Russian Defense Ministry: More Than 100 Cruise Missiles Fired At Syria, About 70 Shot Down

Please note that right now we’re getting hugely-conflicting reports about what went down in Syria last night, although to be honest, I’m going to be siding with the Russian narrative far more than with what the Pentagon is saying.

Because, for example, we were told by ZOG that not a single coalition missile got downed…

Gotta be very careful when dealing with those lying warmongers.


The Russian Defense Ministry has commented on a joint US, British and French missile strike on Syria, which took place on the day, when the OPCW experts are set to start a probe into allegations of a chemical attack in Douma, a claim denounced by Damascus as a provocation.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that most missiles launched by the Western states on Syria had been downed by the Arab Republic’s air defenses while approaching their targets.

“The Syrian air defense system has been conducting an anti-air fight,” the ministry added.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Syria repelled the Western attack with air defense systems made in the USSR over 30 years ago.

Later in the day, the Russian General Staff issued a statement, saying that a total of 71 cruise missiles out of 103 had been intercepted by Syria, adding that no government military airfrield had been damaged as a result of the attack.

From what I’ve seen, the only significant damage was done to a “Scientific Research Center” that has been touted by the West as being a focal point of Assad’s chemical weapons program.

But when we look a little deeper (Partisan Girl on Twitter tends to be extremely reliable):

Syrian air defense forces have intercepted all 12 cruise missiles, which had been used to attack the Dumeir military airfield, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

We’ve been told for decades now that America and Israel have repeatedly triumphed over the Arabs due to highly-superior technology, but perhaps all that was needed was a little discipline among the anti-aircraft units operating in the Middle East.

Russian experts and Russian officers at last seem to be working some sort of magic with their allies, and if they can achieve a kill ratio of about 70% with Arabs operating relatively-ancient weaponry, just imagine what it’s going to look like when ZOG at last decides to hurl itself at the Slavic juggernaut.

A juggernaut thought to have defenses more advanced than anything in the American arsenal – note that last night featured the introduction of our latest and most expensive cruise missile.


  1. The Twitter shills are idiots. “HAHA it says MBDA and they’re French, so no cruise missiles were shot down CHECKMATE ASSAD!” Actually, MBDA makes the Storm Shadow standoff missile. So yeah, they were cruise missiles and they were shot down. Not only that, this also implicates the British in the strike because Storm Shadows are not US-used ordinance.

  2. claims and counter-cliams about how many ZOG missiles were/were not shot down are all eyewash and entirely irrelevant..

    what matters is this:

    Trumpenthal and his Zionist handlers successfully called Putin’s bluff: so far

    the Russian reaction to this latest aggression has been, just as I predicted, nothing but

    blahblahblahblah; and the ZOG destroyers and aircraft that fired the missiles are all safe and sound. Putin’s deterrant credibility – and Russia’s – is now zero. So be assured:

    when the enroute ZOG carrier battle group arrives off Syria,

    there will swiftly be another false flag run up. This tiime a “the Russians did it” false flag.

    and the subsequent Zionist attack will 10 times what happened last night, and directed against Russian planes, ships, facilities, and personnel.

  3. I will always believe the Russian and Syrian press over the “American” and “British” press.

  4. 1.4 million per missile and almost useless throwing them at Syria. This is why we can’t have nice roads and bridges in America.

    • Or good schools, or safe neighborhoods , or border fences ( stacked concertina wire would be cheap and easy, ask the Hungarians or israelis).

  5. It wasn’t necessary for Putin to engage in a dangerous escalation. It was an ineffectual hissy fit thrown by Israel’s leading vassals on the UNSC. (Old Soviet stuff turns out to be pretty good.) But there surely will be another one after the next threatened takfiri maniacs to be reduced claim an Assad CW attack.

    After deleting my Drudge and Breitbart bookmarks I now consume NO “American” news media.

  6. OT: The traitor Abraham Lincoln who betrayed the Constitution and invaded and caused the death of many in the South was mortally wounded by a shot to the back of the head 153 years ago on this date …

  7. You know, Both My Great X 2 Grand Daddy’s probably rolled over in Their Graves when I voted for a Yankee Carpet Bagger of the Party of Lincoln. However, look at the alternative!
    You can fuss and fume all you like due to the sacrifices of our Veterans. America! Love It or Leave It!
    Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!!

