diseased’ according to his fellow monkeys. Matt Parrott’s Asperger’s and Hunter Wallace’s psychotic delusions that republicans are anti-anglo pose such danger to the public at least one already required ZOG’s internment according to mediterranean ‘science.’

  4. Every time I see garbage like this I think how nice would it be in our own ethnostate without Jews slandering and scheming against our people along with their shabbos goy cucks. We’d have our own media and no more constant lies and strife.

  5. If facts & rumors from Alabama are true, the Washington Post is going to find this attack on Judge Moore very costly, particularly if it is true that a WAPO reporter is on tape offering money to one of the women involved for a 40 year old story.

  6. Does anybody even listen to these screeching headcases, anymore? Don’t be surprised when this unanimous establishment condemnation boosts Moore’s numbers.

  7. THIS IS 100% JEWING, FROM START TO FINISH!!!! Beth Reinhardonmyeyes, the grotesquely hideous KIKE that fabricated this LIE could not possibly be any jewier. We needs to find out where they get their horns removed, at birth. I’m certain this one has cloven hooves, and a tail. tucked up under it’s skirt.

    • some years ago I was at the NYC apt. of of one Tobey Gittel, then ed. of a rag called Jewish Social Studies; don’t ask why. Her extremely seductive college co-ed daughter answered the door; later she remarked that the dating scene at the midwest U. she was attending wasn’t too good. Her most recent goy boyfriend had got drunk, run his hands through her hair, and asked,

      “where are your horns?”

      still makes me LOL

  8. Every politician who has called for Moore to step down over unproven allegations is unfit for office. And they are the same usual suspects.

    But for some reason McCain, Rahmney etc have been unbeatable on election day.

  9. John McCain sucks and is literally NEVER Right about anything. Of all the people in the US government there is no one I loath more. I am looking forward to the day the tumor finally gets him.

  10. Why doesn’t the JEW Media, (((Neo-Cons))) and the Shabbos Goy do an extensive investigation into these people? Hummmm….?
    Jacob Schwartz – Registered Sex Offender and Former Aide To NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio
    Jeffrey Epstein – Registered Sex Offender and friend of the Clintons. BTW… Bill and Hillary Clinton made multiple trips on their buddy sex offender’s Lolita Express to his Caribbean sex slave island.
    Senator Bob Menendez – Charges Surfaced He Had Sex With Underage Prostitutes.
    Uncle Joe Biden who Loves Children and has the characteristic of a touchy-feely sort of guy.

  11. Doesn’t change my vote. Voting for Moore because these princesses had 40 years to tell their stories so why one month before the election.

    • This story about Roy Moore sounded like BS to me from the beginning. In the old days “doxxing”meant scandals spread from the main street beauty salon. The small town papers published stories on who came to your house for dinner. Especially for a local prosecuting attorney, public scrutiny would be high. I heard of a law firm in a small town here that prohibited male and female staff from socializing at local bars after hours. I really doubt a young DA could get away with this for so long.
      Before instagram and facebook teenage girls wrote a lot of notes and diaries with entries on real and imagined flames. Have these accusing women produced any writings like these to back up their claims?

  12. Men looking to wife up young virgins are the greatest sexual “deviants” in our era, derided for being losers who can’t secure the affection of a Real Woman — Real Women being fat slags on the downhill side of peak fertility. Meanwhile, the sexual “heroes” of our time are men who prefer fucking other men in the shithole and men who chop off their dicks and pretend to be women. If Moore had spent his years as a young man plowing through a sea of sluts and living in debauchery, he would be totally cool. But “robbing the cradle” to find a “nice” girl to honorably marry and make white babies with is simply beyond the pale. Not to mention it was a different time, as evidenced by the respective perspectives of the girls and their mothers when ol’ Roy was a-courtin’. Yet in the forty years since, they have “learned” that what was “normal” in the old days (especially in a small post-industrial town Alabama) was actually “bad” and such secular “sins” must never evade retroactive punishment. Hell, these loons won’t even leave alone the dead and dig up graves to burn the occupants at the figurative stake for not abiding by the moral fashions of a time they could not have even imagined.

  13. So OD understands the big fight is in the 2018 GOP primary? From here on out pretty much everything is must win. Squandered a whole year so far, maybe now embrace the right path? Or is that asking too much?

  14. What makes everyone so certain this story is false? It’s a pretty major lie if so, and Moore is not a figure to accuse cavalierly, which makes a false accusation somewhat less likely. It’s also sounding like a story that’s not so easily fudged.

  15. Let’s see, we had JFK the serial womanizer cavorting with mafia and Soviet molls; brother Ted who watched his girlfriend drown and the swam home to his hotel room for the night and went on to serve 40 more years as the moral beacon of the Senate; Oval Office Clinton who is the textbook definition of a sexual harasser who served 8 long years as prez; Sen McCain, Keating Five scandal member who dumped his loyal wife and picked up a trophy wife whose family financed his lackluster political career.

