Merchant Right Poses With Chelsea Manning


Left to Right: Lucian “Twinks for Trump” Wintrich, Jack “You’re all Gerbils” Posobiec, Jew Will Chamberlain, Tanya Tay, Jack Murphy, Unknown, Chelsea Manning, Cassandra Fairbanks.

Note: This photo is from last December. Chelsea Manning runs with this crowd. Don’t forget he is running for Senate in Maryland as an Antifa candidate.

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  1. I don’t know how much Bradley Un-Manning has spent on cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy, but he still looks like an effeminate male to me.

  2. What gives it away is the actual fact of gender on birth certificate. That Manning dude has severe mental problems and is unfit to run for any official position. Where does this faggot get the balls to even suggest this when he is a traitor of this country. Plus Antifa is considered a hate group.. right?? It’s not the question of “what is wrong with these ppl” but it’s time to figure out who is putting these ppl up to this ridiculousness.

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