HUD Secretary Ben Carson Delays Obamahood Desegregation Housing Rule

HUD Secretary Ben Carson is signaling that he is /ournegro/.

After flashing the white power hand gesture, Carson has delayed the implementation of the Obamahood desegregation rule. This was one of the worst initiatives of the Obama administration. Occidental Dissent labeled it the Ferguson Initiative or Obamahood program at the time.

The good news:

“Undermining another Obama-era initiative, the Trump administration plans to delay enforcement of a federal housing rule that requires communities to address patterns of racial residential segregation.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, in a notice to be published Friday in the Federal Register, says it will suspend until 2020 the requirement that communities analyze their housing segregation and submit plans to reverse it, as a condition of receiving billions of federal dollars in block grants and housing aid. The notice tells cities already at work on the detailed plans required by the rule that they no longer need to submit them, and the department says it will stop reviewing plans that have already been filed.

The move does not repeal the 2015 rule, a product of years of pressure from civil rights groups and review by the Obama administration. …”

The bad news:

“The district court of Washington, D.C., ruled late in December that Ben Carson and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) must enforce an Obama-era anti-segregation measure in HUD’s Section 8 housing voucher program.

Carson had previously sought to delay implementation of the Small Area Fair Market Rent (SAFMR) by two years so that public housing agencies (PHA) have “more time to integrate this big change into their voucher programs.” Instead, the court ruling forced implementation of SAFMR on its previous effective date, January 1, 2018.

The SAFMR rule is designed to give Section 8 housing voucher recipients more freedom of choice in where to live, in addition to helping prevent landlords from price gouging in low-income areas when they rent to voucher recipients. Prior to the rule, the housing voucher subsidized a recipient’s rent above about 30 percent of their income, but the subsidy is capped at a “fair market rent” HUD calculates by averaging rents across a metro area. …”

The SAFMR rule makes a subtle but impactful change to the way fair market rent is calculated for voucher recipients: Instead of averaging across an entire metro area, it averages a nearby zip code. This allows the value of the voucher to rise to meet rents in higher income areas, thus giving recipients more choice in where to live”

So, this Obama-era monster just went into effect on January 1st. Even though Based Ben Carson is fighting it, the federal courts are overruling him. No one but us even noticed.

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  1. Why do we need a Congress or even a president when the federal courts decide everything anyway– from taxes to immigration to housing and on and on. Just the courts and the bureaucracy to administer their edicts should suffice as the federal govt. It would save untold billions…

  2. The chocs want desegregation, free everything, equality and god knows what else. What do these people ever do for the world? Whites have to pay for their crime, their free lawyer’s, their welfare payments, programs to keep them out of trouble-they’re an absolute fuckin burden. Then there’s the affirmative action policies that hold whites back through no fault of their own.
    The different races will never belong together. Never believe otherwise.

  3. Trump appears to have squandered the historic opportunity he was given and has kiked it all up. He appears to have no counterbalance left in his administration to BIG KIKE and the military.

  4. White flight comes to everywhere now, even Idaho.

    The ultimate white flight is to remove your children
    from the devil’s workshop, the publik skool.

    Nearly all ‘patriots’ still send their children off to
    their doom and reprogramming, though………

    It’s still legal to home school.

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