    Dems NEVER resign, recuse, or apologize.

    And they say Judge Moore is unqualified to hold office??

    Where’s the dirt on some dem candidates? We’ve got to get down in the gutter and fight them or its over. No more rules.

  16. Here are the claims:

    They sound credible to me. Tough to assess those of the 14 year old reporting sexual assault since she had no business being with him alone in the first place, locating blame on the mother and father who would have allowed it and who’d shaped much of her character (or lack thereof).

    But the other claims and part of hers sound believable and corroborated by witnesses.

    Some people on here don’t even care that Roy Moore was literally pursuing teenage girls past his own teenage years (much less at 30). For the sickos who consider 14 some age of consent, it was not deemed medically problematic for a girl to not begin menstruation by 15 and even 16 before the Estrogenizing Era. Only by the end of the 16th year did late onset of menses become some form of disease.

    All those who see no problem with this, or who dig into denial, don’t wonder why you can only attract oddballs and paid agents at your next protest.

    Your disease may be catching and no healthy people want it.


    • Onceler – VOTE ROY MOORE!!! Who gives a flying FUCK if a decent man, who will serve his constituents well, was attracted to young women a million YEARS ago??? Is he raping little kids like every freak in Jewington DC? Get a fucking GRIP. Men have always been attracted to nubiles. Moore’s detractors are the testament to Moore’s righteousness. Why are these rotten stupid BITCHES coming forward NOW? WHY? Why are you siding with Juan McBraincancer, Paul Ryanberg, and EVERY kike infesting the JewSA?

    • There is only one question you need to ask: “Is it good for the Whites?”

      That is the only thing that matters when you reach the ballot box. Assuming you are there at all.

  17. The preceding comment was brought to you by an estrogen-dominated female, who doesn’t understand that submission to her betters is the biblical Norm.

    Secondly, I am not advocating ‘it’ when I mentioned in a prior post of mine; I was merely pointed out that history is full of this type of copulatory activity -Romeo and Juliet, for example. She was ( they tell us) @14.

    Why, even the Blessed Birgin Mary quite possibly was no more than 15 years old, when God deigned to tell her she was going to be the mother of the incarnate Lord Jesus Christ!

    There are also myriads of documented historical books, monographs, and even feminist diatribes, noting the reality that people of the middle ages and the renaissance often married young girls at that age, by men often twice as old as they.

    In other words, while it was mildly disgusting, it at least was “normal.” Unlike Milo, George Michael, Elton John, Barney Frank, Lindsey Graham, and the transsexual and transgender freaks that now dominate our Armed Forces, and are invading our organs of political office!

    You are missing the point entirely, Miss Once.

    Having lived through this era, in which all social morés fell apart within 15 years, and to note that at no time did judge Roy Moore engage in sexual intercourse, but respected the girls to whom he was attracted, merely chronicles an age in which confusion over proper protocol was thrown out the window… Thank you, Jews!

    I honestly find it refreshing to realize that he’s not completely ‘squeaky clean’, as a matter of fact. But at least he has moved on from his duplicity, his moral hypocrisy, and his continual flaunting of biblical law… Unlike Paul Ryan, Schumer, Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, and all the rest of the goddamned assholes in the Senate!!!!

    In other words, he’s a far fitter person to be considered for the office of Senator, than any of the continually and unrepentant sinners, currently in office.

    • If Shakespeare’s works were the pen name of Edward DeVere 17th Earl of Oxford which I very strongly suspect, especially after reading “Shakespeare Identified” in the public domain free online, the Earl married the 14 year old daughter of Lord Burley at his and the Queens insistence. Nothing was considered amiss in this. Juliet was 14 too in the play. We live in feminazi times with this silly insistence that women attend school endlessly aiming for a career like a man. It’s poison, the birthrate is squat, and then you have all these upper middle class women who do get married, starting their family at ridiculous ages compared to all of human history, is it any wonder we have so many “autistic” children. That’s what happens when marriage and children are delayed to after 30. You never, ever see 19 year old “Lupe” raising her “autistic son” in any of these documentaries about the condition. It’s always some middle aged upper middle class white woman who waited to 36 to have kids.

  18. When the left and the drive by media and John McCane are calling for Moore to step down that’s proof enough that Moore should stay.

  19. Well, just take the example of the brothers in DC when they re-elected Marion Barry to the shock of white liberals and vote for Moore despite the feminazi allegations. Seriously this was 38 years ago before pedophillia was redefined to include any girl one day under 18. Back in the 80s it was common for chicks in my high school to be messing around with guys at the local junior college over the age of 18 and nobody blinked an eye. Also the guy was looking for a wife at the time and wanted one fresh. He never had sex and had he married her it all would have been legal anyway. You know, I’m convinced the GOP machine is behind this. The democrats and liberals have wanted this guy’s head for a long time already and this would have come out long ago. The thing that has changed now is the GOP has become his new enemy, so I am suspicious as why this didn’t come out long ago.

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