    • FUCK the veterans. Traitors all. The submoronic FAGGOTS have done whatever the kikes wanted year after year, Stupid, mindless, self destructive tools.

      • Really? I am a veteran. I am awake DUE to my “service”, so fuck me too? Better realize who your allies are, bitch, before opening your mouth. We’re the ones with the skills and mindset that will be in demand very soon.
        We’ll remember the likes of you, ma’am.

    • “However, look at the alternative!”

      So there were two devils running and you endorsed one of them?

      • pah….if Hilary had won we’d still have

        intensifying Zionist Wars in the Middle East

        escalating sanctions against against Russia

        monster, increasing deficits

        no borders

        the DC Swamp


  8. All nationalists that campaigned and voted for one of these two (((devils))), please report to the cuckshed. A big burly black man and your wife are waiting for you.

    • I wouldn’t personally go that far – I would say that those who neglected to renounce Trump after the FIRST Syrian attack have some bull-prepping to engage in.

      I’m thinking now that Hillary may have been a better alternative – at least I might have gotten some gibs before the nukes went flying…

      • The lesson we should have learned post Trump: NEVER again get take in by the Two Party Scam, no matter how good A sounds versus B. Both parties bought and paid for long ago by our worst enemies.

        • Trump may very well be the last Republican President – by the 2020’s, demographic trends are going to make the standard system obsolete.

          • I think the Jews will find some way to keep the Republiscam pty in business for awhile yet.

            they need it to keep the Whites voting for their own extinction.

  9. Our cruise missiles easily being taken out by Soviet era technology is just another sign of where we’re at – and where we’re going – down the toilet.

    So why is it that our technology is 3rd class? How have we fallen this far?

    Well it started with out-sourcing of manufacturing to China – and the steady erosion of the working and middle classes. Then we began importing Indians to do our IT and software development work – a lot of it contract work for a period of time. Then the corporations started getting rid of their pension systems – thus there was no incentive to stay with a company for the long term (no pride of workmanship, no pride in the company you’re working for, etc. – it’s just a paycheck from whichever company happens to be your current employer).

    And then the contracting mentality spread to the defense industry – it’s very common now to see companies and recruiters looking for defense engineers (with security clearances) to come work on a software or other type engineering job for 6 to 12 months – on the latest programs. That’s right – they bring someone in who knows that he’s only going to be there 6 months to a year – it’s only a paycheck and he’s away from his family so the guy is only going to do what it takes – he’s not going to have any pride in his work or go the extra mile to really make the project rock. It’s all about lasting through the end of the short contract and then get back home.

    And then next thing you know it’s awful – according to the Media – to say “Make America Great Again” – because having pride in our country is now a bad thing.

    So there’s no pride in what we do because we’re not working for a company for very long and the Bolsheviks beat it into our heads that we shouldn’t be proud to be American. So why the f___ bother trying to really use our Aryan IQ and creativity?

    I wasn’t surprised when we had two Navy ships collide with other ships in the middle of the ocean (within a year of each other). I’m not surprised that the latest Navy ships are crap – And I’m not surprised that Soviet-era missiles took out most of “latest and greatest” cruise missiles.

    When you don’t have pride in your work, pride in your people, and pride in your country – mediocrity reigns.

    • “Our cruise missiles easily being taken out by Soviet era technology is just another sign of where we’re at – and where we’re going – down the toilet.”

      I hope its true, but I don’t believe it yet. When a US aircraft carrier is lying on the bottom on the ocean I will believe.

      Don’t forget, Hitler said the similar near the end of WW2. He said there were super weapons coming. But there were no super weapons. He lied to the troops to keep moral up. So I think Putin might be doing the same, since Russia has an economy the size of Italy, while the US still has states with economies the size of 3 European countries.

      “So why is it that our technology is 3rd class? How have we fallen this far?”

      America is making the transition to third world country. This has major consequences. When you turn your country into Brazil, you don’t get to push the world around any more. The fall is coming, but I don’t know how long it will be. When the US Navy is afraid to sail international waters, you’ll know it for sure.

      • Within the last few years the US military did some war games using a Swedish sub – diesel powered. It slipped by the other American subs (under electric power) and was perfectly positioned to take out the aircraft carrier. Scared the crap out of the military and they worked on some “refinements”.

