An Open Letter To The Leadership Of Iran

Editor’s Note: The Jewish blue check marks are in a feeding frenzy right now on Twitter. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed on new developments.

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, and all others concerned with the administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, please heed my words of advice.

We may not always see eye to eye on all topics, and even though we come from totally-divergent peoples speaking different tongues, following different faiths, and sharing different cultural values, we still stand as one against the machinations of the International Jew and his Gentile slaves across the West.

I myself, along with many, many others involved with Western Nationalist movements, actually respect your nation as a strong and self-sufficient bulwark against those who have wrought unspeakable destruction upon our lands, and envision a world that would see us be allies instead of enemies.

The fight the United States and Israel continuously wage against you is not our fight – we have no quarrel with you, and pray that you remain powerful and defiant against all odds.

That being said, I would advice you to look heavily into the protests sweeping your nation’s largest cities – the fact remains that things look too perfect to be total coincidence.

Because just recently, we have gotten word that more than $65 billion in American currency has been allocated to unspecified overseas projects of a military nature, and then found that America and Israel have vowed secretly to combat your nation by any means necessary.

Now, I suppose if these insurrections were of a truly benign nature relating to domestic economic matters entirely, then our business is ended, and you should be free to deal with the issue in ways you see most fit.

But if, and this is a big if, you find through your intelligence agencies (reputed to be among the best in the world) that there is a distinct whiff of American/Israeli influence among the protesters, then I urge you to unleash the full wrath of your nation upon the dissidents.

Send Revolutionary Guard and Anti-Terror Special Force units into the fray, remove the men (and the women) to the gallows, and make sure to utterly annihilate each terrorist cell to prevent future troubles.

Forget mercy and kindness if there is foreign meddling at work, for to show clemency would be to commit national suicide – the Americans and Jews will eventually just stage an incident or two anyway, but will wait until they can make sure enough of your public feels sympathetic to their cause.

The Ukrainians back in early 2014 failed to heed this advice, and saw their government toppled by the foreign-backed Maidan revolutionaries.

The Libyans failed to squash their insurgents early on, and saw their leader tortured and murdered in the street after a brutal civil war.

And, unfortunately, the Syrians failed to see the signs until it was too late, and saw their nation plunged into a chaos that is only now being set aside (for now).

You are one of the last stable holdouts against our mutual enemies, and you face agencies specifically geared towards revolutions (they have succeeded dozens of times in the last century or so), and an ethnic group genetically-inclined towards subversion – do not be the next to fall.


Marcus Cicero – Occidental Dissent

December 29, 2017


  1. It seems likely that foreign interference (by the usual suspects) is at work in Iran. Their talk of “freedom and democracy” just means subservience to IsraelUS and probably being looted economically as well as having a govt hand-picked by foreigners (as in Ukraine). If it’s the will of the people in Iran to replace their govt I’m fine with it, of course. If this is covert foreign aggression I’m not.

    • The Islamic Republic only came into being because the American-backed Shah was so damned corrupt he pissed off 90% of the country.

      He and his family lived in golden palaces like the ancient Persian kings, and the common people starved.

      Their government now isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what the (((alternative))) would be.

    • The Jews are looking for another country to turn onto materialism. Every country must become a giant shopping mall. Harmless little drones who don’t worry about spiritual matters. This is the nightmare world desired by the rootless cosmopolitans.

  2. Yes. They want a new puppet.

    If Iran’s govt finds evidence proving that this is a CIA operation I expect a vicious response. They are still sore about 1953.

  3. I see no Russian coverage in my usual places.

    A successful coup would be horrible news for Lebanon and Syria, both of which would face dismemberment and misery at the hands of IsraelUS without Iranian help.

  4. A friend of mine told me once that someone she knew high up in the military told her that he had met the Shah and that he said he treated his people poorly because they were “animals” and that he had to…

  5. There is no way that ZOG can attack a country as big and well defended as Iran without reinstating the Draft. Trump had better watch his step. I think both he and his Zionist jew bosses are getting dangerously reckless.

  6. If Reuters can be believed even they are seeing this as mostly economic protests against high prices, unemployment and corruption.

    Maybe the scumbag neocons are making too much of this.

    I would like to see Sputnik news on this.

  7. An open letter to Russia:

    This isn’t over yet.

    Send your ground troops home, but keep air and naval assets in Syria.

  8. I hope that this Iran deal does not go down like Ukraine did back in 2014. The (((Ukrainian Revolution))) did not exactly work out by and for the Ukrainian people…
    I certainly agree that the U.S. should pursue peace with Iran, not covert intervention.
    I remember the so called Arab Spring. Back in 2010 I was sitting in a car dealership with some relatives watching the events in Egypt unfold live on TV. The thing that really stuck out to me was the bimbo newscaster kept stressing that the U.S. had faith in the Egyptian army, but not in their police. Huh? They are both uniformed government employees with guns? Why the difference?
    We live in a crazy world.

  9. One recommendation, we need to start making a clear distinction between the US government and the American people. When you refer to “the Americans” it implies all of us and we Americans have nothing to do with the policies of our government. They are a different entity all together. All democracy is here is just a front to legitimize rogue behavior on the part of the politicans. Americans wish for war with no one who does not attempt to harm us.

  10. Iran has the Basiji militia and thousands of foreign fighters with Syrian Civil War experience who were given Iranian citizenship in exchange for fighting. This means Iran can deploy hundreds of thousands of people loyal to the regime if need be. Hard to see a few thousand Millennial Iranian bugmen/women who want makeup and abortions having the fortitude to topple the REvolutionary Guards, Basiji, and foreign fighters.

    Iran has prepared for this type of unrest, unlike Libya,Ukraine, and Syria. The storm Iran weathered in 2009 was much stronger, with hundreds of thousands protesting in a CIA Color Revolution attempted coup against Ahmadinejad and Khamanei.

    • The protests are reading off a Mossad script, calling for Iran to leave Syria and attacking Hezbollah.

      The Jews aren’t even hiding their machinations anymore.

  11. No, they’re not. They won’t give up destroying and dismembering Syria and Lebanon. Their vassals are of like mind.

  12. Every one knows that Anglin is currently hiding in Iran and not Nigeria. Send in the LGBTQR Infantry to snatch him.

  13. My conclusion is that this movement shares an awful lot with Khomeniism; what that means is still to be determined.

  14. I am seeing so many people on Twitter with Jewish and Iranian (Jewish too?) surnames celebrating these protests. Where are these people when Saudis or Palestinians are protesting?

  15. Ahem, might I add to Mr. Cicero’s very thoughtful and insightful open letter – You go Grand Ayatollah Sayyid! Go Ali Hosseini Khamenei! Go President Hassan Rouhani! Kick the goddamned Jew’s nuts up to where the sun don’t shine – that is if they have any gonads left among them. And thank you for your attention to this pressing matter.

  16. Iran if you would like to destroy the U.S.A. please announce that you will not be accepting United States federal reserves notes for oil and gas sales.

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