(((Chelsea Handler))) Urges Her Fellow White People To Repent On MLK Day

The Jew just cannot help itself when a chance comes to attack the White Race.

It’s truly like we’re witnessing biological drives that are as instinctual as breathing when we see the corrosive nature of the Christ-Killer make headlines.

I’m just surprised we still see culturally-hip Jews like Chelsea Handler push the tired old “My Fellow White People” meme – with her expertise you would think that she would’ve long ago figured out that the Goyim know.


Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler marked the national Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday on her Twitter account Monday, writing in a post that it is “up to white people” to honor Dr. King’s legacy and declaring that white people must spend the day thinking about “what it must be like to not be white.”

The 42-year-old Chelsea host-turned-political activist wrote in her Twitter post that the January 15 national holiday “means more today than it ever has.”

“Happy Martin Luther King day to a true hero,” Handler wrote. “This day means more today than it ever has. We all must honor the spirit of his fairness and equality and tireless search for justice. It is up to white people to honor Dr King, and to think about what it must be like to not be white.”

To be fair, Chelsea, I have thought about this more than once, and have often given thanks to God for creating me as a White Man, and have thanked my ancestors for not engaging in bestiality throughout the long progress of generations.

I’ve also thought about what it must be like to live with Jew blood – I can see where you must suffer with the evil side of you struggling against your pure White half.

Handler made headlines last week following the president’s live, partially televised meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers to discuss immigration, when she suggested in a profanity-laced tweet that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is gay, and being blackmailed to act in a certain manner.

“Hey, @LindsayGrahamSC what kind of d*ck sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?” she tweeted.

Okay, so even a broken clock is right twice a day – and the Jewess made a likely-factual funny.

Still, does anyone think this tweet absolves her from a life of standard filth and subversion?

Please feel free to chime in however you please.

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  1. I like how the jews on twitter all identify themselves with that blue checkmark. It’s like a substitute for the yellow Jude star or the pointy yellow hat we used to make them wear.

    It’s almost as if they are begging us to holocaust them for real. I’d be more than happy to oblige.

    • I believe it was actually a gold star. The yellow narrative is designed to obfuscate and hide the humor behind this. Jewish tax collectors would wear a gold Star of David to signify that they were an agent of the state. Police badges appear to come from this tradition.

    • “I like how the jews on twitter all identify themselves with that blue checkmark.”

      Haha! I like what you did there, spahn! And yes, that does seem to sum it up when it comes to being (((verified))) on that anti-White toilet of a site.

  2. (((They))) are not white and (((they))) are nothing like us. We gave (((them))) their own country to rid ourselves of their hostile antagonism towards us and still (((they))) persist in tormenting us with their race BS without end. When are they going to stop? When is enough, enough?

  3. In the matter of Jews and guilt, may I remind them of the Cross? ETERNALLY GUILTY.
    In the matter of being White, and thinking about blacks… I don’t. Because they are totally foreign to me, and always will be.

    • @Fr. John+

      “In the matter of being White, and thinking about blacks… I don’t.”

      Niggers are implacable, insatiable, predatory parasites. Their presence is a bane I shudder to think about.

      As one gentleman at Niggermania says;

      “Niggers are the termites in the floorboards of Humanity.”

  4. “Handler was raised in Reform Judaism and had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony. She summered in Martha’s Vineyard, where her parents owned a house.”

    Don’t you like being lectured to by rich Jews who’ve never worked a real job a day in their life? It’s a real hoot.

    Of course we think about what it’s like to be non-white. It sucks, unless you’re East Asian. The rest are ugly, stupid and create shitholes wherever they go. Sucks to be them. Don’t drag the rest of us down with you.

  5. I looked at the breitbart story on this and absolutely no one on the comments is pointing out that she’s a Jewess.

    • They’d likely be censored for doing so.

      Handler is in a tough situation, since her mother is German, and her grandfather served in the German Army during WWII. She has to go into Jew overdrive to atone.

    • “I looked at the breitbart story on this and absolutely no one on the comments is pointing out that she’s a Jewess.”

      Frustrating, isn’t it?

      “They’d likely be censored for doing so.”

      Doesn’t matter. Whites ought to be speaking out so forcefully that these kike-owned or otherwise anti-White sites have to disable comments altogether. Some actually have.

  6. ‘Its up to whites to honor MLK? If I lived in America I’d do no such thing. In fact, I’d insist on working on MLK day if its a holiday.
    When is Adolf Hitler day? That should be a holiday observed in every white nation.
    Notice how it states that WHITES in particular should honor King. An anti-white statement in itself.

  7. Never knew she was a Jew. She’s an ugly one. Almost looks like a trans ! Recalling all my experiences with them though, ( Jews, ) for the most part CHRISTIAN Jews are ok – at least the ones I’ve dealt with. As far as the NON Christian ones … you may have a point about that “instinctual” thing ? Just ANOTHER reason we need : THE CONFEDERATE PARTY … and A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

  8. Israel..a real pioneer in ethnic cleansing. Hey Chelsea..your Jew kin in Israel are kicking out poor African refugees

  9. The killers of Jesus want white people to repent of their sins on the birthday of “Saint Martin.” Blasphemy from the spawn of Satan.

