California: More Than 25% Of Children Now Seen As “Gender Non-Conforming”

Jews (and homosexuals) find a sick pleasure in targeting children with their twisted social engineering experiments – break the normal and straight Goyim by isolating them from the generation set to inherit the world.

It’s cruel, but we need to admit that it’s highly, highly effective – kids just don’t have the necessary brain development to fight back against brainwashing begun at the toddler stage (literally).

Is it any surprise, then, to see that the youth in some Leftist-dominated areas are already falling into the abyss?

I think not.


More than a quarter of California schoolchildren between 12 and 17 believe their peers see them as “gender nonconforming,” meaning those boys are perceived as more feminine and the girls as more masculine, according to a new study that is among the first of its kind in the U.S.

The study made public Wednesday found that the 27 percent of California children perceived as gender nonconforming are more than twice as likely to experience psychological distress, such as bullying, as their gender conforming counterparts.

Yes, when a young man that is already starting to shave shows up to school wearing a pink dress and makeup, he opens himself up to be tormented.

The same applies to teen girls who take hormones to make their bodies resemble those of 7-year-old Asian boys.

The study did not find that gender nonconforming children have statistically significant higher levels of suicide, but psychological distress is a risk factor for suicide, said lead author Bianca Wilson.

The study, conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, was among the first of its kind in the nation and the first representative survey measuring gender expression among California’s youth population, Wilson said.

“We felt it was really important to start documenting levels of gender expression,” Wilson said. “We’re not just talking about protecting a small group. This is a significant part of the youth population.”

Funny, Bianca, because just a decade or two ago the percentages would have been roughly 1-3 percent – reflecting the natural number of homosexual deviants in any society.

Understanding how many children are gender nonconforming and to what extent they’re experience bullying, discrimination and other problems will help develop mental health services and programs for such young people, Wilson said.

“We want adults focused on how to meet the needs of a group that large,” she said.

I would suggest strict military-style schooling in the old fashion, with supplemental community labor in the wilderness for the older teens.

That study found that 25 percent of boys and 15 percent of girls reported being gender nonconforming. It also found a relationship between being gender nonconforming and risk of suicide.

Two interesting things to take from this one statement.

The first is the fact that males seem more susceptible to certain types of Marxist indoctrination than females – I would suggest some of the MRA/MGTOW/Manosphere people pay attention to this.

And the second is the fact that we may need to seriously invest in certain technologies, which may or may not include cyanide, carbon monoxide-producing devices, and a healthy supply of bullets.

Suicide is something that should typically be discouraged, but in certain circumstances, we should be willing to admit that it serves the community greatly.

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  1. You might want to break the LAUSD Teacher’s Union as a first step. They literally protect paedophiles and hire mystery meat teachers with a penchant for buggery.

  2. LGBT’s wouldn’t even be ALLOWED in The Confederate States. That’s one problem solved. Many more would be solved too.

  3. There’s a picture of a woman thing with her boobs cut off. Ewww. That calls for immediate extermination. Bringing back public executions would make a lot of this lunacy disappear.

  4. This (((poll))) is obviously gaslighting propaganda meant to demoralize.

    If the statistic is even true, which I HIGHLY doubt, then the fault for childhood tranny brainwashing lies 100% with the masses of dumb, neglectful, abusive, sheep-like parents who still dump their offspring in these educult brainwashing gulags. It is long term child abuse and there is NO excuse for it. Many whites will never learn, but that’s just the herd getting culled.

    But vulnerable white kids in the classroom are targeted 24/7 for emotional and psychological brainwashing by these sick freaks. Subversive faggot propaganda is pushed from kindergarten onwards…parents throw up their hands and usually do nothing…such sickening cowardice in the face of evil.

  5. Must be on account of those “This Product Contains Substances Known To The State of California to Cause Queerness.” labels on about every thing you buy. Ironically those labels don’t appear on made in China rubber dog shit dildo and butt plug packages.

  6. School bullies used to effectively deal with the freaks, queers, mudsharks and other statistically minuscule outcasts in school society. We have now crucified and eliminated the school bully and placed the freakish queer on a pedestal. This all started by allowing jews, muds and “tolerance” in our schools. The total damage done is incalculable.

    • Only now, we’ve got a whole new variety of school bullies roaming the halls and cafeterias, standing in front of the class and sitting behind desks in principals’ offices and central offices.

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