(((Science))) Discovers That Original Brits Were Negroes With Blue Eyes

All of these stories have me wondering what the end game is in regards to White annihilation.

In their perfect world, would the Jews keep our memory and history (distorted to the umpteenth degree) alive in order to keep the savages geared against our remnants?

Or would they just go ahead and try to erase as much as possible – literally claiming that we never truly existed except as some sort of genetic anomaly mixed with a social construct?

I suppose over in distant Cuck Island they’re going for the latter.

The Guardian:

The first modern Britons, who lived about 10,000 years ago, had “dark to black” skin, a groundbreaking DNA analysis of Britain’s oldest complete skeleton has revealed.

The fossil, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Intense speculation has built up around Cheddar Man’s origins and appearance because he lived shortly after the first settlers crossed from continental Europe to Britain at the end of the last ice age. People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.

It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture, strongly suggesting he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair.

In fact, several lens designers have been known to take inspiration from the Cheddar Man’s blue eyes to come up with contact lenses, like myday contacts, which were of the same color.

The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today.

This is the standard argument that has been used against us since at least the 1950’s – omg, you just hate these orcs because of the color of their sewage skin.

Just ignore the fact that back in the day America and Britain possessed the world’s most advanced racial science/eugenics programs – note that the Third Reich borrowed from us and not the other way around.

Tom Booth, an archaeologist at the Natural History Museum who worked on the project, said: “It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very modern constructions, or very recent constructions, that really are not applicable to the past at all.”

And here’s the second argument – courtesy of the Jewish Frankfurt School.

But yet it doesn’t take much more than a Google moment or two to discover that this “social construct” theory is just that – a theory that has less evidence behind it than the global warming hoax.

Yoan Diekmann, a computational biologist at University College London and another member of the project’s team, agreed, saying the connection often drawn between Britishness and whiteness was “not an immutable truth. It has always changed and will change.”

My, my, Yoan.

Those are some pretty serious words right there – essentially telling us that the British people are guaranteed to be destroyed in the near future.

But you seem like an honest-looking guy, so could you do us a teensy-weensy favor and submit your DNA results publicly?

I mean, race is nothing more than a social construct, right?

So what harm could it do?

The results pointed to a Middle Eastern origin for Cheddar Man, suggesting that his ancestors would have left Africa, moved into the Middle East and later headed west into Europe, before eventually crossing the ancient land bridge called Doggerland which connected Britain to continental Europe. Today, about 10% of white British ancestry can be linked to this ancient population.

I guess this was some sort of weird migration that saw a switch between two populations – the Whites/proto-Whites that are thought to have formed Ancient Egypt’s elite entered the Nile River area right around the same time.

The analysis also ruled out an ancestral link with individuals inhabiting Gough’s Cave 5,000 years earlier, who appear to have performed grisly cannibalistic rituals, including gnawing on human toes and fingers – possibly after boiling them – and drinking from polished skull cups.

Evil cannibalistic albinos that failed where the Island Kangz succeeded.

Perhaps this would be the perfect time for Brits to start homeschooling their children.

The team homed in on genes known to be linked to skin colour, hair colour and texture, and eye colour. For skin tone, there are a handful of genetic variants linked to reduced pigmentation, including some that are very widespread in European populations today. However, Cheddar Man had “ancestral” versions of all these genes, strongly suggesting he would have had “dark to black” skin tone, but combined with blue eyes.

And here we have the hoax revealed – all of this Negro talk is just politicized and (((packaged))) nonsense.

But actually quite a brilliant maneuver when you break it all down – the powers that be know that the average White has a limited attention span, and won’t usually make it through a long article that ends like the intro to an Ancient Aliens episode.

Seriously, it’s very easy to overlook the “strongly suggesting” phrase if you’re not paying especial attention to what you’re reading.

Rinse and repeat enough times, and you hold the key to permanently overriding a White person’s racial instincts.


  1. As long as the jew continues to control the field of anthropology we will never have a true understanding of human evolution.

  2. I’m willing to concede the possibility that aboriginal Whites all had black hair and dark brown eyes, like everyone else. But as time moved along Whites became more intellectually and aesthetically advanced. That is because they avoided race-mixing and purged all undesirable / inferior elements from their midst.

