Atlanta NAACP Holds Armed March Through Stone Mountain Park

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, supports the destruction of the Confederate monument on Stone Mountain. There is no daylight between the Democratic Party, the NAACP and the New Black Panther Party in Georgia.

How do you think this is going to end when Whites become a demographic minority in Georgia? Do you think it will be any different than Zimbabwe or South Africa?

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  1. Well I for one hope they do try to attack the monument, If this is what it takes to get people ready to fight, so be it. Stone Mountain is a holy site but if it must fall to get white men ready to fight, bring it on. These Niggers are too stupid to be a fighting force. Wonder how much money the Atlanta ADL is paying them?

    • It took me a long time to realize the obvious. Nearly all black political activity is organized and paid for by Jewish groups. The exception might be Nation of Islam, which they try to suppress. Blacks have no money. They couldn’t put on something like this unless Tiger Woods or Oprah paid for it and I doubt they would. For Jews, blacks are vehicles of revenge fantasy.

      • Well said, Monsieur Camus. I should like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your book about the guy who shoots an Arab but doesn’t feel bad about it.

      • @Al Camus

        “Nearly all black political activity is organized and paid for by Jewish groups”

        Blacks don’t have the intelligence or the organisational talent. Nor would any of this ever occur to them in their dim mental world.They didn’t know that they even had any rights, until the Jews told them that they did. Their opinions and ideology, as such, are given to them.

        Anytime Blacks, Hippies, Antifa, etc, are on the march, look for the Jewish Kommissars and Zampolits, who are leading them, or pushing them from behind.

        White activists from Chicago and NYC stirred up the Ferguson riots. No doubt, they were a bunch of White fools and tools, leashes held tightly by Jew Kommissars.

        “For Jews, blacks are vehicles of revenge fantasy.”

        Jews want revenge for the Roman Empire happening to them. They blame all of Western Civilisation for it.

        • I believe it was Craig Hulet, investigative reporter who wrote about the Los Angeles Riots and said that even before the Riots, the Revolutionary Communists and CPUSA had been on the grounds ginning up the Negroids before the case even was decided and they had even torched buildings right before the riots then left. This same tactic happened in Toledo Ohio in 2005 on a much smaller scale. NSM holds a rally and leaves. Communists march into the Ghetto began turning over trash cans ginning people up and soon all the Negroids are out rioting and assaulting people. Long story short, they created a riot.

          There is video, multiple videos from Ferguson of Jewish activists, one I remember was of a red haired Commie Jew leading a sit in at the Saint Louis Co Courthouse. They were all over that. Saint Louis was ranked in the top 20 Jewish cities by population in 1920 and its within Chicago distance so the Jews can get there fact. Ferguson was contrived by the Communists. I believe Baltimore was also contrived by the Communists, although the media covered that up and solely blamed the Coons.

          When you look at the 1919 uprisings in East Texas and every riot since that time, it was always led or started by Jewish agitators. Most don’t realize that about WWI time the Jews tried to go into the South and unionize sharecroppers. That was an infiltration trick to start Negro revolution

        • Jews also want revenge because we are white and they aren’t. It’s not just their lust for vengeance and gunnysacking everything that happened to them in the past, they are driven also by pathological envy. That which they cannot have, or be, they are driven to destroy. It would have been better for the world if Rome put them all to the sword.

      • @Al Camus

        What’s equally important to understand is that liberal whites don’t pay for it either in a lot of cases. Liberal whites might fund social causes (abortion and gays) and such but I seriously doubt any are shelling out big money to tear down confederate statues. Think about the most liberal whites you actually know, they might say “tear them down” but none of them have even contributed so much as $20 purposefully to tear down statues.

    • Guess who STARTED the whole “tear down Confederate monuments” BS ? C.A.I.R. !!! That’s right folks. Towel heads let in by all the Prez’s before Trump. Buy even 1 month of so you can access the archives and go to episode 807. Begin at the 19:00 mark of video 2. The planning organizing and launching of it was funded by the Saudis.

      What’s your PLAN Confederates ? HOW will you recruit ? In the end we’ll need militias, and to keep koo koo’s, Feds, and nuts out … we should keep the official agreed upon size to 7. ONLY family, and friends you or they have known for at least 5 years. Anyone coming along after the 7 … must join another one. We’re all interconnected and in battle will join forces, but for training and planning 7 is an good #. What do you think ? Should it be 10 ? Fire Squads in the military are 4. To defend a house when poo hits you need 10.

  2. Zimbabwe ended up with starving niggers sometimes eating each other, as will South Africa.

    How it will end up in the ZOGland is whigger on whigger Civil War II in which 90% of the whiggers and practically all of the politicians, judges, and piglice shall be exterminated or enslaved under Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Ever been to Stone Mountain? A big old granite rock in which the carvings is like a postage stamp on a bowl. Plenty of room for a carving of Dylann Storm Roof.

