#MAGA: 40% Of Americans Can’t Afford Middle Class Essentials

If you’re a White Man, or woman, lacking a shiny college-granted piece of paper and/or an in-demand skill (like welding), you may be currently struggling.

Because it’s obvious at this point that wages are nowhere near where they should be, benefits through an employer are nearly impossible to afford, and the cost of living continues to skyrocket in many places.

And even if you find yourself working for a company like this Robinhood alternative that mandates decent pay for entry-level workers, expect a battle to keep weekly hours above the absolute minimum for full-time employees.


At a time of rock-bottom joblessness, high corporate profits and a booming stock market, more than 40% of U.S. households cannot pay the basics of a middle-class lifestyle — rent, transportation, child care and a cellphone, according to a new study.

Quick take: The study, conducted by United Way, found a wide band of working U.S. households that live above the official poverty line, but below the cost of paying ordinary expenses. Based on 2016 data, there were 34.7 million households in that group — double the 16.1 million that are in actual poverty, project director Stephanie Hoopes tells Axios.

Why it matters: For two years, U.S. politics has been dominated by the anger and resentment of a self-identified “forgotten” class, some left behind economically and others threatened by changes to their way of life.

    • The United Way study, to be released publicly Thursday, suggests that the economically forgotten are a far bigger group than many studies assume — and, according to Hoopes, appear to be growing larger despite the improving economy.


    • The study dubs that middle group between poverty and the middle class “ALICE” families, for Asset-limited, Income-constrained, Employed. (The map above, by Axios’ Chris Canipe, depicts that state-by-state population in dark brown.)


  • These are households with adults who are working but earning too little — 66% of Americans earn less than $20 an hour, or about $40,000 a year if they are working full time.

And yet we’re being told by the God Emperor that conditions are so great that we need to devote resources to the cause of encouraging “skills-based immigration” – please note that this does not mean we’ll get Bjorn the Icelandic computer genius, but will instead get plenty of Pajeets fresh from the slums of Mumbai.

You know, it’s almost like we’re being deceived about the real nature of things…


    • nogsa I don’t think Drumpf cares a rat’s ass about MAGA; he got what he wanted — tax breaks for the rich and world class kowtowing to israel.

      • Perhaps it’s technically difficult, but a traditionalist right-wing website ought not to allow posting under a moniker such as yours.

  1. Half of working-age adults don’t have anything saved for retirement. How can they, when wages and salaries stagnated between 1973 and 2000 and have been decreasing since then? Meanwhile the cost of living has increased 10 times over the past 45 years.

    But that’s OK, because we have 40 million illegal brown people in this country who are going to pay into the social security system for us.

    • Well, the African imports working at the Tyson plant in Shelbyville will be paying for the Social Security checks of the “locals” who think they’re too good to work there; which led to those Africans being located there to work at the plant. Meanwhile, those Shelbyville “locals” sit at home munching in Tyson chicken wings purchased with EBT cards. Soooo….

  2. ….Another feel good story about ‘white privilege’!
    If its any consolation, the Pajeets are also enriching Australia, Canada and Europe with their much needed injection of skilled labor….so don’t feel as if you’re the only one.
    They’re doing ok for a race who wanted India for the Indians, as well as Australia, America, Britain, Germany…….for the Indians.

  3. I wonder why media never talks about all those employees that were forced to train their half-cost replacement during the Obama reign. I can only hope it was most shit-libs that lost their jobs!

  4. (((Your house is the best investment you will ever make))). (((Nobody can take your (((education))) away from you so here, take 120k+ shekels out for yourself at 12% interest))). I am starting to think my 1980’s vintage college education is pretty much no longer available to the next generation. It wasn’t really that great but it was better than europeons had and probably better than future americans will have. Mars is looking pretty distant.

    • Homeschooling with local or internet mentors might be best solution to this. Pretty sure this system is coming down.

      • You briefly channeled Nelson Mandela quotes verbatim, but then somehow devolved into suggesting homeschooling… You are definitely not a white person.

  5. Ok, like these “facts” don’t negatively impact non-whites… get over yourself Sissyero

      • Accusing us of the incest, inbred bloodlines Jews sprang from again? Kikes always project their evil, and defective makeup upon everyone else.

  6. For my sons I recommend plumbing, HVAC, or auto repair because such jobs are (a) too complicated for Mexicans, (b) too dirty for women, (c) cannot be outsourced to India, and (d) don’t require an expensive degree. For my daughters, stay a virgin, not too fat, no tattoos or piercings, no debt, marry at sixteen (totally legal in most states), be a good wife, have lots of children. That alone puts them in the top one percent of potential wives, though there’s still the logistical problem of connecting them with potential husbands.

    • You are probably a liar. Either a homo or a rich pervert. No normal parent would blabber on like you do about their children on a creepy ass website like this

    • What about when your daughter’s husband turns out to be neglectful or abusive and she needs to divorce him? When she has no career training to support herself and her young children, is she free to move back in with you?

  7. AC go back to slaughtering animals in your Kosher plant, and take your butt buddy El Kiko with you.

  8. As much as I hate to say it, this may just be the bitter remedy for the mental illness of liberalism. It had been noted by both Theodore Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler that a man needs adversity to remain strong; that luxury and ease make them soft and complacent.

    This may signal a shift from the modern pursuits of materialism and self, to a traditional, and necessary, focus on basic needs and family. Maybe people will begin to thank God for what little they have and be less inclined to curse him for what they haven’t got.

