President Trump Signs Bill Creating Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

As I said in the previous articles, the Trump presidency will linger on as a conventional Republican administration and will do all the usual politically correct stuff:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump signed a bill Monday to expand the Rev. Martin Luther King’s birthplace in Atlanta into a national historical park — the first such park in Georgia.

Trump signed Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Act of 2017 aboard Air Force One after touching down in Marietta, Ga., to attend the college football national championship game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia.

Alveda King, niece of the slain civil rights leader, joined Trump for a small, private bill-signing ceremony aboard Air Force One.

“Through his life and work, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made America more just and free,” White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters aboard the plane. “This important historical park tells his story, and this bill will help ensure that the park continues to tell Dr. King’s story for generations to come.” …”

I pointed this out last month with Trump did the Rosa Parks video and attended the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. This is business as usual.

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    • 100 % correct Ronnie. It’s a big joke. 90 + % of darkies watch ONLY 1. BET 2. MSNBC 3. OWN 4. Sports. That’s ALL that’s in those heads. What Trump is doing is saying ( about the naked king, ) “look at the kings beautiful clothes.” He can’t tell the truth or he won’t get re elected. We NEED him to get re elected because the alternative is unbearable. So … the show goes on …

  1. You expect him to refuse it and then explain why? The political fallout from that would be incredible.

    Trump has never been Alt Right. Only white nationalists have the will power to oppose MLK and Jew nonsense.

  2. If Trump is ever put before the courts for treason, footages of his election campaign and inauguration speech should be played before the judge and jury-hand picked by the people.
    What a fucking turncoat this slimebucket turned out being.
    There’s one thing worse than the Joooo’$- the whites who don’t take a stand against them when in a position to.

    • John- Amen to what you’ve said.

      I’m done. Truck Fump.

      I didn’t have my family follow my lead,
      and have them all vote for Trump,
      merely to have Reagan/Bush level BS,
      all over again!

      The greatest EVIL this nation has EVER done,
      is honor that God-Damned Nigger, who was a liar, plagiarized, serial adulterer, and Communist mist TOOL of the Jews.

      Every white should make it ‘job one’ to trash this ‘park’ from here on, and make it as festering an eyesore, as this son of slaves made this nation, because of his evil.

      Niggers are NOT my ‘brothers’ – they are as Ishmael, excluded from the promises of God, and never to be psrtakers of the blessings, as a race. Gal. 4:30 And MLK stands with Judas in Hell, for all eternity. Anathema to the Black Race.

        • Exactly what brand of Christianity does Friar John subscribe to? Is he a Cathar? A follower of Arius? Marcion? Irenaus of Lugdunum? Won’t somebody please tell me?

          • Spahn-you know what I am. I am a traditionalist, Catholic, Orthodox clergyman. You know-the kind of priest that Father Coughlin was; that Father Seraphim Rose was; that Saint Nicholas was; that St. John Chrysostom was; in other words a true Catholic Christian.

            What I am not, is a milquetoast, Vatican II, faggot friendly, co-opted, Judaized, ‘clergyperson.’

            They are all tools of the Jews, and therefore, sons of their father in the hell.

            If you want to read others who have similar views, I would recommend Ann Barnhardt, for one. As a woman, an American, and a traditionalist Christian, she has more cojones than most evangelical Protestants in the US today!

            If Billy Graham had stood up for the nation when he and Richard Nixon were having private phone conversations about the Jews, (back when I was a child), maybe I wouldn’t have to be so virulent. But someone has to speak truth to power!

      • “…the kind of priest that Father Coughlin was; that Father Seraphim Rose was; that Saint Nicholas was; that St. John Chrysostom was…”

        What about Martin Luther? The real one? I know that he rejected Catholicism, but wasn’t he worthy of mention?

        • To some degree, but Dr. Martin was part and parcel of the problem of the Renaissance Church- he did not have a fully functional ecclesiastical vision, and his adding ‘sola’ to Scripture changed the meaning of far too much…

  3. Put this on several threads, my comment at contact site…

    End caca on day one..
    Build the wall
    No amnesty
    new york values?
    comment.. You are a lying shitbag
    I’m switching to democrat, since all
    their stuff is getting done.

  4. I’m sure the whole world knows that Jud Suss Jared and Giraffe Girl are the real power behind the throne of Donald Cuck. What a comedy.

  5. GOP candidates campaign for president they talk from both sides of the end.So-called conservatives should be up front about displacing the base.

  6. If it doesn’t impress as too malevolent, I often find myself wishing something very very bad would happen to the darkies, world over. Say, a solid gigadeath — a gigagoodification, so to speak.

    An 80’s colleague cited me MLK as a blue-pill counter to my intuitive complaint that the darkies had done nothing in the real world, nor for the real world. That they had no core culture, except for affected pantomime or moslim/jew slave trading.

    It has to be obvious that it is dead wrong of the POTUS to engage this delusion that MLK was anything but a degenerate wrongdoer. Surely it is evil also to participate in social concessions to evil delusions.

  7. You are ALL idiots! This clown you all screamed “Heil victoy’ upon his election thinking his platform was pro white… Were ANY of you aware that your ex-savior made a cameo appearance on a Method Man album once upon a time… A member of the Wu-Tang Clan who claim alligence to The Nation of God’s and Earths (read the nation’s Wikipedia page and you’ll need more tissues).

    If you idiots hadn’t dropped to your knees at “build a wall” and done some real research; maybe things could have gone more your way, I wouldnt be laughing at the moment…and your necks wouldn’t be so sore. 🙂

  8. It’s time to protest Michael King Day as being divisive and prosecutory. It forever divides us by putting one race ahead of another, regardless of the “table of brotherhood” nonsense that is associated with King. It is used to perpetually accuse White people of racism; even children who have no experience with or knowledge of the past, very little understanding of the present, and no realistic concept of the future. They only know what they are indoctrinated with, courtesy of the academia and the media. It is truly deplorable to encourage White children to denounce their “White Privilege,” and to have them groveling before minorities because they have been inculcated with a sense of shame over things that occurred decades before they were born.
    The purpose of the “holiday” is not to celebrate unity or put an end to racial animosity, the purpose is to lay a collective guilt trip on White people and to insist that the country is better off now that Negroes have “a seat at the table.”
    We need to protest by reminding everyone how many White people have been murdered by Negroes yearly since neighborhoods became desegregated. We need to draw attention to the fact that when some White person says they want to live in a nice neighborhood and send their kids to good schools, what they really mean is that they want to move away from Negroes. We should remind everyone that, no matter how much money has been spent, no matter how many programs have been implemented, no matter how many apologies have been blubbered out by teary-eyed White people, it will ever be enough. As long as there is some White person out there who is willing to be extorted, rebuked, shamed, and otherwise put through an emotional wringer, then the demands will only increase.
    What’s the absolute worst thing you can say to a Negro? NO! It is a word that we should start using with them everytime they start making their ridiculous demands. We also need to find students who are frustrated and who are experiencing “reverse discrimination,” and provide them with information about Black Crime, and other negative aspects of Negro culture, so that they can take the information to school and share it with the class.

    • You want to find “STUDENTS who are fustrated with reverse discrimination”? If they’re enrolled, then obviously they weren’t discriminated against… unless you factor the white guy(s) who get turned down for a (((“nigger ball”))) player

  9. Trump is kissing the asses that will kick his ass. He is also a traitor to his race and the people that put his lying ass in office.

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