God Emperor Tells GOP Senators That Border Wall Is Not On The Agenda

There is no agenda here behind the scenes that could benefit the White working class.

We were betrayed in every sense of the word, and I’m willing to put money on the fact that this year is going to resound with a giant bitch slap to our faces courtesy of the Golden Don himself.

You’re going to see DACA go forward, and you’re going to see just a few token gestures in place of the WALL we were all promised since the summer of 2015.

No real defenses, no end to the invasion, but a true amnesty that will almost certainly balloon like Reagan’s into something admitting millions upon millions of racial enemies.

That, my friends, is what we’re all going to get instead of #MAGA.

The Hill:

President Trump on Thursday laid out his demands for an immigration deal to Republican senators, making clear he doesn’t expect Congress to build a physical 2,200-mile concrete wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Instead, the president wants Congress to increase security along the border by ratcheting up patrols, surveillance and fencing, in return for relief for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients in an immigration deal that could be tied to the 2018 spending bill.

“People want to paint that it’s some 2,000-mile long, 30-foot-high wall of concrete. That’s not what he means and not what he tries to say,” said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), who met with Trump at the White House Thursday.

“There’s going to be border fencing in some areas, there’s going to be vehicular barricades, there’s going to be technology, there’s going to be greater manpower in some areas,” he added. 

So we’ll end up with what the 00’s GOP pushed – my gut is telling me that most of this will stagnate in the American bureaucracy, and later pass away without even being reported on.

Lankford said Trump has been clear “in private.”

Of course.

Donald Trump has proven himself to be mentally weak, and has demonstrated time and time again that even the most primitive arguments from the right people can sway him on serious issues – see Ivanka’s tears and the Syria strike.

He’s really the textbook definition of a beta male behind the public bravado – a man who cannot stick to his original positions is nothing more than a coward.

Government funding runs out on Jan. 19, and Congress has until March 5 to come up with a solution to protect “Dreamers” from deportation.

Other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday met with Trump Thursday — including Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (Texas), Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Sen. Thom Tillis (N.C.) — to get a better sense of what border security needs must be met as part of an immigration deal with Democrats.

Trump told lawmakers to end chain migration and the visa lottery program as part of a possible deal with Democrats to protect an estimated 800,000 Dreamers from deportation.

First off, that number of 800,000 is the lowest possible figure, and is in actuality probably just as bogus as the 11 million illegals we’re told reside in America – a number that hasn’t changed in at least a decade.

Second, you’re talking about abolishing a program that only lets in 50,000 per year in return for an amnesty that will cover millions – and their children, spouses, etc…

And third, we’ve heard the chain migration argument time and time again, but yet the broken status of this country guarantees that the courts will nullify this part of the deal before the ink on the DACA law dries.

GOP lawmakers are trying to put together a final proposal for beefing up border security, ending chain migration and the visa lottery program before a meeting with Democrats planned for Tuesday.

Some of us tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen.

Now just be ready for a stab in the back that will echo throughout the ages.

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  1. And with this, Trump ensures he goes down in history as the one-term president who even his supporters disavow.

  2. Nearly ever single one of our presidents, at least as far back as Lincoln, have been wretched, shameless traitors to their people and their country. I don’t think that Bernie or the Seahag could have done more damage in their first year if either one of them had been put in the White House instead. It was pretty clear all the way through his phony campaign that The Chump was nothing but another Jew butt-kissing politician, and that’s why my wife and I voted to not vote.

      • Northerntruthseeker, another great website, always refers to Chump by his ancestral name. I chose Chump because it fits the character of one who chooses to listen to his Jewish advisers, Kushner, Cohn, Mnuchin, et al., over those who put his sorry butt in office.

      • GM,

        I wrote this in reply to some “liberal” on BB who thought this was funny:

        “It came down to this. Either vote for those who are open in their hatred for you or take a chance on someone who might represent your interest. I don’t regret my vote.”

        As far as this year goes, we elected Trump and we can unelect him by sitting out November. The Democrats with the help of the Stupid Party will do the rest.

    • Having lived through his very brief administration (1961-63), I’d give JFK slack on the traitor comment. Yes, he screwed up on some things, i.e. the Bay of Pigs, the various civil rights fiascos, etc. but he did stand up to Israel & Ben Gurion. No nukes, no conventional weapons & inspections of the Dimona nuclear facility. Also, tried to circumvent the Fed & wanted to pull the U.S. out of Viet Nam as things began heating up allover the former Indochina. Handled the Cuban Missile Crisis in October,1962 on a positive note. Gave tax breaks in 1962 which spurred the great economy we all who were alive at that time experienced from 1963-69. Took measures to protect US industry & jobs from increasing foreign competition. That all ended with 1969-71 recession. Unfortunately, that’s when the USA began to end, too.

      • And by standing up to the Juden, a sitting President was murdered. By Jews. We all know that. Death to the Christ-killers. It should be our sole cry.

  3. A pro-white, all-white dictatorship is the answer. Democracy is useless and a path to our downfall. A dictatorship free of Jew’s, leftism and traitors that go in to bat for the whites is the only way. If that sounds ridiculous to some of you, then lets have suggestions.

    • A monarchy might work, too, as long as the right family was chosen to rule. You’d need a nice, hard Christian like Jan Hunyadi, Jan Sobieski, or Edward II for it to work. None of these flabby modern royals, though, all they are are place servers.

    • Putin has some good ideas….

      ‘Russia doesn’t need you, you need Russia..
      go somewhere that they think like you, don’t
      come here and try to change us’.

      • Because we were beaten by (((people))) who don’t play by any rules, and because the whole structure of this nation allowed them to infiltrate with minimal resistance.

      • De Tocqueville said it, I think- paraphrase- “America is good, because she is (biblically) Moral; if she ceases to be the latter, she will cease to be the former.”

    • Yes, the situation is so dire that it can’t be rescued by the same system that helped it to happen. White shitlibs and 3rd worlders will never vote pro-White. White normies may at some point but it will probably be too late. Regardless, don’t give up fighting on line or in person.

  4. I won’t waste my time again.

    I figure the Dems will take over for good and wreck the place. What comes later I don’t know.

  5. the irony is that drumpf will go down as the greatest president in (((history))) with not one but (((two))) terms

  6. Jan 20 mark one year in office.What do you think he’s being doing with all that time?ego trip- celebrating,high five,parties,kick backs,and on she goes dancing the night away.

    Trump inner circle used people who supported MAGA even Ann Coulter sees the lies, her book,”In Trump We Trust”

  7. If the Dems ever get back in control they will come after us much more than Trump … Pray that God will allow the USA to be destroyed first … just maybe He will spare the South and other conservative states … South First …

  8. Trump is obviously not running for a second term. He just wanted to win the presidency for the sake of inflating his already zeppelin-sized ego.

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