Senate Republicans Oppose Legal Immigration Cuts

This doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Koch Brothers who are spending $300 to $400 million on Republican puppets in the 2018 cycle have come out for the DREAM Act amnesty and opposed to ‘arbitrary’ immigration cuts. Now, their puppets in the Republican Senate are alarmed about legal immigration cuts:

“It’s no surprise that Democrats have panned the White House’s immigration framework. But now Republicans are increasingly uncomfortable with President Donald Trump’s proposal to deeply cut legal immigration in exchange for protecting nearly two million Dreamers.

The barebones framework released late last week, which Trump is expected to promote during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, would fundamentally reshape the nation’s immigration system by no longer allowing U.S. citizens to sponsor parents, adult children and siblings for green cards — amounting to the biggest proposed reduction in legal immigration in decades, experts say.

That idea, at least in concept, isn’t sitting well with many Republicans. …

The Trump administration has long spoken favorably of shifting the nation’s immigration system to one largely based on merit. And some Republicans say they’re fine with restricting migration based on the luck of family ties as long as those green cards get rerouted to immigrants with highly coveted skills.

But it’s unclear when the debate about those changes — which would come in a “phase two” of immigration reform — would materialize on Capitol Hill. The framework doesn’t go into detail on any merit-based changes, and Trump himself endorsed legislation from Cotton and Perdue last summer that would slash legal immigration levels by 40 percent in just one year.”

The donor class wants to hear about tax cuts, not immigration cuts. Their ideal is a perpetual influx of cheap labor, weak or non-existent labor unions, a good bidness climate (deregulation), low taxes and free trade. Their goal is to maximize the flow of profits into their own wallets.

Just as I suspected, these Republican senators don’t want legal immigration cuts. They want either more legal immigration or to reallocate the visas from low-skilled Joses coming in through family reunification to high-skilled Pajeets coming in through a merit-based system. It is hard to see how ANY dramatic cuts to legal immigration gets through the Koch puppets in the Republican Senate.

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  1. I almost laughed out loud when I read Hunter say line “a good bidness climate (deregulation)”.
    The Republicans have totally betrayed working class Whites; that this is now clear is perhaps the only good outcome of the last election cycle.
    Christianity, Nationalism, and an Agrarian social order go together nicely, and are the opposite of what America is degrading to. It is time that Dixie returns to its roots.

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