    • It’s something that’s extremely hard to prove either way – I’ve seen studies that claim we got our light eyes, hair, and skin from the Neanderthals.

        • Pardon me, but how do we know what the expression of the neanderthal gene for red hair would be if it is different from our modern one?

    • We are going to have more White children and raise them to be proud of their race. You and your demonic tribe shall not have possession of them.

      • I’ve got my second future-white-nationalist on the way. Large pro-white families are a bomb that’s going to explode in the faces of our enemies in the near future. A great chapter is about to begin.

    • Well, coupled with reclaiming OUR ancestral European homelands, we could advocate and assist in the return of that stolen territory currently called Israel back to the Palestinians as a follow-up measure.

    • We are already doing things about it, bagel nigger. That is why JOO are here. Ugly kikes have a lot of Nigger DNA. That’s why they want to spread the lie that Humans do.

    • If race is just a “social construct” or race doesn’t matter or we all bleed red there couldn’t have been a Holocaust. You can’t genocide an ideological abstraction and since race doesn’t matter anyway so what?

  3. They want to exterminate us. It’s painfully, blatantly obvious now, they often don’t even deny it anymore and that’s when they AREN’T simply stating it. Which is why I’m getting fucking sick of those who say violence is never the answer. If ayrabs began genociding kikes (instead of whining like faggots and murdering poor Coptic Christians any time Israel hurts their feels) you wouldn’t see one heeb denouncing those who fought back. These cocksuckers may find that most white males (and females) really are cattle for the slaughter, but they will have a few nasty surprises on the way to the rape-fest, unwashed-crotch, nappy-headed shit-skinned paradise they want to lord over. And if we are not meant to triumph, then see the world – their shit world – in flames.

  4. We already know that Paleo-Europeans had brown hair, more body hair, and darker skin. This is no secret. However, they sure as hell did not look “dark” in the way that the model is painted.

    If you look at Welsh, they tend to be darker and have more body hair. In many ways they look more like an Italian than a Englishman. This is because the Welsh were among the original Caucasians to spread across Western Europe and North Africa. They predate the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons. Even though they later adopted a Celtic language and elements of Celtic culture.

    We can look at swarthy Welsh and backwater Irishman and see what people in the British Isles looked like before the Celts and Anglo-Saxons arrived.

    • The Welsh are mixed with English but you may still find some that look like the Old European group that were found all over Europe. Caucasian with medium complexions and shade of brown hair and likely looked like the actress Catherine Jones(hardly black lol).The other Caucasian group, like their cousins, were the Indo European Aryans who settled in Europe and were fairer and had more blondes and mixed with them.They changed the language, like early Latin, and culture. They settled to the East as well and spoke Sanskrit which is like a sister to Latin.They were from north of the Black Sea area.

  5. They really worked up the dark skin part. Keep in mind only about 10% of Brits descend from that haplogroup. He would be similar to the fictional Cimmerian people who Conan hails from that had darker skin and hair and blue eyes.

    Despite what media say, pigmentation is one of the least defining racial differences. The skull is much more important as well as DNA.

    • And the Hebrew word “Adam“ literally means: “fair, ruddy, able to visibly blush.”

      Adamkind is Caucasian. No other race is made in the ‘image and likeness’ of God. Evolution wanted to deny that, the Khazarian Jews wanted to deny that, ( because racially miscegenated) and the Afrocentric idiots hate it.

      But the Word of God is clear. Adam – Abraham—Christ -and King David, and ALL the ELECT of God …are all White Men.

      And El Crapo… is not.

  6. From what I’ve gathered when studying this very topic-and its difficult to find any two sources that tell you the same thing-is that modern day white Brits-meaning those not of any recent immigrant background-are the descendants of a complex mix of invaders at different stages from what are now Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Norway and possibly North Africa. Its never been clearly explained if some Romans remained in Britain after the Romans departed in a political sense-but I’m assuming a few would have.
    The German and French components are particularly strong.
    I’m only sharing what I’ve read as I understand it without purporting to be an expert. If anyone knows something that differs from my view of it all, I’ll happily stand corrected.
    To summarize, Britain was a very early version of a melting pot-but of mostly different white people.

