AmNats On The Cuckbox: John Bolton Appointed National Security Adviser

Just the other day, I spoke with some people about a possible timeline for the American Nationalist Movement – pretty little patriotic outfits included.

We basically agreed that they might (with enough shilling and Ricky Vaughn Gab posting) be able to survive until after the midterms, and possibly even until the 2020 Election.

Based on this latest news, however, I think we might need to walk back our predictions.


National security adviser H.R. McMaster has resigned and will be replaced by former US ambassador and Fox News analyst John Bolton, President Donald Trump announced in a tweet on Thursday.

“I pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/19.”

No Fake News here, Brothers.

The God Emperor just appointed the most vicious warmongering Goy in existence to a position that was supposed to have been held by General Michael Flynn.

Are we ready to take bets on which country will feel the Wrath of the Burger first?

Bolton’s hard edged, hawkish views on issues like North Korea, Iraq and Syria make him a controversial pick to become the next national security adviser — particularly considering that talks with North Korea may soon be possible.

Megan Stifel, a former NSC staffer during the Obama administration responded to the news by simply tweeting: “Now I’m concerned.”

Early in the Trump administration Bolton — a stalwart of several Republican administrations — was considered as a possible secretary of state and since then has made visits to the West Wing every few months to discuss foreign policy and national security.

I think we made a serious mistake in overlooking little tidbits like this.

We were trying to remain positive, but the warnings were flashing right in front of our faces as early as the end of 2016.

A source familiar with those meetings said the two have spent more time recently getting to know each other, discussing Bolton’s views and getting a better sense of each other.

Initially there was a concern that if tapped Bolton would “absolutely go along with Trump,” a source close to Bolton told CNN, adding that during their last meeting he went over and above to make clear he will do exactly what Trump wants.

Bolton said on Fox News that he has been a prolific speaker and writer for years in Washington, but said that his past comments are now “behind me” and what matters is “what the President says.”

After the two met in the Oval Office last week, a source close to the President said: “Trump has always wanted Bolton.”

And I want to see the American Nationalists walk the walk.


Ricky Vaughn, Andrew Anglin, and their followers wanted to play the 4-D Chess game despite all the evidence pointing towards an ultimate Trump betrayal.

Well, now they have a chance to become the greatest apologists of the modern era – let’s see what they can do.


  1. We have to split the country up.

    Or rather, we have to plant the seed now so that when shit really gets bad, people will reach out for the solution in desperation. It’s our only hope.

    Now, if the Greg Johnson’s and Andrew Anglin’s of the world would actually wake the F up, then the movement could get on a consistent message.


  2. It will be interesting to see Anglin and Jew weeve praising this move and abandoning their previous stance on Bolton.

    • I hope Russia steamrolls through Ukraine and catches Weev before he can flee.

      Northern Siberia awaits…

      • The fact is that Putin can defend himself and so can China. Moreover, the trade sanctions will anger the Chinese, which means that a hostile move toward North Korea will be less possible than ever. Does Trump want war with China? If you were Trump and you wanted to invade North Korea you would try to avoid angering China, since the plan would be to get them to put up with it.

      • That would only kill hundreds of thousands, millions of Ukrainians. It would be better if Ukrainians overthrew, then killed the Zionists who hijacked their nation with Russian assistance. Ukrainians suffered much death and oppression at thr hands of Jews and it is time for payback.

      • Will be hard to steamroll Weev in the Ukraine when he’s living part time in Israel and part time in the Chabad on Broadway in NYC.

        • Yeah, it’s now been confirmed that Weev has been friends with that Broadway Kike for years – that Jew even gave a statement on his behalf after his arrest back in 2012.

          Therefore, very hard for anybody to defend the registration by claiming it was a troll.

  3. Much like the suicidal man in the first Dirty Harry movie, “I think….I think….I THINK I’M GONNA PUKE!”

  4. This morning it was the spending bill and now it’s Bolton. Unreal. Bolton is a disaster and a Bush guy.

    So much for MAGA

  5. I’m actually on the same page as you scumbags on this one. Get ready for war with Iran. Yeah, those neo-cons are taking us on a hell ride!

  6. It’s better for Trump to crash and burn, alienating everyone than for him to just drag this out forever as a mediocre do nothing president who fails to solve the demographics, but keeps everyone on the 4d chess plantation.

  7. Naming Bolton does seem like yet another proof of Trump’s betrayal, but you always have to look at what is actually done. In Syria, Trump fired a couple missiles after tipping off Putin. Still no war with Iran, and Trump just announced he wants to have talks with Putin. Trump is not acting like John McCain or John Bolton would want him to, so you have to ask whether he is being devious. I won’t guarantee it but naming Bolton hardly proves once and for all that Trump has turned neocon. Better a president whose agenda has been blocked and who is frustrating his base than a Clinton or Bush.

    • If personell didn’t matter much, why do you think the kikes are obsessing over it massively? Of course it is of huge significance. The rest of your post reads like a bad trump 4d chess apologist. Stop being a massive cuck.

  8. This is one of those exceedingly rare instances where I fully agree with the far left. Their condemnation of Bolton and Trump are spot-on. If the jew/globalist war-mongers want to start shit with Russia, Syria, Iran and China they are going to lose and the USSA will break up into a thousand pieces. The destruction of ZOG America would be the only reason I could ever support having Bolton as National Security Adviser.

    Although I’m tired of Anglin and his drama-queen bullshit, he did offer one valuable piece of advice in his most recent DS editorial – FLASH MOBS. They are far preferable to the carefully planned and organized public rallies like UTR and MSU that invariably end up as disasters.

  9. You’re almost as busy at condemning other rightists as the $PL¢ anymore. Success depends on stomping down all those not identical?

  10. That feeling I had right after takeoff… power loss…
    138,000 volt transmission lines straight ahead, suburban sprawl everywhere else.
    It’s a long story but I survived.
    Gonna need another miracle now, though.

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