President Trump Signs Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Proclamation

As we approach January 20th, it is worth noting that Trump has now celebrated every day on the multicultural calendar. He even went to Israel to do the yarmulke at the Western Wall like all the good goys do. At least on this front, there hasn’t been any change.

Note: He is still getting called a racist too. It’s like he didn’t just create that Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park for John Lewis.

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  1. Happy Robert E. Lee Day! We celebrate a real national Hero. Why does a scandalous negro, that got shot outside the hotel room he was leaving from after sex with a hooker, get so much national recognition? Happy Robert E. Lee day from Mississippi!

  2. I don’t know how DT thinks?! Here he is, on the one hand praising an incarnation of an adulterous plagiarizing communist shithole, and then saying we don’t want people from shithole countries. Aren’t they the EXACT same thing?

    Or, is he trying to please both of the people all of the time, none of the time, some of the time, at any time?

  3. Did anyone else notice that Trump called it “Martin Luther King Jr., Federal Holiday” instead “Martin Luther King Jr. Day”? Am I the only one who sees significance in that? Doesn’t that phrase – Federal Holiday – give anyone else a creepy feeling? Could it be that phrase was constructed intentionally to give people a creepy feeling? Its sad that some people on our side have now found themselves in the exact same position as CNN: they are compelled by their own rhetoric to interpret everything in the worst possible light, to the point of ridiculousness sometimes.

  4. No matter how much a cuck kisses MLK’s ass, he’s still going to get called a “racist” by all the usual suspects.

  5. I’ll celebrate Robert E. Lee’s birthday. A true Southern Gentleman. By the way, as some of you know, I live right down the road from Point Pleasant, Ohio, birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant. Take it for what it’s worth, you’ll see folks in the region flying the Stars & Bars with no apologies.

  6. Did anybody happen to read some of the findings on MLK that got released along with the JFK papers that were declassified? If not go to youtube and do a search!

  7. He has to play along for now. I bet after his re election he’ll recognize Robert E. Lee Day ? You need to get the vote out for him in 2020 simply to buy us another 4 years to create THE CONFEDERATE PARTY and get that brand going …

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