Techno-Traditionalism Is Feasible

Editor’s Note: I’ve seen this objection to traditionalism raised on GAB.

Is traditionalism compatible with modern technology?

Absolutely. The one word answer to this question is Islam. Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other Muslim countries have all adopted Western technology while rejecting Western liberalism. They have sophisticated modern economies.

In Dubai, the following things are illegal: public displays of affection, abortion, apostasy, blasphemy, drunkenness, sex outside marriage, homosexuality, the possession or use of drugs and having children outside wedlock. Women dress modestly. Religion is taken very seriously. The city is ruled by an absolute monarchy so no one is trying to vote their way to a conservative culture.

The Islamic world has combined trad with technology. There is nothing inevitable about Western degeneracy. It is a byproduct of liberal democracy. We don’t take our religion or culture seriously in the West because of our liberal doctrines. We have allowed Jews to hijack our cultures. Traditionalism isn’t so much about specific tasks as it is about preserving gender roles.

Why can’t we have a Christian culture without Jewish influence and liberal democracy? There is nothing inevitable about the system we have now. It can be discarded like communism.

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  1. The Bretton Parliament set up for the self government of the Bretton people by the French monarchy was probably the most democratic institution in the history of the West and lasted for centuries – a lot longer than the U.S.. The Revolution of 1789 destroyed it when they overthrew both throne and altar of the French state. And the Revolutionaries outlawed the Bretton language which did not get out from under punitive sanction until the 1970s.

    Revolution is not progressive. The Liberal ideals of 1789 have degraded and retarded Western nations not developed them along the lines of their rich cultural traditions and heritage.

    • The “revolution” is Jew Nation Wrecking. PERIOD. Why didn’t the White men of the past hunt down and exterminate every last one of these DEVILS?

        • Ol Abe started the Civil War by getting Sumter to fire. Anyways … it’s an ok analogy, but the towel heads in Dubai go to other nearby countries and get drugs drink and prostitutes, then come back there and Arabia and act, “holier than thou.” 🙂

          Yes, we can have tech AND traditionalism, in fact, tech can be used to MARKET traditionalism. Remember our BRAND : THE CONFEDERATE PARTY and our BRAND IDENTITY … A VERY ENLARGED ALL WHITE CHRISTIAN CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA … BASED ON TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN VALUES.

  2. Hunter Hunter – I have been so busy of late. I just only scanned the pics in your “Hard right” article. Your little boy is adorable! MAKE MORE!!!!

    Love, from a snarly Copperhead!, Denise

  3. As long as the money changers are at the top of the feeding chain you will have a constant drip of poison into the system. The Muslim system requires oil, rapidly depleting water, and foreign money and is on the verge of collapse anyway. Not a system to emulate. There is a natural balance somewhere you just need to get the rats out of the system.

    • I am being serious/sarcastic. I think HW’s tendency towards rationalizing and wanton cherry-picking has gotten totally out of control. This tack is absurd, unrealistic, pragmatically impossible, immoral and nuts overall.

  4. Oh and semi O/T but dovetailing in somewhere is the newest Psych State weapon:

    I do not vouch for much of what Renegade publishes (or anyone else), and here, I’ll re-state that there simply is no such organic genetic disease as ‘bipolar.’ So the article’s categorizing of ‘bipolar’ with schizophrenia is suspect and Kyle Hunt should stop accusing everyone of being controlled op when he occasionally engages in some of the slyest controlled op propagandizing, perhaps unwittingly at times but also at others clearly complicit.

    There is a very discreet, wholly separate and genetic-based disease called manic depression. It has nothing to do with and does not resemble the pseudo-disease ‘bipolar’ which at best is some emotional/situational/psychological/cognitive complex and at worst is a pure fiction used to justify the psych system’s racketeering.

  5. If we didn’t have the jews and coloreds leeching off of us we could’ve had colonies on Mars by now.

  6. Traditionalism has to be protected. You can’t have unlimited freedom with enemies working against you. We made the mistake of allowing our natural enemies to gain power over us in our own societies. Non-whites and Jews should never own property or have political power in our countries. Whites-only citizenship is the only way forward.

  7. Traditionalism under modern technology requires more political effort.

    Consider abortion and contraceptives for instance. These are technologies which facilitate sexual libertinism. Traditional sexual morality in this environment requires active political and cultural effort.

    Urbanization, modern communications, and the commodification of labor disrupt traditional social communities. For most of human history, people lived in small communities and labored with kith and kin. There were cities and there was long range trade, but they were small parts of society.

    The Islamic world actively promotes traditionalism, but they’re not immune to technological pressures. Total fertility has fallen sharply throughout the Islamic world in the past generation (thank god for that of course). Diabetes and obesity have become massive problems. In Iran there are “temporary marriages” to facilitate what amounts to fornication.

    Since we can’t abandon modern technology (unless we want to be conquered), the price of tradition is eternal vigilance.

  8. These societies don’t have a majority middle class. They rely on oil reserves and often, US, to carry their corrupt systems. This whole tack is ridiculous.

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