President Trump’s DACA Deal Will be A Kidney Stab For The White Race

In the coming weeks and months, you’re going to be hearing the usual Trump sycophants push the idea that DACA will not turn out to be too bad – especially if some things like a border FENCE, an end to the visa lottery, and a halt to chain migration are included in the package.

Well, after some thinking over the last couple days, I’m here to tell you to ignore these fools, and realize that this amnesty will be by far the worst we’ve seen in this country.

Reagan’s was a slap to the face, but at the time you were mainly dealing with illiterate Mexican peasants who mainly ate their burritos and stalked Home Depot parking lots nationwide looking for day labor.

This, however, involves a generation of savages who are far more dangerous and much-better situated than their predecessors.

Take a look, for example, at the age groupings for these aliens:

They’re young.

The majority are actually right around the age when college degrees are typically earned, and a time when serious career decisions are made – potentially catastrophic to us when the very system itself is stacked against the White Man through Affirmative Action and other initiatives.

So think about this for a moment:

They may be genetically similar to the other Mestizos squatting here in America, but their ambition is head and shoulders above the rest – their college attendance levels are somewhere over 70%, and their average wage is more than double the national minimum.

Combined with enough (((prodding))) and (((open opportunities))), the odds become rather high that one day you, or your children, will be dealing with one of these invaders when the time for job hiring/promotion arrives.

Now, they know we despise them, and they know that the 2016 Election was driven to some degree by the desire to send them all back home, so just how do you think they’ll react in future once given victory by the God Emperor?

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  1. I highly doubt that the college attendance rate is anywhere close to 70% for the followers of this site… stop blaming others for your shortcomings…sound familiar?

    It’s not illegal immigrants or affirmative action keeping you down. The bottom line is that many of yall really are intellectually inferior to many “darker” people. Stop the denial because you know it’s true… REAL men have the balls to say “I’M wrong”….

    • Listen Shorty, the IQ of darker people is many points, on average, below ours. If these dark ones are so great, maybe we can send them all to Israel to fight the fake Jews alongside the real Israelites, the Palestinians.

      If these Mexicans are so great, why isnt Mexico stopping the hemorrhage? They’re tools of the globalists just as much as we are.

      I just left Texas and the decline is sickening (courtesy of Meheeco)!

      • Thanks to drug abuse, too much money is in the wrong hands in Mexico… Looks like the same problem is brewing g in the US. I hope your white billionaire messiah continues to kick yall in the ass

        • Chapo, we appreciate your comments (not really), but denying the empirical fact of massive, institutionalized discrimination against Whites just makes you sound retarded. That’s estúpido…or ?????? in Yiddish (we can’t tell if you’re a mestizo, a kike, or a Marrano kike…let us know ASAP…)

          No one on here likes Drumpf, the American government, our evil corporations, etc….we’re just not anti-White like you. So go away please. Thanks

        • So do I. Obviously you acknowledge that both our enemies are one in the same.

          I never begrudged the wealthy who ethically and morality obtained that wealth. But, it’s obvious it’s at our expense.

    • While food production is a real dilemma in yours and other undeveloped countries, the use of “night soil” (untreated human excrement) as crop fertilizer is to be avoided if at all possible, In addition to the unsightliness and general psychological affect that such use will have on your more talented 1%, there are very real hazards to the health of the other (less-yellow) 99% – ascariasis, cysticercosis, typhoid and salmonella, cholera (a scourge in countries such as yours, what with all the fecal contaminated water and food), as well as Norwalk virus and toxic E. coli. If this advice is not taken due to ancient customs and societal norms, and human excrement is despite the warnings still to be used, at the very least use treated wastes rather than material scooped from roadside fecal piles and outhouses.

      • Even in South Korea, farming communities had a massive rate of intestinal parasites and worms because of this – all the way into the late 80’s and early 90’s.

        And let’s not even get started with places like India and Sub-Saharan Africa.

      • What about Chagas?

        I also overheard someone once say that the worms were dropping through the legs on the pants of one Mexican schoolboy (in LA) he was walking behind. Nice. What the heck caused that?

    • You’re wrong, the vast majority that posts on sites like these are college educated. A large percentage are high IQ.

