Donald Trump Pledges “Great Support” To Iranian Terrorist Mob

Are you ready to dive into this dumpster fire of Iran tweets?


Here we go:

Here is the full interview that Vice President Mike Pence gave to Greta van Susteren:

I guess we don’t love freedom here.

As far as I can tell, Iran has a democratic government. They had a presidential election last year. 39 million people voted in that election which is nearly half the population. 70% of eligible voters in Iran participated in the 2017 elections. In the United States, 58% of eligible voters participated in the 2016 presidential election of whom only 46% voted for Donald Trump. In Iran, Hassan Rouhani won 57% of the vote. Who has the stronger democratic mandate here?

How many people voted in Saudi Arabia’s last presidential election? Oh wait, our freedom-loving ally Saudi Arabia has an absolute monarchy. How can Vice President Mike Pence call Iran the “leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world” when there are NO Iranian terrorists attacking Americans and Westerners? In contrast, 15 out of 19 of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, and it was Saudi Arabia that was behind ISIS and which funds all these Wahabbi madrasas all over the world.

Do they really think we are dumb enough to swallow this neocon propaganda? In what universe is Abdel el-Sisi of Egypt or King Salman of Saudi Arabia a great champion of freedom? How on earth is Israel a great champion of “human rights,” but Iran is evil for arresting violent protesters?

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    • Weev’s responses to that charge have always been rather vague and evasive, IMO. But he presents as a hillbilly from the Ozarks.

  1. Unfortunately a lot of morons do fall for this neocon propaganda. Not you or I, we are not the ones being targeted with this obvious bullshit. In the most ignorant, most unaware base demographic that is expected to blindly swallow these lies and hypocrisy. The ones who will happily send their sons and even daughters to go die for jewish interest around the world and then tell themselves it was for “democracy” and “freedom.” The ones that will be at the polls again in the next upcoming rigged election to vote for clown A or clown B before they do shopping at Walmart.

  2. The Iranian-Kurds seem to make up the bulk of the protesters. Maybe they have a grievance? Are there other minority groups involved?

  3. “Freedom,” “freedom,” “freedom” in the tweets above should be “Israel,” “Israel,” “Israel.” That’s what this is about– getting rid of another govt those bastards hate.

  4. It looks as if those cucks at the National Review never had a damn thing to worry about, as far as Trump becoming president goes.

  5. Lol. Iran is exactly like saudi arabia. It’s a mirror copy of Sunni extremism but with Shia extremists. And no Iran isn’t a democratic country because there are no real opposition.

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