Top 20 Problems With Comfort Blanket Nationalism

Since I am having so much success triggering the Comfort Blanket Nationalists, I might as well REALLY GET UNDER THEIR SKIN!

1.) The Donor Class – Comfort Blanket Nationalists are obsessed with reforming the system by winning elections. They operate on the assumption that America is a democracy when it is an oligarchy. Elections are meaningless when the donor class can buy policies. Even though the donor class lost the 2016 election, they won the policies of the Trump administration with their campaign contributions.

2.) Reforming The GOP – The Comfort Blanket Nationalist strategy is a proven failure. The Republican policy agenda – tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation, entitlement cuts, cucking for Israel, military spending, neocon foreign policy and dog whistles for the base – hasn’t changed. Every attempt to reform the Republican Party from Pat Buchanan to Ron Paul to Donald Trump has been a failure.

3.) The ZOG Emperor – Comfort Blanket Nationalists are invested in the notion that Donald Trump was elected by a “nationalist populist revolution” and has brought about a sweeping realignment of American politics. On the contrary, the Trump presidency is the strongest argument yet against Comfort Blanket Nationalism. He was the royal flush of civic nationalism – the strongest hand they could ever possibly be dealt, a rogue billionaire who plowed through the primaries and general election to seize the White House – and he hasn’t even made a dent in the status quo.

4.) Bannonism – We don’t hear much about Bannonism anymore from the Comfort Blanket Nationalists who were going to purge the cucks a few months ago. Trump’s “America First” foreign policy reverted to the traditional Republican neocon foreign policy. Trump’s “America First” economic agenda has defaulted to nothing more than the Reaganite supply side tax cut that Republicans have dreamed about since the 1980s. Trump’s “America First” immigration agenda has amounted to nothing more than a few border wall prototypes gathering dust in the Arizona desert. Steve Bannon himself was driven out of the White House and fired by Breitbart after snake charming Middle America into believing that Trump’s “populist nationalist revolution” was going to usher in a new era in American politics.

5.) Notional Victories – Comfort Blanket Nationalists offer notional victories to White America. Vote for the Republican Party … and you will end abortion. Vote for the Republican Party … and you will stop sodomite marriage. Vote for the Republican Party … and the jobs will come back from overseas. Vote for the Republican Party … and coal mining will come back, believe me. Vote for the Republican Party … and we will build a 30 foot Mexican border wall. Vote for the Republican Party … and we will defeat political correctness, believe me. None of these notional victories ever materialize or amount to anything more than token gestures and failure theater because the policies are sold to the donor class.

6.) Yes, The GOP Is Kiked – Comfort Blanket Nationalists will never succeed in “sneaking up on the Jews.” Somehow, they managed to convince themselves they were sneaking up on the Jews with Donald Trump who has since placed his Jewish son-in-law in charge of our foreign policy. Jared Kushner destroyed Steve Bannon’s political career who thought he was real clever. The Trump administration is the most Zionist administration that has ever sat in the White House.

7.) Supreme Pragmatists – Comfort Blanket Nationalists like to pose as supreme pragmatists. They are moving the Overton Window through small steps with electoral victories. In reality, the Trump administration has coincided with the decline of free speech, the removal of Confederate monuments and the normalization of homosexuality on the Right. The Merchant Right is a more pozzed and degenerate version of Bush era mainstream conservatism. The Trump era has been a more degraded era of mainstream conservatism with a thrice married president. As always, Comfront Blanket Nationalists cheer on conservatives as they move the ball down the field … on tax cuts, deregulation, military spending, cucking for Israel and other areas where substantial policy gains are made.

8.) Supreme Cucks – Far from being supreme pragmatists, the Comfort Blanket Nationalists are the supreme cucks. They are cheerleaders for the GOP which uses and abuses them like a cheap date. All they end up accomplishing with their 24/7 Hannity posting is cucking voters into supporting the traditional Republican policy agenda which is neocon foreign policy and neoliberal economics in exchange for notional victories on issues like abortion or a border wall that has been promised for 12 years.

9.) Taboos – The taboos that Comfort Blanket Nationalists want to change … are not on the ballot. Republican have won countless electoral victories. They control the White House, Congress and Supreme Court. They control more state legislatures and governorships than at any point since the 1920s. Politically, the Democrats have been decisively defeated, but the culture continues to shift perpetually to the Left. These norms are upheld in the public square and can only be changed there.