        Point is that when you have a monopoly on a product and are never challenged by an equal, nobody knows if you’re really that good.

        The Russians have always been outstanding engineers – they pioneered the stealth technology used by our aircraft today – was first put out in public by Soviet scientists in a series technical papers … in the early 60s. We used their work as a basis for what we have today.

        Having a smaller economy is not the issue – they use their resources wisely – only the best companies and best engineers are put to work on the programs that are of national importance. We have so much money to spend that it has become a huge trough from which pigs feed.

        And yes I agree with you that we are transitioning to a 3rd world country. The Chinese have already started an oil exchange that only sells oil in Yuan. That’s the beginning of the end of the US dollar. Eventually other countries will see less need for the dollar in cross-border commerce and when those dollars come flooding home, Zimbabwe style inflation will be the norm of the day.

        It’s really sad – doesn’t have to be this way but we’ve allowed ZOG to destroy what our forefathers built from hard work.

      • If your point is that Germany fell to a large unprecedented alliance I’ve no argument with you.

        But they were more than a match for any combination of two of the big three powers.

        The Germans were basically living with the technology of the 1960s in the 1940s.

        • Yes – I really admire the Germans of the 30s – even their technology for the past few decades as been second to none. A friend of mine – who hates Germans (don’t ask me why we’re friends) – grudgingly acknowledged that the Germans kicked a__ during the war – he talked about some articles he’d read that told how the German kill ratio of tanks was 10 to 1 and sometimes far greater.

          But unfortunately, the Germans have drunk too much Soy Milk – they seem to have turned the other cheek and have allowed their country to start turning into a sh__ hole – in 10-20 years it will be completely gone. But then the same applies to the UK, Sweden, and France as well. Europe is history.

    • And don’t forget the feminism.
      By artificially advancing women into engineering and leadership roles we have sabotaged our potential.
      Women have lower IQs than men, so it should come as no surprise that feminism and affirmative action lead to the same incompetence.
      Just so people can feel good about themselves.
      Russia should just attack. They will be surprised how easily a feminist and affirmative action military will fold.

      • Yes – very important point. That’s why I made the comment about Diversity at the end. The Aryan Male is demonized yet we are the ones that – if working together as a team – could take our country to untold heights of civilization and technology.

  10. Funny how Trump was boasting about the missiles being the best around only to have the majority of them shot out of the sky by old Soviet Era technology over a Third World nation in the Middle East.

    What a joke this President has become. They are openly laughing at him in Syria.

    • If the guns and batteries had Russkie crews there’s no mystery as to how they shot down so many of the missiles.

  11. If Putin and Asssd wanted to tweak the noses of the Zoglings, all they need to do is parade pieces of missiles they shot down that have serial numbers and markings that show where they came from. Doing so will show neither the Zionists, nor ZOG is invincible.

  12. Can someone please clarify how we can know who is telling the truth here? I see a lot of belief in what Russia and Syria are claiming, yet so far, I haven’t seen specific reasons for believing one side or the other.

    • Dear Daniel,
      The Communist Bloc still exists. There are Universities in both China and Russia that teach espionage, subterfuge and how to make “Useful Idiots” hate and betray their own country. Lenin said long ago that the Communists would hang us with our own rope. I can tell that they are sewing discord amongst my fellow Americans. They undermined us in Vietnam. I watched film after film of riots and University riots. The same Communist agents were at each one goading them on. The best way to approach propaganda is: do not believe outright anything you read and question at least half what you see. And to the abomination that disparaged Veterans, many made the supreme sacrifice so that you can write that garbage without fear of imprisonment or worse.
      Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

    • The Germans launched around 9,000 v1 rockets at South East England from June 13th 1944 onward. The RAF and ground defense accurately claim to have shot down over 4,000.

      If the Russians provided the Syrians with adequate equipment and some specialists on the ground and in the control rooms a 50% success rate shouldn’t surprise anyone.

      • Cruise missiles are easy targets for air defense systems when they make their final approach to their targets. I would not be surprised if the Syrians shot down 70 percent of the missiles fired at them. This still would not be enough to prevent a nuclear or chemical attack from decimating Syria though.

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