Women’s March 2.0

These people make President Trump look reasonable by comparison:

“Determined not to let the momentum die, protesters once again converged on hundreds of cities — at home and abroad — for the second annual Women’s March, seeking to unite in a call for social change but also to channel their fury into voter action.

Nationwide demonstrations from New York, to Washington, D.C., to Oklahoma City, to Los Angeles, were planned on the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. And overseas, protesters were coming out in France, Germany and Greece as well as in Iraq, Nigeria and Ghana.

NPR’s Leila Fadel reports that organizers are trying to avoid potential pitfalls from last year, when hundreds of thousands of people descended on Washington, D.C. in one of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history.

“One of the big criticisms was the march in D.C. was mostly white, liberal women,” Leila says. “This year, organizers say they are reaching out to local partners after a year of grassroots work to try to access a cross section of America, from minorities to the disenfranchised to women in low-income communities. …”

What are they marching about?

Women haven’t lost any rights under President Trump. The female unemployment rate is down. The most notable action the Trump administration has taken on this front is attempting to destabilize the Iranian government in the name of promoting feminism. These fat bitches ignored all that.

A year ago, Ashley Judd spoke at the Women’s March and branded herself “a nasty woman.” It later came out that she prostituted herself to Harvey Weinstein. All of these sanctimonious Hollywood celebrities who were denouncing Trump a year ago at this thing were whoring themselves out to Jewish directors in exchange for roles. I’m not the biggest fan of Donald Trump, but that’s not his fault.

Note: Soyboy Joe Scarborough was elected to Congress in the 1994 Republican Revolution. I agree this is pure cringe. It really gets your estrogen flowing.

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  1. Demonstrations in Nigeria and Ghana? And what exactly is their beef with Trump? Any hardships they’re going through is likely caused by corrupt politicians and their stooges closer to home. They can mind their own fuckin business.
    As for the DC march, I saw it on the news. Apparently they’re angry at immigration policy, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ and inequality. Nothing about
    the wars or environment. What’s happened?
    They ought not to worry too much about Trump-he hasn’t stopped immigration and is not racist….and women enjoy more equality in America than they would in some of these shithole countries the Left admire.
    Fuck just drop a bomb on this lesso rabble-they’re a waste of space.

  2. “try to access a cross section of America, from minorities to the disenfranchised to women in low-income communities”

    Exactly the people who couldn’t care less about spoiled, White SJWs and their pet projects, or foolish ideology.

  3. That black bitch at the bottom….fuck, where do I start? Jim Crow hasn’t been in place since before I was born….and then it goes on about one in five women being sexually abused by age 16 was it? Well….most rapists are black.
    These people are always angry, and thrive on their victimhood status.
    Not one word of white victims of black crime from this black racist.
    This video would be a good recruiting tool for the Alt-Right.

    • I love how you continue to let this piece of shit spic post on this site, but when I call this site out for trying to erode the ALT-Right all of my comments are screened and/or removed. How (((ironic))).

  4. The average rapist=is black.
    The average racist=is black.
    You’d never know it listening to this lot. Its time for their nonsense to be questioned and challenged. With facts and figures on our side, we could utterly take these people apart in a verbal spat. Lies are being constantly spread about us, yet we’ve given the world-including blacks-so much.
    Just look at these people moaning as if they’d be any better off under black rule in Africa. If we’re so bad, why can’t they move there and escape this ‘dreadful racism’?

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