Russia Moves The Overton Window

In Russia, the “progress” of liberal democracy has gone into reverse:

“An overwhelming majority of Russians believe it is ‘reprehensible’ for people of the same gender to have sex, a new poll says, charting growing intolerance towards same-sex relationships in the past 20 years.

The independent Levada Center survey released on Thursday serves as the latest sociological evidence of increasing homophobia in the country.

In Thursday’s poll, 83 percent of respondents said it was “always reprehensible” or “almost always reprehensible” for two adults of the same gender to have sexual relations.

Previous surveys showed that the number of Russians against gay sex has progressively increased, from 68 percent in 1998 to 76 percent in 2008.

This year, only 8 percent of respondents said there was nothing objectionable about sexual relations between adults of the same gender. …”

Russian alcohol consumption has also fallen 80 percent in five years:

“Russia’s health minister has said that Russians consume 80 percent less alcohol than they did five years ago, amid a decrease in smoking levels and an increase in the number of people who do sports.

The latest World Health Organization figures put Russia’s alcohol consumption below that of France and Germany.

“We have managed to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages per capita by 80 percent [in 5 years],” the Kommersant business daily cited Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova as saying Tuesday.

Official statistics show average alcohol consumption in Russia plummeting by a third between 2009 and 2016. Consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor credits new minimum price laws, advertising bans and sales restrictions for the drop.

Some 40 percent more Russians have become involved in sports over the same period, Skvortsova was cited as saying at a business lunch ahead of the annual Gaidar Forum …”

You can see now why Russia is ZOG’s number one geopolitical enemy. It is bucking the trend toward cultural degeneracy that we see in all the Western liberal democracies.

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  1. This is a naive understanding of Russia which is common among the US alt right where knowledge of Eastern Europe is next to nothing.

    Yes, Russia is anti-gay. But they are ALSO pro-muslim immigration. 10% of their population is 10% and rapidly rising.

    Putin has even made immigration from the Islamic Central Asian republics into Russia EASIER.

  2. I’m well aware of that.

    Still, Russian attitudes seem to be changing on abortion, gay marriage, adultery and alcoholism, which is a trend that should be celebrated. It is the reverse of what we see in the West. I’m also a social conservative and have always written about these issues.

    • Iraq and Afghanistan are also cery socially conservative on gay marriage, pre-marital sex, alcohol and abortion. Yet they are shitholes, to use Trumpian phrases.

      Point is, if you are 10% muslim AND making it even easier for more to come, you are not moving any Overton Window. I agree with you wrt social conservatism, but they mean nothing without a white homeland. Otherwise you just end up as a boomer conservative. Plenty of shithole countries out there which are soc-con.

      Russia is no model to aspire to as long as they are cucked/liberal on race/immigration/islam. Period.

  3. Russia is a gigantic country, even after the breakup of the USSR. Much of it lies east of the Urals, where there are a lot of Turkic- Mongolian Mohammedans.

  4. I haven’t read of any Mosque going up in Moscow or any Russians mowed down by Muzzie Mad Max drivers – I haven’t seen the Russian Orthodox church holding joint services with Muzzies or kissing and washing their nasty feet, I’ve seen young Russian men (as opposed to Western “males”), beat the crap out of Muzzie smart asses and I don’t hear any clap trap about “Islamophobia” coming out of Russia, in fact Putin seemed to be quite sincere about maintaining a White Christian Russia.

  5. I am glad that Russia is pushing back against cultural degeneracy. Putin’s video acknowledging that Imperial America is no longer a White Christian nation was interesting. Now if only Putin would call out the Jews for what they have done to his country and people, staring with the (((Bolshevik Revolution))).
    If I were to watch White girls from across the ocean sing, I would rather watch German girls in grey uniforms than Russians. But that is just me.

  6. Putin and the Russian fedgov has actually rather been globalist, peacenik, liberal and politically correct to a great extent. The difference is that it is rather on their own turns, not a satellite state like the ROK, Federal Germany or Japan.

    Yet, years of negative experiences with dealing with “western policies” and must have some awarness as to what political correctness has turned into while Russian position has somewhat improving inevitably changed that.
    Now they know that if Trump and others are not able to end the System, a military confrontation with NATO will happen when Democrats takes back the White House. or even when the Deep State launches a false flag attack to blame the Russian Federation and take down Trump.

  7. When Americans lose the idea of what America was built on, which America is now less than 50% of white Christians, America will lose it’s significance… ~Putin

  8. Where’s that Putin statement about ‘that if they don’t like
    our laws, they should go to a country with those laws’

    Doesn’t sound like shirea is going to gain much ground…

    thulean sounds sort of like supporting the tribe???

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