Fake News Alert: Iranian Hijab Woman Incident Was A Hoax

If you pay attention to Fox News, Breitbart, or any of the other popular cuckold fetish websites/stations, you probably think that that the famous Iranian woman waving her hijab in the air was risking death for her performance.

Well, actually…

In truth, you got visited by the mighty ghost of fake news.

A scoop so false that it would make the likes of Jack “Ratfucker” Posobiec smile with approval – last I checked, he was one of the ones pushing this narrative heavily among his followers.

The Times:

Women in Tehran will no longer be arrested for appearing in public with their heads uncovered, almost 39 years after the strict dress code was introduced.

The surprise announcement was made late last night by police in the Iranian capital and overturns one of the most visible pillars of the Islamic laws under which the country has been governed since 1979.

“Those who do not observe the Islamic dress code will no longer be taken to detention centres, nor will judicial cases be filed against them,” said General Hossein Rahimi, the city’s police chief.

Even this source makes it seem as if Iranian women faced regular beatings, gang-rapes, or other vibrancies if they failed to have their headscarves on properly – not true whatsoever.

In fact, this decree was something in the works for years, and was probably just put out publicly at this moment in order to deflate one of the Neocon rallying points – the lack of Feminism in Iran.

And hell, even before this, Persian women could be seen without their hijab, and if confronted by authorities, the worst one one could expect in most situations would be similar to how public drunks are handled here in America – most would just be made to take a modesty class or something.

Now let’s compare with our gallant ally Saudi Arabia – not sure if they’re Glad or Hefty fans, though.


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  1. Germany airlifts Fifth Panzer Division to Tehran.

    General Streicher promises to “resist the zionists!”

  2. some time ago, Putin tried to get Russian Air Force basing rights in Iran.

    the Mullahs said no.

    a decision they may come to regret. Because clearly,

    Iran is about to be Syria’d.

    by Israhell and its ‘Murkan puppet.

  3. Very good article btw. In the context of Iran and veiling it has always been been clear that these women have access to plastic surgery, expensive sunglasses and expensive silk finery. They are not required to wear Burkahs nor the Saudi style bag.

  4. #1) Always remember the New Silk Road. It will allow China to put 10 million troops on the shores of the Mediterranean in under a week. That is why Trump is lashing out at all countries along this road, to include Pakistan and China, much less Iran.

    #2) Where on this planet will there be space reserved for Shia Muslims to live according to their way of life? Under the New World Order, nowhere. Even Iran must be forcibly converted to the New World Order. And that is the fight we all face. There can be no all white countries. There can be no all white regions in formerly all white countries. There can be no all white neighborhoods in formerly all white regions in formerly all white countries. There can be no all white homes until we reach the final stage, there can be no all white people at all!

    #3) Iran shows us that you do not need an electoral majority to rule a modern nation. People will acquiesce to a force majeure if it serves a protective purpose. In our case, the lion’s share of fighting age men is all we need to impose a protective regime on our society. We just need the consent / acquiescence of the normies to get the ball rolling – which is their neutrality in a fight between us and the current overlords.

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