Bipartisan Senators Push To Boost Israel’s Defense Aid

Lindsey Graham and Chris Coons have returned from meeting with their puppetmasters in Israel to demand a hike in the annual disbursement of foreign aid we give to Israel:

“U.S. senators who just returned from a trip to Israel called on Tuesday for an increase in the $38 billion in military aid the United States is currently providing Israel, signaling support for more funds for Israeli missile systems.

Senators Lindsey Graham, a leading Republican foreign policy voice, and Chris Coons, a Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said they considered the provision of $38 billion over 10 years, “a floor.”

Graham said during a meeting with reporters that he thought provisions in the agreement phasing out an arrangement in which Israel could spend U.S. funds on its own defense industry and the provision of just $500 million in missile defense funding were “short-sighted.” …”

Meanwhile, the Trump budget proposes cutting almost everything else – the student loan forgiveness program, Medicare, Medicaid, heating assistance, etc. – but Israel gets more money.

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  1. And Trump just said let police go in and take people’s guns and worry about due process later. Total con man and fraud. Just a tool


    Israel is the world leader in money laundering. Not only is the Jewish lobby the biggest campaign contributor (legal amounts), it also pays billions under the table. Most of our politicians and others have secret bank accounts in Israel where millions are deposited in their secret bank accounts once they do the Lobby’s bidding—support Israel and destroy USA with the alien invasion and liberalism. These secret bank accounts are in their Jewish names. For example, Senator John McCain’s Israeli ID and bank account name could be something like Jonah Ben McKenstein.


    During these Israeli trips, the congressmen are wined and dined in Israel and bribed and “entertained” and pretty girls come to their hotel room to “entertain them”. These rooms are secretly wired (just like Al Gore’s was, as reported in Newsweek) so everything is videotaped. If the Congressman returns to the US and does not follow the orders of the Jewish Oligarchs (such as flooding and destroying his own country with raping murdering aliens or billions for Israel or the Oligarchs), then he can be blackmailed and the video released and he could even be criminally prosecuted, so he has no choice but to vote as ordered by the Jewish Lobby.

    • Israel doesn’t even consider money laundering illegal. LOL!

      “Israel, which has a first-world system in most respects, appeared on the list because its Parliament has failed to pass legislation to make laundering illegal and to set up an enforcement mechanism, United States officials said.

      Some Israeli politicians have opposed tough money-laundering laws, arguing that Russian Jews, who have transferred billions of dollars to Israel in recent years, might be less willing to do so, sacrificing Israel’s status as a financial haven.”

  3. $38 billion for Kikestan over the next 10 years? Probably more like 50 to 70 billion. Not to mention the hundreds of billions that will be spent keeping US military forces stationed in the Middle East for the next decade. Oy, such a deal.

    The kikes must have a lot of extremely comromising homo-related material on Miss Graham. That’s why he does exactly what his Zionist masters order him to do.

    Death to the USSA.

  4. Good article on PJ Media today that was run on Drudge earlier.

    This will happen. Trump was the last hope in stopping this wave. It’s time to look past Trump. When Florida and Texas go blue – at this rate it’s inevitable – the Dems will open the gates wide open. Read the article and look at the graph. We truly are on the cusp of this, just decades away this place will be tits up filled with the third world.

  5. It would take a Dictatorship to stop this. The aid flowing to Africa continues to feed that breeding factory that will soon number in the billions.

    Meanwhile thousands every day continue to trickle in and Trump hasn’t really done anything near what is needed to stem this mess.

  6. Has anyone ever asked their congress critters about aid to Israel at a town hall or public meeting? Seems that we could organize to ask this at every single critter event. We need to shame them by asking how they can keep giving billions to Israel while Americans go without health insurance.

    • Have done in the past… the usual result is a hmm non-answered followed by a nice chat with security outside for being a nazi.

  7. The anti-American jewish media will never investigate Lindsey Graham for his odd public statements. American patriots must ask if Lindsey’s strange public statements are the result of blackmail by Mossad.

  8. Some guy was saying Lindsey Graham is a shill for Israel and I just can’t believe someone could say something that outrageous. But if it’s true, what a great opportunity to get Lindsey in a public forum and ask him embarrassing questions! Just don’t expect me to do it. I’m too busy writing letters to the editor that won’t be published or even mailed. Besides, March Madness is coming up and I’m psyched!

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