  10. This rotton kike-ess’ Tweet is pure acid towards actual White people… saying “we all must” honor that nigger’s “spirit”, a barely concealed command. I don’t mind admitting it, I hate these p.o.s. kikes more than I’ve ever hated the worst types of parasitic bugs and worms. With the bugs and worms, it’s just a matter of nature and doing whatever you can to avoid/prevent them…and I can’t even say that I “hate” them, actually, because they are a part of nature… but with these kikes, it goes much deeper. These s.o.b.s are very consciously evil, lying, destructive, hypocritical pieces of crap, 100% ANTI-nature, openly declare themselves our enemies, and are PROUD of their parasitical, destructive pathologies! So, naturally, I HATE them… just as openly and proudly. If every single Jew on the planet were to drop dead right this second it wouldn’t be soon enough. The nerve of this scum-bag!!!

  11. Going to (((Twitter))) and reading the responses is somewhat encouraging. Aside from the self-hating White sheep, there actually are plenty of folks giving her grief over the tweet. Even some blacks! But I’ve yet to read anyone calling her a Jewess there. There’s bound to be at least one, though, if I cared to read the entirety of them.

  12. As I promised, I commemorated Michael King day by attending the local festivities carrying a sign that said, “REMEMBERING WHITE VICTIMS OF DESEGREGATION.” I also carried a photocopy of a newspaper article that reported that there had been 46 elderly victims within a 30 block radius during a 3 month period between June and September of 1982. The paper reported that three women, ages 77, 80 and 94, had been raped. One lady, 74, was awakened from a nap one evening by robbers jamming a pencil up her nose and demanding money. Her husband returned home to find her laying in a pool of blood. She later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.
    A few people, a couple of Negroes, a Hispanic Policeman, and a couple of White people, approached me at different times and asked me in a skeptical manner, “What Victims.” When I began to inform them, they quickly lost interest and walked briskly away. Only the policeman seemed to want to talk to me any further. He asked, “Don’t you think that we’ve progressed past all of this?” I told him, “No, these are only some of the first White victims of desegregation, this sort of thing continues to this day.” He tried to reason with me saying, “But, isn’t this the wrong time and place to express these sentiments?” I told him, “No, actually it’s the perfect opportunity. I’ve been hearing about Emmit Till and Medgar Evers since I was a child, Noone talks about the fact that there were victims on both sides of the struggle.” He started in on me about being the only one who was talking and how I wasn’t interested in what he had to say. I replied that I had already heard what he had to say and listening only meant compromise and capitulation. I told him that I was there to share information, not debate. I told him that I’ve spent a lot of time acquiring knowledge and I asked him, “What should I do with it? Forget it? Stay Quiet About It? “I choose to share it.” He got aggravated and walked away muttering and the last I saw of him he was whining to his fellow officers. I wish that I had thought to tell him that he was only one traffic stop away from having his badge taken, being sued, and possibly imprisoned. I considered rapping my edited for content version of “F*ck The Police” by N.W.A. for their benefit, but I figured that the humor and the significance would likely escape their limited capacity to comprehend, and could possibly be misconstrued as a threat.
    What was really telling was the reaction of many Negroes who seemed to understand perfectly the point I was making. One Negro, in particular, after asking me, “What White Victims?” Began to condesceningly reply, “Really” over and over again when I began to cite the cases, and then he started talking on his cell phone. It was obvious that he knew what I was referring to and that what I was saying was true, he just did not care.

  13. I can remember the day when comedians used to entertain us and refrain from preaching at us and scolding us for being White.
    It’s NOT okay to be anti-White, Chelsea.
    White self hatred is SICK!

    • “I can remember the day when comedians used to entertain us and refrain from preaching at us and scolding us for being White.”

      I can too. But, just like the aliens in the movie ‘War Of The Worlds’, many of these other (((aliens))) have, until recently, been “hiding underground” with their actual hatred of us. Now they feel confident enough, due to years of psychological manipulation against our folk, to come out with what they’ve been at all along.

      “It’s NOT okay to be anti-White, Chelsea.
      White self hatred is SICK!”

      Yes, it IS sick. And sickening. But, Chelsea is NOT a White woman. She’s a Jewish Decepticon.

  14. Kudos to you, Cowtown Rebel! Wish I could have been there with you! I really, sincerely mean that. People like YOU are the real teeth in this movement, our resistance to being genocided, our demand for our own space to exist. Hail victory, brother, a thousand blessings upon you and yours.

  15. @Jim B

    Thank you, Brother, for your words of encouragement and support. They are appreciated more than you probably realize.
    I’ve been undertaking this sort of endeavor for about a decade and a half.
    I’ve been ostracized from “polite” company and suffered physical injury, and I never go into any situation without the full realization of the possible consequences. But, to be deterred is to accept defeat.

    • Well, I for one, taking what you’ve said here at face-value (and I’ve no reason to believe you’re just talking guff), salute you. Those “polite company” idiots are dirt beneath your feet, know that, Brother.

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