BREAKING: Trump Amnesty Will Apply To 1.8 Million DREAMers

UPDATE: Here’s a more detailed version:

Here are the details of the Trump-Miller amnesty proposal coming on Monday:

  • A path to citizenship for 1.8 million DREAMers.
  • An end to the visa lottery program and chain migration.
  • “$25 billion dollar trust fund for the wall system.”
  • “Historic investment in northern border security.”
  • “An appropriation for filling personnel deficiencies” in border patrol and at the Department of Homeland Security.
  • “Same treatment of illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin.”
  • “Closing loopholes in the system that make it almost impossible to deport illegal immigrants,” such as the court backlog or the “catch and release” policy through which immigrants are released while awaiting a hearing.

Note: This confirms The Washington Post story that Stephen Miller and the Trump White House is serious about cutting an immigration deal

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  1. Money spent on border with Canada? Wtf is that waste of resources going to look like?

  2. Judeo-Masonry hasn’t gotta lota time to establish that seed population of fast breeder reactors for the final takedown and brown-out of the old European founding stock of the White American population

    They have to lower the collective IQ by at least 20 points. The below video demonstrates but unfortunately doesn’t get the racial angle. The picture of the terminal White ‘families’ however tries to be satirical but winds up being factual.

  3. I guess the GOP is putting itself on the endangered species list since the “dreamers” alone are already sufficiently numerous to tilt the country permanently Democrat if given citizenship.

  4. 1.8 million+++ more anti-gun, anti-speech, anti-white lard ass leech voters coming our way! Bonus: tacos made with unwashed hands after Javier shitstain just took a crap and which he jerked off into IF you’re lucky (unlucky, well, shit drano warfarin human cock , you name it)
    TL;DR fuck this faggot amurica

  5. The #Jews and Roman #Catholics on TV are lying about the polls again, saying 84% of Americans want an amnesty for the “Dreamers” and #DACA “kids”. The only thing I hear, and I’m a good listener, is that White Americans want to give the #Dreamers and #DACA “kids” a one way ticket back to where they came from! 

  6. Amnesty for 1.8 million “dreamers” really means amnesty for 4 or 5 million nonwhite invaders. And no wall either, just a “trust fund” with a lot of IOUs in it. And the vague “promise” of eventually improving the legal process for deportation. Oy, such a deal.

    • I’m thinking this might be a good thing. If you assume the US is going to collapse the beaners will probably liquidate the nogs and goat lovers for us. Whites can work with bean people for the most part. Give them the areas that are lost anyway and give them tempory work visas in the new white ethnostate for agriculture and low level manufacturing jobs.

      • You make a valid argument. I’ve never had many problems with the mestizos, but they would have to be confined to border areas like El Paso and Las Cruces. I think we should annex Baja California. That place has a lot of potential.

  7. The only thing “some” Jews care about is the Muslim factor.

    All politicians suck whether past, present, or future.

    Revolution is now guaranteed. Our traitors within are enemy #1!

    • The dumb muslims don’t understand they are on the same team and tend to whack a few jews now and then. Good for victim optics I guess.

  8. Good god. You all are doom and gloom and harder on Trump here than necessary if viewing reality. While the DACA amnesty is a deal breaker for us, and Trump is not /our guy/, DACA is a deal breaker for Trump too. The border security, wall, and changes to family reunification are things the Dems will NEVER agree to. It’s like me offering the Jews my children becoming trannies if they allow me to put all Jews in a fucking oven. It ain’t gonna happen. Just watch and see. Anglin, as much as OD likes to hate him (I like OD and DS), he is right here. Quit whining over milk that’s not even spilt and never will be. It’s a tactic about optics.

    On another note, quit this stupid infighting bullshit. The other day I commented on the bbs that Anglin’s “No Fucking Lists. Ever” post was unhelpful and used verbiage that should be saved for our enemies. I received an effort post from Weev explaining politely why I was wrong.

    My point is that all you fuckers need to get with the program. Pro white, anti-Jewish influence unites us. Quit fucking holding grudges. That’s fucking Jewish behavior, and it helps nothing but individual egos.

    • Brent: There is no path to victory from Enoch / Anglin / Spencer. 2017 proved that beyond any doubt (except to cult members). New paradigms must come to the fore.

      Aryans lived in endemic warfare on the Central Asian steppe until they united under the banner of Truth / Order / Righteousness (arta) and conquered the world. The movement is recapitulating this, and eventually Truth / Order / Righteousness will triumph and we will win in short order.

    • Brent, you’re right and I’ve pointed out to several people here, who can’t seem to stop hating white people such as Catholics like myself, Poles, and seemingly anyone else who deviates from their Scotch-Irish obsession. And these digs at ‘Yankees’ and this idiocy about boomers. Nice way to keep white people from uniting for a common goal, rather than putting aside irrelevant things with which you disagree. One way we should copy the jews, blacks, and latinos is to support our own kind. You don’t hear any of these groups attacking members of their own communities, do you?

        • Most lethal violence (at least in the US) is, remarkably infra-racial.

          Almost no whites living in St Louis (while blacks massacre each other there) ever get murdered.

        • Yes, they do, but that makes no difference to my argument, which appears to be too complex for your tiny intellect to encompass. My point is that blacks support one another verbally without hesitation. When was the last time you saw a black complaining about black boomers? When was the last time you saw a jew criticizing another one? When did you see a muslim come out and condemn other muslims? No, we whites seem to be the only ones who relish doing this and you seem to be carrying on this detestable tradition. By the way, you shouldn’t call yourself Captain John Charity Spring, regardless of anything else, he wasn’t a coward. I suggest you call yourself Harry Flashman instead.

  9. I have to keep reminding myself that Trump is not the ultimate destination, he’s simply a means to an end. Hopefully his presidency will force future leaders to become real pro-White, America First hard-asses.

  10. Hey Krafty Jew, Lindsey graham, flake McConnell and Mccain arent catholics..why dont you criticize them Mr. Jew troll?

  11. 1.8 million ‘dreamers’…..sounds like a nightmare for the white populace. Until the Kikes and democracy are removed from the system, government in white nations will never prioritize the whites, who should be the rightful
    recipients of their loyalty first and foremost as they pay most of the tax, do most of the nation building, and have every right to expect a decent, prosperous white country to pass on to their children.
    May the Jews and their spineless puppets stumble into a pit of fire.

  12. “…requirements for work, education and good moral character.”

    This is straight-out fraud. Reagan’s amnesty also laid out requirements, but they were mostly “waived.” You can be sure the (((courts))) will knock down anything standing in the way of citizenship for all of them.

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