Republican Senators, White House Plot Pivot To Immigration Amnesty

I’m sure many of you are as confused as I am about this.

In the 2014 midterm elections, the Republican pitch was that the GOP needed the Senate majority to stop President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA amnesty. House Republicans voted in 2014 to block DACA and sued the Obama administration over it. The Republican Senate including John McCain, Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham also unanimously voted to block DACA before the 2014 elections. It was that election which gave us Sen. Cory Gardner, Sen. Thom Tillis, Sen. Ben Sasse and Sen. James Lankford who all voted for the big corporate tax cut.

In the 2016 presidential election, President Trump said he was going to immediately end DACA. He famously posed on stage with the Angel Moms at his Phoenix rally on immigration. We heard constantly during the campaign about Jamiel Shaw, Jr. who was murdered by a DREAMer. Texas and a bunch of other Republican states filed a lawsuit against DACA only to DROP it in September after President Trump suddenly announced he was ending the program.

Now, President Trump and the Republican Congress want to permanently bring back DACA in January, or failing that replace it with an even worse DREAM Act amnesty:

“Top senators and White House officials are laying the groundwork for a major immigration deal in January to resolve the fate of young undocumented immigrants whose legal protections were put in limbo by President Donald Trump.

At a Tuesday afternoon meeting with nearly a dozen senators deeply involved in immigration policy, White House chief of staff John Kelly pledged that the administration will soon present a list of border security and other policy changes it wants as part of a broader deal on so-called Dreamers, according to people who attended the meeting. The plan could come in a matter of days, senators said. …”

Lately, the chatter has been about how the Trump administration is planning an immigration overhaul, but the price for keeping DACA would be the border wall and ending chain migration. And yet, this doesn’t seem to be what was discussed today between John Kelly and Republican senators. In September, Trump negotiated a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to keep DACA in exchange for vague border security promises only to retreat from it under pressure.

What are we to make of this? President Trump could have killed DACA on Day One of his administration. He could notch a big victory on the issue simply by doing nothing about it. Alternatively, he could have done nothing and let the Supreme Court rule on the lawsuit against DACA filed by Texas. The Republican Congress has milked the DACA issue for years while never giving up on the DREAM Act. There is no reason why the Republican Congress, which passed the massive corporate tax cut on party lines, couldn’t have similarly funded the border wall or ended chain migration.

Perhaps the Democrats are right about the Republicans. They are servants of the Koch Brothers which is why they united to pass the unpopular corporate tax cut and plan to move on next to entitlement reform and a DACA amnesty in January. Clearly, that’s the billionaire legislative agenda, which is the exact opposite of the populist agenda which gave them the Senate and White House.

Note: Why can’t they even pass Kate’s Law? Would that take too much time out of Mitch McConnell’s schedule of rewarding large donors?

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    • That is very possible. A repeal of the Bill of Rights is one way they can stab us in the back yet again. It appears they think we won”t resort to guerilla warfare and outright armed rebellion. The Kikes in particular are sadly mistaken to think whites are incapble of that, even though THEY are training and arming themselves for the massacres they have planned for us. The Republicans suck the corporate and Jewish cock as much as the Democrats. They’re just better at covering it up.

    • He might as well have won. Trump is trying to sell the “tax reform” as a big victory for us hoping we’ll forget about the real reasons we voted for him. Reasons which he appears to have no intention of honoring.

  1. Pre election we get the rhetoric. Post election we get forgotten. It’s been this way for years. Why should they change it? It always works. Screwed again! Rinse and repeat.

  2. These creeps are making it impossible for me to vote Republican ever again.

    Now Israel’s second UN ambassador and permanent seat on the Security Council, Nikki Haley, seems to be threatening those countries which oppose the US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a war crime to appropriate and settle territories conquered in aggressive war? East Jerusalem and the West Bank were taken from Jordan in 1967. The US is endorsing this crime by its actions.