  7. “strongly suggesting”

    It’s always put this way because they don’t want to look stupid or commit themselves to anything.
    Even these artist’s drawings of what people looked like are mere fantasy.
    10k years ago is modern human history and people were H sapiens for at least 200k years and just as smart as people today(most of what we know is just an accumulation of knowledge and development of writing and books for the knowledge). They are always pictured with long hair but that’s just some guess because they were smart enough to know how to cut it. A sharp seashell would do it. They may have even shaved their head and beard but are always depicted all hairy.
    I don’t even think that you could tell from 10k yo DNA what shade someone’s skin was and most of this is also guessing.If you get a DNA profile that appears to be west African you just assume it was a black.

    • btw, I’ve seen Cheddar man depicted in various ways ranging from Caucasian to the black you see here. So which one is it? lol

      • The Guanches might have been a good guide. The British Isles is the last stop to the ice shelf at this time. The Arctic circle a hop skip and a jump away. He’d have had with skin like that.

  8. He’s been made to look like a Dravidian from Kerala. I’d accept a Guanche phenotype but this? It’s absurd he’d never have been able to metabolize vitamin D.

  9. Interesting that this “discovery” comes at the same time White racial identity, mostly over anger about the 3rd world invasion, is starting to wake up. When anti-Whites get pinned down for White Genocide all of a sudden they develop amnesia. They have no idea what “White” is.

    Well, if there’s no such thing as White or it’s just a “social construct” why do we need Diversity? How can there be “white privilege”?

  10. @Denise,

    Some of the Negroes who have a lot of White genes have green eyes; like Malcom X. These are usually the worst of the lot, and I think the green eyes are a physical manifestation of their envy. The ones that I’ve seen with blue eyes have always been those with the aqua blue, contact lenses, that look about as natural and real as the long blonde tresses that some of the females adorn themselves with.

    • Malcolm Little (X) would have been a much better leader for the Negro race than Michael Koon or Jesse Jigaboo. And whether you like the guy or not, he made some amazing speeches.

  11. “Strongly suggesting” is a term that translates into this is what we want the results to be, regardless of the facts.

    The facts are that whites didn’t come “out of Africa” at all, whites are a different species than the negro.

  12. Presumably they think that if we believe those tales of lampshades, soap, etc., we will believe anything.
    (The picture looks a lot like the woman who got a bit carried away in a tanning booth a while back.)

  13. This is ridiculous on its swarthy face.

    The celts who dominated England were strawberry-colored and skinned for a reason! Irish mythology holds that a red-haired woman crossing your path augurs good fortune and luck. Why? Because redhaired females were the best bet for birthing healthy babies in the dark winter months. Our skin absorbed the Vitamin D from sunlight better than anyone else’s so our stores of it lasted longer. Since redheads often have various small problem issues, hypersensitivity being one, some major health benefit had to accompany our minor limitations. Voila, a baby delivered in February, March, etc. without rickets, alive and thriving. It’s also possible red-haired men’s sperm were healthier and more virile in these sun-challenged periods. Are redheads really more libidinous or just more energetic than their sallower siblings…? Hee.

    This darkie’s offspring had zero chance of even being conceived in the first place. He himself wouldn’t have lasted long. Anyone who’s travelled to England and Ireland would know this easily. Even the influx of Spanish blood into Ireland changed little of their complexion. Some of the very dark hair survived, but the olive skinned didn’t! This is no coincidence. It’s Mother Nature roaring.

    Get the fuck out shitskins!

    • Here’s the thing, this cheddar man was a primitive cannibalistic caveman.

      It’s just showing that whites (modern humans) wipe out these darkies at every turn.

  14. @Spahn

    I mainly used Malcolm as an example of a well known Negro with green eyes.
    I agree that Malcolm, and for that matter, Elijah Muhammed or Louis Farrakhan are not as bad as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. At least we have something in common with the Black Separatists. I read about George Rockwell’s speech to the Nation of Islam. A very interesting occasion; an event during the Civil Rights Era that Students likely aren’t told about during Black History Month.

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