America Yes: Amtrak Train Derails Onto Highway In Washington State, At Least 6 Dead

In theory, our country should be a place leading the world in literally every single technological and scientific field.

We have the money to produce bullet trains that would go faster than anything the Asiatics could ever dream of.

We have the expertise to build cities that would make Dubai look like a standard Moslem slum.

We have the will hiding inside millions of White Men to produce devices capable of exploring the nearest stars and solar systems.

And we have the brainpower to produce the cures to many illnesses, and to provide comfortable lives for our people.

But yet none of this gets done, the lot of the working class grows ever more financially stressful, Israel gets better and better weaponry, and we wind up with pathetic low-energy Amtrak trains falling onto crowded freeways during the morning rush hour.

CBS News:

An Amtrak train has derailed on an overpass in Washington state, with at least two train cars falling onto the highway below. Authorities say fatalities and injuries have been reported. At this time, all southbound lanes of traffic remain blocked on Interstate 5.

The Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted a photo of the derailment, urging motorists to avoid the area.

CBS News affiliate KIRO-TV reports first responders are treating the derailment as a mass casualty incident. Authorities have not yet provided details on injuries.

“Emergency crews are on the scene and the Amtrak Management is responding,” an Amtrak spokesperson said in a statement. “Some injuries are reported. Service between Seattle and Portland is suspended for the time being.”

Amtrak train 501, which departed shortly before 8 a.m. local time from Tacoma, was part of a new service that launched Monday morning. CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports the train tracks are not owned by Amtrak, they’re maintained by a freight railroad.

The Cascades service from Seattle to Portland was supposed to be rated for a maximum speed of 79 mph for the section where it derailed in DuPont, according to passenger Chris Karnes. The train is able to carry up to 250 people.

Karnes, who was on board the train when it derailed, said at least seven cars derailed from the tracks. The emergency doors were not functioning correctly, which forced passengers to kick out train windows to exit.

Just try not to get discouraged – the Dow is booming, banking regulations are getting slashed, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter is going to get a YUGE tax cut after colluding with the ADL to ban the Alt-Right/Hard Right/etc…



    That is what the investigation is likely to end up showing, I think.

    • That was my first thought. Didn’t something like his happen earlier this year, in NY or NJ? A train ran right INTO the station building………..the operator was a Dindu…

  2. Dubai IS a standard Muslim slum.

    Dubai is a phony facade of a city. Their famous tallest building, Burj Khalifa, isn’t even hooked up to a municipal sewage system. Yes, that’s right. Their poop is carried out of town in trucks.

    But, I get your point.

  3. AMTRAK was a bad idea that has only gotten worse over the last 45 years. That is the best passenger rail service our country can come up with?

    • I have heard that Amtrak could subcontract to airlines, take a cut of the profit and still come out ahead from what they are spending now.

  4. Hey – who cares about infra-structure, when we must allow the Bagel Niggers to BLEED US DRY, because Muh Hollow Hoax? That and the home grown niggers to feed and breed…….

    • An actual National Socialist would demand bullet trains and nationally implemented Eugenics Healthcare System, Free at the point of treatment. (If they knew their history).

    • Any money we spend on public transportation will only be confiscated by Groids who will attack everyone in the cars and shit on the aisles.

  5. and Jack Dorsey of Twitter is going to get a YUGE tax cut

    I respect the general point you are making, which is that it makes zero sense to reward our enemies.

    But Jack Dorsey isn’t getting a tax cut.

    Twitter doesn’t have any profits, so they don’t pay corporate taxes.

    And Dorsey himself foregoes compensation at his post.

  6. Why would Trump or the rest of the Republicans worry about passenger trains, they’re too busy starting a war with North Korea?

  7. Train derailments are the new normal. I’m sure neglected infra structure and AA hires have nothing to do with it. America’s descent into 3rd world status is well underway.

  8. This is like something out of one of those low-budget ’70s disaster films: A group of commuters happily board a brand new train, which marks the start of their day and the start of a new era.

    But by the middle of the movie, the train is hanging off the rails and onto the roadway and people are fleeing the streets in horror. Sad to say, this is our reality today — for all the reasons mentioned in the comments.

  9. Anyone remember
    “The 1993 Big Bayou Canot train wreck”
    Affirmative action at work, black barge pilot rams rail bridge and dozens of Whites die in flaming agony.

    Look at Atlanta’s airport closure, Zimbabwe of the South.

    • The only way to get call center help from my medical insurance company is to hang up every time a black person answers and keep calling until you get someone — anyone — of another race. Because the black “associates” they have are as surly as they are unhelpful.

      This was a running joke between my ex and I. When she found out I did this, she said “You’re terrible!” Until she had to deal with them. Then one day I asked her how she got such great service. Her reply: “I kept hanging up and calling back until I heard a white person’s voice.” Hahaha. Funny moment. She had to admit I was right.

      Now if you transfer this scenario to things like train and airplane building, you literally have a disaster on your hands. Which is likely what happened here.

      Now, if you transfer

  10. Why is it still so very difficult, if not impossible, to find out anything about the engineer who was driving the train at the time of this crash? Should this be a secret?

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