Gaza Protesters In Pure Hell Thanks To Official Israeli “Shoot To Cripple” Policy

Hunter’s been posting lately on Gab about the fact that the Spaniards were among the first to categorize Judaism as something genetic/blood-borne rather than religious, and I personally find it fascinating to think about how such a truth became known back in the day.

Was it through extensive study of the Jews who allegedly “converted” to Christianity during the Reconquista – complete with the deviousness that has characterized the Tribe since the days of Ancient Rome?

Or was it something more instinctual – driven by a clergyman’s observation that something just didn’t sit right “behind the eyes” of the Jews he came across?

Did this humble and anonymous Christian man have a vision or dream of future crimes against humanity, and did he comprehend the terror that would be unleashed upon the world if something were not done to combat the Semitic cancer?


Baha Abu Ayash winced as a nurse unraveled the bandage around his right ankle. There was a whiff of rotting meat as a gaping bullet wound came into view. A doctor pinched his toes. They were black and cold.

For six days, the 23-year-old and his family had held out hope that his foot might be saved, if only he could be evacuated from the Gaza Strip. But it was too late now, the doctor from Jordan told them. Even if Israel agreed to the transfer, the decision would be the same.

“This patient needs a life-saving amputation,” the doctor said. “Gangrene has set in. … It is very critical.”

Still, the family hesitated. Nobody in the family had steady work. Who would support the young man if his foot or leg were removed?

“It’s not an easy decision,” said Mohammed Abu Ayash, one of his 12 siblings.

The toll of violence during two months of protests along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel is most often measured in deaths: at least 123 Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire.

But more than 13,000 have been wounded — 3,600 of them took bullets — according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. Nearly 60 percent of those gunshot casualties were hit in the legs — a strategy employed by the Israeli military to limit killings.

Doctors say many of these wounds are unusually severe and will require multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. In most cases, the patients will be left with life-long disabilities.

For the record, this policy was not meant to curb killings, but was intended as a form of terror among the residents of Gaza.

In such a society, essentially reduced to pre-civilization status, the strength of a family’s men determines whether everyone else will eat and have a roof to sleep under at night.

Minus arms and/or legs on the menfolk, and you wind up with broken and starving women and children.

Even before the current round of violence, Gaza’s hospitals were beset by chronic shortages of medicines, equipment and basic supplies, including dressings, antibiotics and painkillers.

Salaries for doctors and nurses have been slashed and sometimes go unpaid. With electricity available just a few hours a day, health facilities depend on generators that destroy their equipment.

Again, driven back into almost a literal Stone Age where subsistence activities exist as the only way to earn a living.

I have nothing but respect for the doctors and nurses who report to work each and every day (non-White status not mattering one bit), for they are harder and stronger than almost anything we currently have here in the West.

“I can’t find the words to describe the shortages we have here,” said Dr. Rami Hamdan, as he slumped into a chair to catch his breath in between surgeries.

In many cases, bullets had shattered bones, destroyed tissue and left large exit wounds. Hamdan said surgeons had to share the hospital’s only orthopedic drill.

“We clean and disinfect it, but we aren’t sterilizing it,” he said.

Knowing the Jews and their love of sadism, we can assume shipments of antibiotics and Lysol-style cleaning products are among the first to be seized.

The sheer number of surgical cases was forcing doctors to make agonizing choices: spend hours repairing severed veins to try to restore blood flow to a limb, or quickly stanch the bleeding and move on to the next patient.

“Many of them, they tried up to exhaustion to save the limb,” said Ana Lucia Bueno, deputy health coordinator for the Red Cross in Gaza. “But they know that outside that room there are 10 more patients waiting for the operating theater … And of course the priority is always life.”

To make room for the next wave of casualties, the hospital is often forced to discharge patients early.

Wadieh Ras, 24, pleaded with staff not to kick him out. It had been just three days since he was shot in the leg at the fence east of Gaza City, and he had metal pins sticking out of his thigh and an exit wound the size of a fist. But his bed would be needed the next day.

