Live Thread: Senate Amnesty Debate

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2:31 PM CST The day starts off with some political theater over sanctuary cities.

1:19 PM CST Looks like we are about to get started.

Monday, February 12, 2018

7:27 PM CST Axios has a guide to the four GOP amnesties being debated in the Senate.

6:00 PM CST Senate resumes work on immigration tomorrow.

5:06 PM CST The immigration debate is about to get started. I’m watching on C-SPAN 2.

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    This 3rd most populous nation on earth already gives more visas per year than the rest of the world COMBINED.

    Time to ban all immigration and deport all aliens.

    Electrified Border fence with DMZ between Jew-S-A and Mexico with shoot at sight orders.
    Alienism is a crime against humanity.

  2. How about citizenship exam equivalent to a GED? Of course not because that would eliminate 90%. This could be resolved but like many things talmudic there is only one side of the debate with false opposition.

  3. A total ban on immigration would work. I would make an exception for ultra-skilled labor, which would be no more than 10,000 per year in practical terms.

    Trump should have his veto pen ready.

  4. Too bad your race realism inhibits the necessary strategy: OVERTHROW THE JEW OLIGARCHY

    Although antifa are bottom of the barrel, they serve the purpose destabilizing the government, for which I call them useful idiots.

    You guys, by always punching down and backing jews and police until recently, are the completely worthless idiots.

  5. That’s the best you can come up with? Come on, calling us fags would be a better troll that that. Nothing about ANTIFA globalist cuckoldry destabilizes anything, they are shills for big money and globalist tyranny. Anyone who praises those idiots – who are useful to the very powers you claim that they destabilize – is a lying sack of shit, or too stupid to join a serious discussion. “Backing jews and police” have you bothered to read *anything* at this or similar sites?

    • I’m not trolling, dispshit, and I don’t care if Jewrge Soros bankrolls them. Get over your fucking emotions, the same emotions that caused you to support Trump, you fucking IDIOT!!! I’m not praising anyone. Antifa are a sack of shit, but so what? I only care about strategy, and it’s no going to be won on the right political spectrum. Hunter has figured this out recently, but what is the way in terms of strategy? You’ve now figured out the white boomers don’t care about you. You are outnumbered by leftist whites. Most cops are loyal to their jew pensions, as you found out at Charlottesville. Idiots like you shouted me down over Trump…I’ve been right on a lot. I support most of your principles. Most of all, I want to annihilate jewish political power. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed about since the jew banker bailouts of 2008, which Trump supported. I screamed this at the top of my lungs to all in this movement. I’m no idiot nor a shill. I want to win more than you, and I’ve never sold out to the Jews like you did with Trump. You’ve also got jews with Spencer, Peinovich, and Mosley. Both dems and repubs are jew owned, and so is most of the alt right. So why go against the grain? How do you like Trump’s DACA plan, now.

      • This compromised ‘pro-white’ movement is “useful to the very powers you claim [the antifa] destabilize,” ps_mike.

        I warned vehemently and repetitively against the judeo-roman oligarchy. Charlottesville was textbook – a roman catholic, a jew and their adopted black hessian. The antifa as you point out actually have some convictions, delusional as they are. The colored masses are more likely to wake up and realize they’re simply tools. The potential exists for some of them to overturn their leaders’ treacherous fealty to the jews and become at least partial allies.

        But no one listens. It’s hook, line and sinker with these people. They gobble down the mediterranean party line like greedy sucklings.

        I’ve just been unbanned for some mysterious reason(s) after confronting on this very issue. So be careful when you speak truth to denial, it might get you sent to Cyberia.

  6. Whites should always fear the word ‘amnesty’, as its rarely something thats ever extended to us, just minorities.
    Do something illegal or be a criminal or non white but that’s fine….an AMNESTY will look after them-usually at our expense. The result-more illegal crossings are encouraged along with criminal behavior once they’re inside your borders.

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