10.) Representation – The whole point of participating in the political process is to gain representation. The pro-White community voted for the Republican Party in historic numbers in the 2016 election. It gained no representation. The Republican Congress unanimously blamed White Nationalists for the violence in Charlottesville while exempting Antifa from criticism. If our votes don’t translate into representation and policy victories, we are just squandering them.

11.) The Mainstream – Comfort Blanket Nationalists argue we need to be “mainstream.” What is the “mainstream” though? The “mainstream” is a network of Jewish-controlled media outlets who establish and police the boundaries of “mainstream” political discourse to keep it kosher. The “mainstream” is an agreement between the elites of both political parties to deny us representation, stigmatize our community and exclude us from politics. Don Quixote had better luck charging at windmills than White Nationalists do of ever being accepted as “mainstream.”

12.) The Eternal Normie – Comfort Blanket Nationalists are convinced the eternal normie can be won over with aesthetic appeals. All we have to do is wear the right clothes or wave the right flag and act like the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the United Daughters of the Confederacy. We can make this safe and respectable even though by definition we are stigmatized as outside the “mainstream” by the Jewish power structure. The Eternal Normie who is their target audience is an individualist, a materialist, and a follower. Sure, he might agree that you look good and present well, but since he is fundamentally out for himself – an ethical position – he has no inclination or incentive to join a marginalized political movement or take any risks to bring about political change. In the event that he does join and participate in the movement, he will use the internet as an online outlet for his repressed fantasies.

13.) Muh Flag – We call them Comfort Blanket Nationalists because the American flag … is their comfort blanket. It is comforting to think we still live in an organic nation-state called America, that our culture hasn’t been pozzed and unraveled on us by our Jewish elites, that we haven’t been replaced by millions of fecund foreigners and that we aren’t now hopelessly balkanized along the lines of race, culture, region, class, sex and gender. There is a still a real nation out there, somewhere, in flyover country. In reality, Nixon and Reagan’s Silent Majority is dying off every day.

14.) Our Secret Friends – Is Donald Trump our secret friend? Is Tucker Carlson our secret friend? What is the message he is really signaling to us? The Comfort Blanket Nationalists are glued to this stuff which keeps them enraptured with conservatism. They are no different than their parents like Bill Mitchell who sat in their La-Z-Boy watching Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Bill O’Reilly for decades.

15.) Demographics – Just the other day, The Washington Post reported that even if Trump’s immigration plan were enacted it would only delay White minority status by 5 years. This is ultimate reason why Comfort Blanket Nationalism is a delusion. We’re on the precipice of the 2020s. Mainstream politics at the national level is poised to fail and go the way of California within the next decade. Comfort Blanket Nationalism isn’t a pragmatic position when the majority of infants born in this country are non-White. The cake is already baked and America is already lost. Donald Trump would have to be using his office to make sweeping, dramatic changes to stave off the inevitable and … HE. ISN’T. EVEN. DOING. THAT. He used his political capital TO. DO. SHIT. LIKE. TAX. CUTS.

16.) Local Politics – The Comfort Blanket Nationalists insist we need to seize power at the local level. In a sense, they are right that SOME offices might be of some use to us like, say, becoming the local sheriff in your county. The problem with our system though is that power is concentrated at the top in Washington. There isn’t much in the way of meaningful state and local government that can’t be shot down by the federal courts. As Donald Trump shows, power isn’t even concentrated in the presidency. The oligarchy still has the power to bend a president elected in a “nationalist populist revolution” to their will. The Comfort Blanket Nationalists belief in reforming the system is contradicted by their belief in the power of the Deep State (read: the oligarchy) which has neutered Donald Trump.

17.) Civic Nationalism – Comfort Blanket Nationalists want to pretend that there isn’t any inherent conflict between civic nationalism and ethnonationalism. And yet, everywhere we look where civic nationalism has triumphed we see the futility of voting. In the long term, the system has produced the same result everywhere it has been tried because its ideals – liberty, equality, tolerance, voting, muh rights, capitalism – are inherently destructive and corrosive of social hierarchies. They undermine the social order and weaken ethnic bonds which allows hostile elites like Jews to rise and takeover.

18.) Americanism – Comfort Blanket Nationalists are scandalized by our diagnosis that Americanism is a disease. America has been struggling with this problem since the Revolution. The trend for 200 years has been the expansion of liberty, equality, tolerance, rights, voting and capitalism … at the expense of everything else. Authority has been consistently undermined. Homogeneity has been consistently undermined. We’ve been in a permanent state of social revolution for centuries. As soon as one novelty is mainstreamed, another predictably rises to take its former place and agitate against limits. This has hardly changed under Donald Trump with the rise of #MeTooism.

