Black History Month 2018: Slavery’s Last Stronghold


Mauritania is back in the news.

It was the last country in the world to abolish slavery in 1981. It was forced by international pressure in 2007 to pass a new enforcement law. The law has only been enforced with token prosecutions and as a result Mauritania is still the most enslaved country on earth.

90% of Mauritania is covered by the Sahara Desert. The rest of the country falls within the semi-arid Sahel. The Sahara Desert has been spreading since Mauritania gained its independence from France in 1960. It was only a French colony from 1903 until 1960. The French only valued Mauritania for geopolitical reasons and acquired it to connect their valuable settler colony in Algeria with their possessions in West Africa and Central Africa. It was regarded as another backwater and their only notable action there was to repress the most explicit forms of slavery like they attempted to do in Mali and Niger.

Mauritania is still a desperately poor, desert country populated by Berber nomads (White Moors) who started enslaving West African blacks (Black Moors) centuries ago. The former black slave caste known as the Haratin are 40 percent of the population. There is another 30 percent of the population who are descended from West Africans. The Bidhan Moors are only 30 percent of Mauritania’s population and have become a mixed race elite through interbreeding with their slaves.

Generally speaking, Europeans haven’t been that interested in Mauritania. For centuries, the only interest that Europeans had in the country was the gum arabic trade with nomadic tribes along the Atlantic coast. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade drew black slaves from Senegal to Angola. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that France began to expand its domination of the region beyond its base in Senegal. The upshot is that European influence had a much smaller impact in Mauritania than elsewhere in Africa. These nomadic desert tribes weren’t thought to be worth the expense of conquering.


In addition to slavery, traditional African customs like force-feeding black women 16,000 calories a day in order to make them as fat as possible have survived down to the present day. This is because “to the ancient Moors, a fat wife (much like fat livestock) was a symbol of a man’s wealth, proof that he had enough riches to feed her generously while others perished in the drought-prone terrain.” I suppose it makes sense that obesity would be seen as a symbol of status and prestige without the Big Mac.


Mauritanians are known to the world for their slaves and their fat black chicks. They also have these based African huts where they keep their slaves and fat women:



If you have ever wanted to chill in a Based African Hut with a fat black woman who is your slave, Mauritania is the place for you to go. Conversely, if you are a fat black woman who can’t find a black man in America’s Eurocentric culture, the men of Mauritania will adore you.

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  1. Oprah Winfrey lost all that weight for nothing!!! I think Beyonce is trying to make the grade, though.

  2. Slavery, mud huts, zero progress and fat noggesses…..I think its fair to conclude that Mauritania, like every other African nation,totally sucks.
    I often write these things as someone who wants to see Africans in Africa do well , mainly because I want them to remain there, and secondly, because I genuinely believe they should have peaceful, productive lives in their homelands free of outside meddling.
    Whether they return to tribalism or by some miracle, produce industrial powerhouses with a high standard of living, I wish them well-but I just don’t want them in my country.
    What ever they model their societies on, they need to stay there and see it through, not take the easy way out and run off to whitey babysitter.

  3. The darkies claim that Africa would’ve been great if it wasn’t for White colonialism. Well, Mauritania was never really colonized, nor was Ethiopia. And yet those are the two most impoverished and backwards places on the entire continent (I won’t call them nations or countries, because they are unworthy to be described as such).

      • Spahn, I bet you probably have some little bastards running around that you haven’t seen in a while too, don’t you?

      • Again with the “your father” this and that, El Kike-O? Man!, you do have to get some help with your daddy issues! Yours must have bit your widdle wee-wee pretty hard (before the filthy Rabbi got ahold of it) to make you so mind-locked on daddies.

        Your daddy loved you. He was just another man try’na teach you somethin…

  4. Those evil white colonialists did such damage to Africans. They brought:
    The wheel, written language, roads, railroads, airports, water works, power stations, schools, hospitals, postal service, boats, hotels and other buildings, efficient agriculture, productive mines…. Much of which has been allowed to decay since “liberation.”

    To those who complain that the colonialists drew country boundaries across ethnic lines I say, they gave these countries the gift of diversity, which is their greatest strength.

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