    And, I agree with Dave. Those who have the skills, need to apprentice young, White males who show an aptitude for their trade or profession. Enable these young men to avoid, or limit the amount of, institutional schooling and its associated debt. The notion of women marrying young and having many children worked well for our ancestors, who often did not need social security, because the obligation of caring for elderly parents and grandparents could be shared. This is still the norm for Hispanics, HIndus and Muslims and it has allowed them to proliferate and expand.

    Further, I would recommend practicing ostracization as much as it is feasible. Limit your exposure to, and interactions with, other ethnic, ideological and religious groups. Your employment may require you to work, and do business with, a wide variety of people, but you do not have to go out of your way to socialize with them at lunch, on breaks, or outside of the workplace. In most cases, it is that way already… the Mexicans are friends with the Mexicans… the Negroes loaf around with the other Negroes… the White guys try to keep things operating smoothly and go around correcting the mistakes of their co-workers. But, on the occasions when everyone gets together, you can almost bank on some sort of ethnic joke being made at the White guy’s expense. To which, he’s supposed to laugh and shrug his shoulders. When he has the audacity to respond in kind, he is usually met with irrationality and the possible loss of his job. In my case it typically just results in people mumbling (I often have a way of saying and doing things that would cause someone else to be reprimanded or terminated, I like to think of it as “Divine Guidance”). Still, it is best to avoid these scenarios.

    In summation, I highly recommend pooling resources, assisting the White people you know who are in need, and building the type of insular and reciprocating communities that we once had. We need to have our own outlets and avenues. Just as every other ethnicity has their own festivals, radio and television stations, and sense of identity, we should celebrate our own holidays, develop our own media, and hone our own racial preferences.

  9. Don’t go into debt. Don’t buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have.

    • Many times, as TV news breathlessly reported the latest consumer-spending figures, I’ve commented that if everyone spent money like I do, the world’s economy would immediately collapse into the greatest depression ever seen. Whole industries would vanish overnight!

  10. I work at a 7-11 I don’t see a lot of EBT but when I do it’s almost always a white person. Blacks on the other hand are huge lottery players. Since the lottery is rip-off, they are siphoning their meager funds into the state budget for new prisons.

  11. Cum-cum, cum-cum Back to your Blog, Bradifer:

    Brad Griffin on Gab today:

    We need to create an alternative vision to liberalism rather than just commenting on the news cycle, “bantz” and memes or diagnosing what is wrong with the present system


    Posted on Gab to Brad Griffin today:

    Everythang goes according to its ultimate destination; be it a human life or a degenerate criminal regime dominated by spawn-of-Satan jews out to exterminate a nation of whiggers determined to die:


    That said, when are you going to go back to your blog to articulate your vision?


    It is all very nice to take an idle moment or 666 on social media, especially when it promises like Gab to never censor. Yesterday you commented on this news on Gab and left your lieutenant Marcus Cicero to flesh it out.

    Let’s see. What is today? May 17th 2018. Looking at my Kindle tablet it seems like your last article — likewise derived from Gab — was on May 4th, thirteen daze ago.

    I am reading more Counter-Currents these daze. This is NOT A GOOD SIGN.

    Cum-cum, cum-cum back to your blog Bradifer as the working girls at the Nuremburg Wall used to say to me as a loyal & hard customer in 1981-83 during the weekends back when I was in Charley Battery 2d Battalion 42d Field Artillery (Lance) and I had 40 marks (approximately $14) to pay for my three-minute latex-covered orgies.

    One should both be good at somethang & have fun doing it.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  12. Two causes:

    1. Low top tax rates that encourage executives to loot the companies they work for, at the expense of their workers.

    2. Immigration, whose purpose, always and everywhere, is wage suppression. Increase the supply of labor, lower its price. The law of supply and demand.

    • Why do wages only need to be suppressed in White countries? No one is drowning the Asians in mass immigration. Japan has lower birthrates than Europe and Japan is 98% Japanese. No one is demanding Black countries be drowned in mass immigration. Blacks have more than 50 countries all to themselves. This massive immigration and forced assimilation is only demanded where White people just happen to be.

  13. If you have an engineering degree, there is no future there either. The bigger consulting companies want to out source as much of the work as possible to India or Southeast Asia.

    • That is absolutely true. I never thought that a Chemical Engineering degree would not be worth 5 cents. Don’t forget that shit colored muds will be preferentially promoted and whites preferentially fired.

  14. Rock bottom unemployment? Things have never been better out there, as long as you don’t think about the world’s largest prison population, or the millions of drug addicts, or the homeless people who show up to ask for money the minute you get off the train. Just how crazy one has to be to buy these moronic fucking statistics, I don’t know. Political debate in this country is pathetic, what passes for the left is a bunch of fag nigger lovers who think everybody in the world should be allowed to come here and squat, and what passes for the right is a group of Israel first war mongers, who think the rich shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

    • You do not have to resort to your innate Neanderthal violent tendencies bro, just smoke some weed laced with bath salts and chill, as Bob Marley once said to lillywhite snowbunnies, every little thing gonna be alright

  15. I didn’t read everyone else’s comments but I have long thought that the God Emperor was working for them.

    He’s not doing a damned thing to help this country he’s merely distracting the masses.

    Oh but don’t despair, you’re not REALLY seeing what your eyes are clearly seeing – it’s ALL necessary for the “Day of reckoning.”

    Think logically


    Fucking idiots buy that bullshit hook, line, and sinker.

  16. Ni*(&%&GGERS DON”T WORK.And the jobs they do have are sit on your fat a$$ government jobs.All these so called jobs are going to foreign born scumbags.And it has nothing to do with them being smart or educated and better in anyway.They never did a fu090608680cing thing in their countries but come here so Liberal White traitorous pieces of shit can virtue signal each other about how great and wonderful they are.

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