19.) Closed Window – Comfort Blanket Nationalists are conservatives who are nostalgic for Ronald Reagan, the Silent Majority and the 1980s. Don’t we already know how this movie ends … in California?

20.) Anti-Alt-Right – My final argument against Comfort Blanket Nationalism is that turns into nothing more than mindless Republican cheerleading and attacks on the Alt-Right and White Nationalism which gets us nowhere. We are told that we need to stop talking about White identity, Jewish power and influence, all the causes and values that animate our own movement, which have won people over to our side (remember when we were smashing cuckservatives against the wall?), because this jeopardizes … notional victories by Republicans that never materialize and are explained away with absurd 4D Chess arguments and pleas to give Republicans even more power to reward their donors.

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  1. Civic Nationalism is an ultimately futile attempt to unite disparate groups in a country which has lost its social cohesion and bonds based on common history, language, traditions, blood, and customs have weakened. I know that I am far from alone when I say that I feel more “connected” to people of European descent in foreign countries than I could ever feel towards Hispanic invaders, Somalis, Jews, or any other of these “fellow Americans”– now ~40% of the population.

    This country is held together by money and gibs. When the money goes, it goes. Unless we see brute force.

    • Reality check. There are just as many 60 IQ whites as 140 IQ whites. Knock it off with this welfare queen only to muh otha white peopla shit. I dont fucking want to pay the bills for low IQ white people. I want more pussy to go to the highest IQ white men so we can boost our collective IQ. SOCIALISM IS FOR FUCKING DEGENERATES. PERIOD.

      • You have to have some stupid people in a society. You just don’t want them to be aggressive stupid people. You are talking about retard level IQ here with whites 60? That’s Down’s syndrome level. Congenital maladaptives. They are not reproducing. Yeah uh huh let’s exterminate the disabled bro. Real winner.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I have more in common with my Eastern European counterparts than other white Americans. I have nothing in common with the mud people and especially Jews.

  2. Stack those guns and ammo deep.

    After Sandyhook we saw a 300% increase in prices and bare shelves for 4 years.

    You’re going to need them.

  3. Give “critical suport” to Trump. Lenin likened his sometime “critical support” for the center-left as being the same thing as how “a rope supports a hanging man.” That’s in Lenin’s pamphlet, Left-Wing Communism:An Infantile Disorder.

    • Lenin and Trotsky were good writers. Even if you don’t agree with them they are worth reading. I found Trotsky’s assessment of Stalin to be especially interesting. But writing that book cost him his life.

  4. #6

    George Lincoln Rockwell wrote about this idiocy back in the 19 fucking 60’s.


    And yet you’ve now got kids barely out of high school trying to hoodwink the Alt-Right into doing the same thing that failed time and time and time again.

  5. No more fartin’ around, we need to start forming Wehrwolf guerrilla warfare units. And they need to be commanded by patriotic heroes like Bloody Bill Anderson.

  6. Trump was just supposed to slow this train down until we eneact my plan of taking back the States from the ground up. Starting with your school boards and slowly work your way up until you get to the Governor. Once this happens, can you guess what I want to happen next?

    • Louisiana Governor Huey Long would have been our man in the White House, if it weren’t for the fact that he was assassinated by the Roosenfeld Mafia. HW should write an article about that.

  7. There never was a “silent majority” ….

    “There is no such thing as the silent majority because we control their cry and hue. The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain, as long as their escape from our rigorous service is the opiate of our entertainment industry. By controlling industry, we have become the task masters and the people the slaves. When the pressure of daily toil builds to an explosive degree, we have provided the safety valve of momentary pleasure. The television and movie industries furnish the necessary temporary distraction. These programs are carefully designed to appeal to the sensuous emotions, never to the logical thinking mind. Because of this, the people are programmed to respond according to our dictates, not according to reason. Silent they never are; thinking they will remain.” — Harold Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts

    • That quote sounds like something straight out of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, I’ll tell you what.

  8. “We are told that we need to stop talking about White identity, Jewish power and influence, all the causes and values that animate our own movement”

    Who TF is saying this, Hunter? Literally no one. Please list specifically the people you claim are saying this. Name names or groups. I’ll be checking back for your reply. If I don’t find one, we’ll all know you’re just making shit up, which appears to be your new MO: just make up things that suit your narrative of trying to split the Alt Right up into warring factions. You’re losing it man.

    • You talk a lot o’ shit… attach a link to YOUR blog … oh you don’t have one huh? Just as I suspected you’re just another keyboard commando, internet billy bad ass. You go Grrl!

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