    The Judaists must have bribed these corrupt Congressmen, who are so greedy and evil, they will sell their own mother, so they do not care about selling out their own motherland.

    But in Israel, they are going to deport 40,000 aliens, whom they call “infiltrators”

    This is a great example of Jewish scams and double standards-promoting the alien invasion in USA and EU, but deporting aliens from Israel.

    The Jewish motto is:

    Aliens for thee, but not for me.
    Open borders for thee, but not for me.
    Tolerance for thee, but not for me.
    Multiculturalism for thee, but not for me (they want to keep Israel a Jewish state).
    Easy Divorce for thee, but not for me (In Judaism, a woman cannot unilaterally divorce, the man has to give her a “get”).

    For the Judaists, lying and scamming is Job 1.

  4. We still have yet to see the full extent of Trump’s betrayal, if it happens.

    Like many of us, I was hoping Trump would stop the USA’s slide into becoming Brazil North. So far, he’s been a disappointment.

    If Trump turns out to be a complete cuck — he’s already a half cuck — then it’ll be hard to vote for him is 2020. Fool me once, shame on you Trump.

  5. Won’t happen on account of THE CONFEDERATE PARTY kicking ass !!! Oh ya … it doesn’t exist yet. White Christians can’t seem to pull it together and ACT like they really are the superior race. So far just a bunch of blog posts e-mails comments and occasional marches, with no brand or brand identity. (((THEY))) are laughing at us.

      • I am predicting a full rehabilitation of the KKK but the USA will be in ruins at that point. The Klan was one of the most effective tools displaced whites have ever deployed. They stopped Jewish immigration flat in the 1920 which is why the Jews hate them and constantly portray them and low IQ inbred scum. The origins of the Klan are actually highly intellectual and the founders clearly were literate in Latin and Greek, hence the name ??????, circle combined with klan.

  6. There’s nothing confusing here.

    Trump lied to us from Day 1.

    We fell for it.

    The man knew the only way he could get the Republican nomination was to run from the outside: as a populist.

    The establishment field running for the nomination was crowded.

    Trump knew he didn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination if he ran as an establishment Republican.

    It’s the age old game.

    Politicians in a democracy do it all the time.

    Lies and deceit are their life blood.

  7. here is something that alt-right activists are missing–a large percentage of white Dem voters vote Dem not because they believe in the SJW/multiculturalist agenda of the Dems, but because they want social security/medicare etc and because they know that the GOP establishment is even more neoliberal than the Dem establishment….

    now suppose that white conservatives suddenly realize that the GOP was never going to cut immigration, cut the govt budget, never going to stand up for white rights in the courts, etc…in other words, that the GOP campaign promises are lies…

    suppose they were convinced by alt-right activists to start voting Dem…you see, the real power of the establishment lies in the fact that the white race is divided…if whites abandoned the gop and started voting Dem, a united white america might force the dems to abandon the sjw/multiculti platform….you see, as I pointed out above, there are a lot of white Dems who do not actually support the Dem sjw/multiculti platform….but they go along with the Dems on ECONOMIC grounds….

    and if those white Dem voters combined with the conservative whites and voted in Dems who were pro-white, that could be a path to change….but of course it is easy to see that here on the alt-right and on conservatives websites that white conservatives are just as blindly anti-Dem as Dem activists are anti-white…

  8. We still have militias, don’t we? Aren’t they supposed to defend us from things like foreign invasion, by force, when the government fails us? Why aren’t we hearing from them?

  9. there is only one way to resolve this and it is by armed revolt and killing the people promoting white genocide. years ago I always thought of the south as the place where the whites would break out guns blazing. but southerners are a disgrace have no fight left in them. I have worked down there and lived in the NYC and born in Brooklyn and I was in an Italian neighborhood and we fought the n i g gers way more then I have seen down south. I have seen way more southern white girls with n i gg ers then even in the communist NY area. a real disgrace

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