National Review: Donald Trump, Conventional Republican President

National Review is saying everything I have said about President Trump:

“Has Donald Trump become a swamp creature? After repudiating Steve Bannon for having the temerity to criticize his son, the president spent the weekend holed up in the Maryland mountains with none other than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. The man who was once the vanguard of the supposedly burgeoning populist–nationalist movement came out of his Camp David retreat with a newfound zeal for . . . supporting Republican incumbents in the 2018 midterm elections. …

Trump is a notoriously fickle man, but his embracing the role of cheerleader for incumbent Republicans has crystallized the reality of the moment: Far from remaking the GOP in his image, the president is taking his cues from the party apparatus that existed before he was sworn in.

In 2016, after Trump completed his hostile takeover of the GOP, many expected him to become its guiding light: Out with limited government, fiscal conservatism, and foreign-policy hawkishness; in with “I alone can fix it,” protectionism, and isolationism dressed up as “America First.” But a year into his presidency, Trump hasn’t changed the substantive policy priorities of the GOP so much as he has become a vehicle for their implementation. …”

And over the long term, what might be a small victory for the party establishment may prove to have perverse consequences. Months ago, Henry Olsen warned in City Journal that since Trump took office Republicans had shown a “blindness to the things that got them elected.” Unless party leaders came to see Trump’s victory as “a popular embrace of the heterodox positions that he championed during the election,” Olsen argued, they would be in for “a potentially rude awakening in 2018.” Though its officials have become more fluent in the language of populism and more willing to defend Trump’s outlandish forays into the culture war, the Republican party has not taken Olsen’s advice. Now it seems that Trump himself has forgotten it.”

Where do we go from here?

As I said yesterday, the logical conclusion of the debacle of the Trump presidency, the destruction of Roy Moore and the demise of Steve Bannon is that reforming the Republican Party is impossible. These backlash issues like abortion and immigration are simply bait that the GOP has used to lure in the populist voters it needs to push its neoliberal economics agenda.

It might be easier to split the GOP and come away with the bigger piece than to reform it. Let the cucks go down in a political bonfire. They’re not doing anything for us anyway.

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  1. If we shall triumph for our children and theirs it shall be through flame, not the Judas promises of a filthy narcissistic adulterer. And if we must lose, let us go out on our feet and be remembered in the shit people’s mythology as ancient demons. Let these repub faggots be the ones with a bullet in the back of their heads, on their knees grovelling “but I’m not raciss!” before some little antifa faggot who waits his own turn to be devoured by his nigger “allies.” No more votes, no more supporting politicians. The sun shall rise on a different world no matter who takes the field, men or maggots. But the fat comfortable death must end now.

  2. When I was in the school I remember then the liberal USSR media screamed back in the 1991 that liberalism finally won….:D

    I was right when I was 15 and I am sure that I am right right now.

    Basic psychology. Why they are screaming when everything is ok ? Do the airline passengers appeasing each other on the regular flight that everything is ok.

    No, they do not. Airline passengers appeasing each other only then , when it is not ok.

    Could anybody put links for example for mr. Bush, when everybody appeased that, yes he is republican, of course he is republican and so on.

    You are winning, not them.

  3. Repubs beez gettin’ a “shellacking” in 2018 midterms. Nationalist voters will stay home, like they did in 2012 to sink Romney. Burn baby burn! Oprah 2020!

    • Excellent point. To hell with the Jewnited Snakes. Let us work towards establishing the United Aryan States of America / North American Reich.

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    Be warned — they’re more volatile than precious metals.

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  6. It just doesn’t matter. You’re going to get amnesty, more Muslims, neoliberal economics, and more wars for Israel whether you voted for them or against them. Only a Soviet-style crash of the Empire will change anything. Voting is a waste of time.

  7. Just sent this to – to the president
    You have to go all the way to the bottom to ‘contact’ to comment.

    End caca on day one..
    Build the wall
    No amnesty
    new york values?
    comment.. You are a lying shitbag
    I’m switching to democrat, since all
    their stuff is getting done.

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