Who’s Pushing Cross-Dressing Children In The New Roseanne Series?

I’m going to give everyone three hints on this very vital entertainment question, and I’ll try my best to not make it too obvious – study your history before submitting your answers.

  1. The man whose name I took for a pen name denounced them on the floor of the Roman Senate during the Late Republican Period.
  2. The Roman Emperor Hadrian wiped out close to 90% of them around the year 130 AD.
  3. These people served as the main slavers for the Ottoman Empire, and were loathed throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for their cutthroat, soulless business practices.

Still having some trouble?

Okay, I’ll just go ahead and tell you – it’s a Jewess.

And a lesbian one at that – gays tend to operate in the same subversive way as the Jews.

I won’t even go to the trouble of providing more than a link to the justifying interview, but I will tell you that she pretty much cites Tikkun Olam as the reason for her decision to further corrupt our media.

Repairing the world through destruction of our traditional Western Civilization – one show, one law, one college class, and one court case at a time…

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    • @Denise

      Ms. Denise, you must have read a lot of Robert Frenz at FAEM. He said the same thing. He also said Jews were congenitally insane, too.

      • Jews have really screwy genetics. They have 4x the genetic diseases that Humans do, usually resulting in lunacy, and they carry the a gene that predisposes them for schizophrenia:


        I posted this link because the article itself is chock full of links to other info. There is a different school f thought that schizophrenia is transmitted virally. The spam filter on this site only allows one link to be posted at a time. You can do your own research if oyu are so inclined.

        Heebs will make you sick and literally insane. I never heard of Frenz – but I’m scanning his stuff. He’s pretty savvy.

  1. My mom tried to watch Roseanne. But after the second or third episode, she never watched it again. My wife liked it in syndication. But I’d watch anything else, if I could.


    This is another example of Jewish mental illness and barbarianism. Why?

    The most gutter and barbaric religion in the world is Judaism. For example:

    “There is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament….–books like Deuteronomy and Leviticus and Exodus*. The Quran pales in comparison.”–Jewish author Dr. Samuel Benjamin Harris.

    *i.e. Torah

    We must do tikkun olam on these savages. We must tell make them to realize that their evil Prophet, the raping murdering mentally deranged Moshe, luckily, never existed.

    See: mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain.

    • Take your Christophobia somewhere else, ass! The Jews don’t ‘own’ the Old Testament, as a matter of fact, it witnesses against them! The Jews’ “scripture” is the Talmud…and if you were even one whit intelligent, you would know the difference.

  3. I once heard a rich Jew in the media openly say without hesitation that when he sees a nice white community that he feels disgust. He wants to turn it upside down. He wants them to have disorders and suffer. Jews are sadistic sociopaths.

    • Jack – I have staged repeatedly, in public, by the way – not just online – that jews are literally DEVILS FROM HELL. Genetic demons. Literal DEVILS. What else would say something like that?

  4. Woody Allen onTransvestites:

    Google: YouTube Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Transvestites

  5. Again, the muzzies get this one right.

    Homosexuals should be dropped from extreme heights. Preferably in view of school aged children.

  6. “… one show, one law, one college class, and one court case at a time.”

    The same could be said of the Jews’ removal from US society… “by any means necessary”.

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