    • Wouldn’t even be having this conversation in the new very enlarged Confederate States. Stop whistling Dixie and get r done …

  2. “Now, they know we despise them, and they know that the 2016 Election was driven to some degree by the desire to send them all back home,”

    Yep now they know we tried to get rid of them but were powerless to get it done. This is going to be the start of real resentment between the natives and the invaders.

    At least we know how Trump despises *us.* No sense of shame whatsoever about him.

  3. Hey EL CHAPO, I know you are trying to have some fun trolling, but the truth is you are afraid. You commies have been loosing by huge margins in the last 1 1/2 years with a velocity you cannot comprehend. When you see articles like this on white sites you mistake it for in-fighting, while its actually organizing and culling. We whites came to this fight late, because of the slimy nature commies wage war. You have no idea of the shock and awe thats coming.

  4. No species or race evolves into existence except by honing itself into the perfect tool for exploiting a particular ecological niche in some part of the world. What is our niche? Are white people now obsolete?

    White people arose in Northern Europe, with its lush, fertile summers, and long, cold, barren winters. An environment most cruel, but predictably so, compared to Africa, where food is abundant year-round but mysterious diseases maim and kill at random. Thus we evolved high abilities to think, plan ahead, stockpile food, and protect those stockpiles against thievery, while Africans evolved strong immune systems and high fertility.

    Brazil is like America, only with a warmer climate, more diversity, more socialism, and more affirmative action laws. Yet Brazil’s ruling class is whiter than ours, and in its colder southern states live millions of white people in relative material comfort.

    Mass immigration becomes self-limiting when a Mexican moves to the USA and finds that it’s full of Mexicans, Arabs, and Africans, wages are shit, streets are full of potholes and raw sewage, farms are overgrown with weeds, their machinery stolen and sold for scrap, taps spew filthy water or none at all, electricity is off for hours every day, gangs kill with impunity, hospitals and welfare offices are clogged with the dead and dying, and he says, “F*** this, I’m going back to Mexico!”

    As America becomes less white, it becomes less attractive to immigrants. Asians will never pay taxes for Mexicans and Africans to shit out useless babies. What remains of the rural white population will be a lot less magnanimous too, quietly dropping non-whites into shallow graves and dog stomachs.

  5. @Dave,

    Yes, it is interesting to note how Asians view other races, particularly Koreans, Chinese and Japanese. They emulate us, but they’ve also take notice of the fact that we’ve largely become lazy, degenerate and self absorbed. They typically have little to no desire to interact with Black people, and generally resent the Hispanics who have come here illegally. They also instantly recognize the differences between different parts of Asia. Whereas, Americans are overwhelmingly ignorant of the characteristics that distinguish a Chinaman from a Nipponese or a Southeast Asian, or a Hindu from a Muslim. I recently had a man from India ask me about Trump’s travel ban. He wasn’t questioning the ban, he just wanted to know why Pakistan wasn’t included.
    SBPDL has a story about Bullet Proof Glass being removed from businesses in Philadelphia on the grounds that it is insulting to treat the residents of an entire neighborhood like criminals. The amusing part is that this policy pits the Asian business owners against the Black “community.” This is an ongoing issue that has been playing out since before the Rodney King Riots. Ice Cube wrote a Rap titled “Black Korea” where he makes some very disparaging comments regarding Orientals, and boasts, “Respect the Black Fist or we’ll burn your store right down to a crisp. Then, we’ll see ya’, cause you can’t turn the Ghetto into Black Korea.”
    I doubt many of the Dreamers, or other advocates of open borders, realize that the largest population booms are in Asian and African countries. They are coming here in droves courtesy of Uncle Scam and your local Pseudo-Christian Missionary, and will likely outnumber the Latinos in a short time.

    • Note to blacks: The end of White America is the end of the civil rights movement. Other races don’t give the tiniest shit what happens to black people and will shoot you on sight if you cause them the slightest inconvenience. You are cheap labor and a vessel for white virtue-signaling, and immigrants are eating your lunch on both counts. If you were smart, you’d beg Trump to build that wall *now* and deport the dreamers.

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