It should be easy for someone to understand the levels of evil needed to engage in policies that allow such nightmares to occur – especially when you think of what many of these Israelis’ ancestors did for work during the first half of the Twentieth Century.

Their grandfathers would have been proud Commissars leading the Bolshevik hordes on rape sprees at the end of the Second World War, and their great-grandfathers would have been the heroic Cheka fighters who gleefully nailed Eastern Orthodox priests to barn doors while the nuns lay disemboweled not too far away.

The faces and identities of the victims may change and the weaponry may grow more advanced, but the underlying facts remain the same:

A group of psychopaths behind it all, and a group united by race and not just by religion (as the Spaniards eventually realized).


  1. Spain was Roman Catholic, so of course they would have understood Judaism in terms of the blood.

    At the Paschaltide every year the liturgy of the Church (not the novus ordo) expressly names, recognizes and recounts from sacred text and tradition the Jews as the great antagonists of The Passion – those who condemned the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and King to his death and took upon themselves the oath of the Divine Blood. This is taught in the catechism of the Church as the curse of Deicide.

    Tribals with an intense blood consciousness (such as Khazars) who join themselves to Judaism take upon themselves the blood curse.

    This is the only explanation that explains all the data.

  2. Where do you get that the Spaniards were some supposed first to recognize jews by blood?

    The reality that jews were distinct both genetically and culturally permeated the Roman Empire and underlay the European aristocracy’s peculiar alliance with them as bankers, tax collectors, accountants, merchants and professional licensees.

    • True, the Romans did have an understanding of their racial nature to some degree, but it was very much dependent on who was top dog at the moment. They also released them far and wide across the Empire after failing to truly wipe them out.

      As for other Catholics pre-Spain, there was always the possibility of conversion, which would in theory cancel the deicide curse.

      The Spaniards were among the first (if not the first) to come to the conclusion that conversion was useless and that Jewishness was still present no matter how many Hail Mary prayers were said.

      • There is zero credible evidence that the Romans abducted more than a handful of upstart jews from Palestine to disperse throughout the Empire. That take is more mythical than the Holocaust, devised to justify Jewish existence on Europe. Bankers at al aren’t slaves.

        • Not enslaved, but it is a proven fact that Hadrian banned Jewish residence within Jerusalem, and it’s a proven fact that Jews were later documented as far away as Gaul, Carthage, and Spain.

          And this scattering and forced exile was really an anomaly in the grand scheme of things.

          • Jerusalem is a city. Jews enjoyed a special, privileged status all over the Empire and dispersed their profiteering selves throughout it.

          • Exactly.

            The Romans recognized them as a rather weird ethnic group (subversive at times), but typically had no real issue with them so long as they didn’t openly rebel – unlike the Spaniards of 1000+ years later.

          • Hadrian outlawed Judaism throughout the Roman empire. All that did is cause them to go crypto and become all the more evasive and permeate the empire.

          • They just waited and decided to bide their time until attitudes again softened.

            Only after the West collapsed and the Byzantines emerged did you see any real concrete measures (permanent in the legal sense) against the Jews.

      • The dilution of coins in the late Roman Empire before the collapse seems pretty Talmudic to me. Also, apparently there is at least one fawning memorial to The Bolshviks in Israel

        • @hansfranksavatar

          “there is at least one fawning memorial to The Bolshviks in Israel’

          They put one up to honour the supposed 500k Jews that served in the Red Army. And one for the Partisans that operated behind the German front in Ukraine Eastern Poland and Beloruss. Most of them were Jews, or led by Jews. Which led to the “Holohoax by Bullets” they’re whining about in hopes we’ll forget the gas chamber lie. Putin was there, at the ceremony, taking a photo op and shaking hands with Netanyahu and company.

          BTW, Putin is a Jew and most of the Russian people are still Jewdazed. RUSZOG is no more on our side than USZOG or BRITZOG are.

  3. I doubt the Spanish were the FIRST. I am sure that many a Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian could see their racial character, the records are just lost to time.

  4. How about “shoot to cripple” alien invaders on the Mexican border? I’ll bet the Israel Firsters wouldn’t turn a blind eye to that.

