Mysterium Fasces: The Yankee Question

Editor’s Note: Mike Pence’s speech before Israel’s Knesset this morning is a good example of the Yankee Question.


Florian Geyer is joined by RG Miller and JP for the 44th episode of Mysterium Fasces, this week discussing ‘The Yankee Question’.

They start by defining just what a Yankee is, is it a quality of culture or an ethnicity and how is the Yankee related to the Anglo-Saxon race?

Sneering imperialism, materialism, and a hint of pragmatism come into the definition, alongside a religious inertia and the origins of racist liberalism.

The Yankee is the vanguard of the system we live under, whether in Great Britain, or in the American Empire, he is the cosmopolitan, urbanite, mercantilist, atheist and nihilist agent of the global power and the strongest manifestation of his spirit can be found in the great conflagration of the war between the States.

This war was the conquest and subjugation of the original character of the American Republic at the hands of entrenched bands of Yankee merchants and their mercenary warriors. It included the un-Christian mechanization of warfare for the first time but this repression and occupation of our own kinfolk had been going on for centuries, including William the Norman’s conquest of England and Oliver Cromwell’s conquest of Ireland. It is always purely for the expansion of the elite power-structure and it always leads to the continuing systematic oppression of our brothers, by our brothers.

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  1. Yankee Doodle went to town
    Riding on a pony
    Yankee Doodle dandy
    Stuck a feather in his cap
    and called it Macaroni

    —Redcoat marching song

  2. Odd how even after a large, possibly majority infusion of Roman Catholic, and Jewish blood the Yankee remains a scold and a busybody. Has this infusion of Italian, Irish Roman Catholic and Jewish blood made the Yankee worse or better? That’s a good question.

    Btw, Cromwell did not recognize the Jews, that was Queen Victoria who granted the Jews political standing in Britain.

  3. As Hunter has pointed out Mike Pence is acting like a Yankee in Israel; the only problem is Pence’s ancestry is Irish Roman Catholic. As an old friend of mine, who was the last minister ordained by the old ME Church South, liked to point out, history is filled with inconsistencies and contradictions.

    • The surname Pence is German, but if he has Irish ancestry that doesn’t necessarily mean Catholic, a great many Irish are descended from Scottish Protestants who were sent by the English as settlers to Ireland

  4. The Yankee isn’t an atheist, not is he a cuck. The Yankees, and my ancestors were part of the first Yankees, arriving in Massachusetts in 1632. They were Christians and patriotic, they are among the citizens who defended this country in all our wars from the very first. They fought, bled and died in our revolutionary war. They include some of our most loyal founding fathers, those who the British crown put s death warrant on. They are NOT a blue blooded elite, though some east coast elites have Yankee ancestry. Do not allow some of those seeking to sell out our nation to redefine our people to create further divisions

    • The podcast suggests that the Yankee is a revolutionary nation, sue generis, dictating to the world.

      George Downing, one of the first graduates from Harvard was Oliver Cromwell’s chaplain and councel for example.

    • Rebecca, the operative word in your sentence is is “were.”

      What the Yankee is today, is a far cry from what he or she was, back in the early 1700s. As a Yankee born and bred, I now have abhore the very idea of being called such. This website is a Southern apologetic website, whether you like it/know it, or not.

      While HW and I may have our differences, the one thing he has convinced me of, is the rightness of the southern cause.

  5. You Roman Catholics are so easily offended by the truth. There’s nothing I say here that I wouldn’t say, or have said to a Roman Catholic’s face.

  6. “I damn all Gentlemen”

    The movie Gettysburg, captures the spirit of a comment the guest makes about the radical nature of the proposition nation controlled by the smug Puritan who accepts no-man as his better. An Irish Sargent explains to the Yankee officer why he’s come to slaughter Southerners. A couple of cucks under a tree.

    • Have you read any of the pronouncements coming from your infallible Roman Catholic Pope lately, on immigration, illegal aliens, refugees, homosexuals, child molesters, or changing the Lord’s Prayer, and other abuses.

      • Jorge Bergoglio is NOT a true pope, under canon law Bergoglio autoexcommunicated himself long before being elected by those corrupt men who are cardinals. Bergoglio is one of those false teachers Christ warned about. Many have infiltrated the church to destroy it from within, as well as to abide the trust placed in clergy, and I’d remind those from other sects that the abandoning of Christ’s teachings, the cafeteria style pick what you want to believe in etc.. started in Protestsntism, not the Catholic faith.

  7. I am listening to the podcast. I hate the yankee. I hate the jew. I hate (((american nationalism))) as well.
    I am leery of splitting and splintering among White Nationalists. I’m hearing a little bit of jealousy of the success of others…namely,TRS. I think petty squabbling should be set aside until something like victory is realized.

  8. Confusing end remarks. The faggotry and jewish infestation in the RC is utterly damning, but the panel appears to mirror the behaviour of their Yankee enemy in their stated and unstated positions. Strange for a discussion that brings one to a lucid reception of the need for repentance while yet later overturning the entire intent. I admire the true South from afar and recognize the war crimes of the Northern Yankee; but this was a clumsy end to rich content.

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