  5. Just imagine if ZOG mercenaries (cops and soldiers) dealt with invading beaners and rioting niggers the same way that the Israeli Death Force deals with Palestinians?

    I am approaching levels of jew-hate I didn’t even think were possible.

  6. “The Romans recognized them as a rather weird ethnic group ”
    HA ! That’s a farce of understatement.
    After the Kitos Massacres and genocide of gentiles in the east and Africa, they recognized them as a deadly menace that could wreck the empire and potentially exterminate gentiles.

    • But it didn’t last – most of the conventional expulsions during the Christian era lasted longer.

      Hell, you eventually had the emperor Julian try to rebuild their stupid temple to spite Christians…

      • Yep, goys never learn.
        An ancient lesson that most every generation forgets.
        Like Sisyphus, forever destined to roll a boulder uphill, only this boulder can crush the simple voy, eventually.

      • “expulsions during the Christian era lasted ”
        But expulsion is like casting spores to the wind, it only spreads the contagion. Generals Turbo and Quietus were more realistic, there’s was an enduring solution. Albeit , in a limited area.

        • It’s only too bad the Jews didn’t pull an uprising during the reign of Octavian/Augustus…

          He would have calmly, deliberately, and ruthlessly wiped out every single Kike under Imperial rule.

  7. When I refer to jews as literal demons – innate genetic DEMONS – I am not kidding, or engaging in hyperbole. When you study their REAL history – it’s impossible to draw any other conclusion regarding what they ARE.

  8. When the Jews act in ways we would expect them to act, who’s surprised at their evil behavior? Their indecency knows no bounds or restraint. It just their nature. They’re cultural destroyers, while at the same time advancing their own pernicious agenda.

  9. They seem to be the group which has the most sociopathic traits and behavior, this going beyond the mere lack of empathy exhibited by some populations such as East Asians. A great bulk of them are predatorial and opportunistic with sociopathic traits and sharpen their advantage via strong group cohesion.

  10. “When I refer to jews as literal demons –”

    Yes, cutting goys in half , from groin to skull, or skinning them alive really isn’t a party favor.

  11. Jews spun off Christianity to destroy Rome;

    then, when the Christians turned against them,

    Jews spun off Islam to destroy Byzantium.

    Then the Jews spun off communism to destroy Orthodox Russia,

    the Third Rome. And now

    the Jews have spun off Holocaustianity and open-borders globalism

    to destroy the remaining White nations.

    (((they))) live only…to destroy.

    • That’s a reasonable logical progression.

      However, Rome was a Mediterranean civilization. People from the North of that had had enough.

  12. Supporting israel and white nationalism at the same time is a contradiction. A lot of white nationalists these days would rather give up on the jews now that they have their supposed “pro-american” in the oval office, making america great again, yeah…. right. Honestly, you have to be a true two-faced liar and an oblivious fool to ignore the jewish question and buy into republicanism and conservatism these days. Jared taylor probably thinks those palestinians dying is a good thing, because they’re brown and those armenoid, vampire looking jewish mongrels are in his fantasy land, “white”. What a joke he is. While these same jews have made policies promoting genocide of whites aka “multiculturalism” in the USA, but according to the alt-republicans, Trump alone will somehow stop this ongoing genocide. You seriously can’t make this idiocy up. How any pro-white person actually thinks the political process will save the white race is beyond me, one has to have a severe mental deficit to believe in this “lets vote republican” garbage.

  13. The Kikes must be using fragmenting or expanding bullets. How else can the sorts of wounds those doctors aretryingto treat in vain are occurring? Jews never abide by any sort of law or treaty, therfore if they use expanding or fragmentation bullets on us, their women and children will pay the price. I agree what the Kikes are doing is a terror tactic. They did the same thing to my ancestors, and I won’t forgive or forget.

  14. ‘Tis a fortunate thing news has been received that the Jewish Race is so diabolical, because if we were not reading that headline, we might notice that that The White Races are grown so submissive, weak, and greedy, that they readily climb up any ladder provided to them, rather than construct one of their own, and fight for that.

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