    Time to end thinking of niggers, beaners, jews or gliberal whiggers as being human and get down to figuring out what little we need to save in order to protect ten percent or less of the ex-whigger population. Or simply not think of it at all and simply let Nature take its course.

    There is nobody in our bowel Movement able to make any such decisions.

    And yes, if I haven’t said so already, thank you for getting back to your duty station, this your blog.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. It won’t be any different than in Rhodesia.

    The Cliff Notes to this are in the Rhodesian conflict from UDI 1965 – 1980 when Communist warlord Robert Mugabe grabbed power and began the genocide of the Matebele – who had supported the rival branch of the Communist insurgency (don’t recall anything about that one in the FAKE-NN). S. Rhodesia actually won the Bush War militarily but they were betrayed by the West who would not have White minority rule in the independent state.

    The problem here is that European Whites, where-ever they land in the world are going to build the White City. They are going to build dams for power, public sanitation and health, transport networks, education and training and skills, farms to feed the population and export produce, public buildings and houses, a prosperous economy that includes provisions for commonweal, rule of law and protection of property.

    The Tribal Black majority in Rhodesia, the failed state of Zambia and the newly de-colonised nations they had Detroited decided they were entitled to ‘retake’ the White City that had been built by the British colony in Rhodesia. The problem here is they never built this and are incapable of even maintaining it.

    • Rhodesia collapsed because of the Soviet Bloc and the fact the UK/USA refused to arm and supply them. South Africa fell because lazy ass City Boers weren’t willing to make the sacrifice of ridding themselves of colored servants to fight for their freedom. So instead they picked Negro rule, because they were promised to keep their $$$$$$$$$.

      Freedom is always poverty at first. In the United States, TEXAS and CALIFORNIA are the number one examples of this. Both states refused to give up their cheap labor, in fact Texas held the US Congress at gunpoint to demand infinity Mexicans in 1920. Now the same thing will happen. Texas is now Mexico again, just because some fat cat ranchers farmers and oilmen needed cheap labor. Ditto for California

      • UN, UK, USA all imposed sanctions on Rhodesia after U.D.I. And they actually won the Bush War militarily – on thee fronts but they betrayed the Wilson gov’t in the Peace.

        • Rhodesia was also landlocked making it almost impossible to get another alliance for fuel as well. Everything had to be flown in. Once their fuel supply was done, they were done. UNFORTUNATELY,

    • “The problem here is that European Whites, where-ever they land in the world are going to build the White City. They are going to build dams for power, public sanitation and health, transport networks, education and training and skills, farms to feed the population and export produce, public buildings and houses, a prosperous economy that includes provisions for commonweal, rule of law and protection of property.” – Lynda

      I wonder (as the Uruk Hai and the Deicides drop their collective masks more and more, as ‘that day’ approaches) why so many people are AFRAID of ‘naming and claiming’ the one TRUE fact- Whites are (even when they are unregenerate) THE ELECT RACE OF YHWH GOD!?

      The Jews are theological/racial/cultural IMPOSTERS- they have been since the days of King John Hyrcanus. The miscegenation of the Edomites (the real ancestors of the talmudic) with the seed of Israel, led to the ‘filling of the cup of wrath’ that was the proximate cause for the Incarnation – or, if you don’t believe in God (you’ll find out, someday…) and His Son, then the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in AD70- the ‘this generation’ prophesied about by Christ, 40 years earlier. Jews DESERVE death. And they cause it to themselves, even as they think they are ‘doing God service.’

      Hilaire Belloc stated almost a century ago, ‘Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” This means that WHITES are the sum total of the Race that alone lays claim to divinization, via the indwelling of the Spirit of God. And that to throw our ‘pearls before swine’ by seeking to ‘convert’ the Negro, is blasphemy. Who can believe a Nigger can be a saint? We have to be honest- brutally honest. Even ‘St’ Moses the Black only acted ‘White’ as the sum of his sanctity. Nowhere do we read of a Non-White being the equal of a St. John Chrysostom, St. Seraphim of Sarov, or even a St. Boniface. It’s just not ‘in’ them!

      When you realize that only sectarian Prots tried this (conversion of the non-Elect/white) and later, post-Schism Romanists (Jesuits in China, etc.), while the Orthodox pretty much stayed in their own geographic areas, UNTIL the 18th Century (and Peter the Heretic’s ‘westernization’ of Russia, caused them to abandon their ‘first love’) one comes to realize that the great evil that afflicts the White Man today, is ANY and EVERY attempt to make non-whites, OUR EQUALS! For all social good flows from the theological presupposition behind it.

      This is why Trump (love him or hate him, he at least understands) is dismantling everything the antichrist Obama sought to do, in our land(among other things)- at some level, he knows it’s wrong. Meanwhile, the Isle of Cucks celebrates(?!) the anathematization of the royal lineage of Windsor, by the apostate whoring slut Meghan, shacking up with a Prince Royal, and calling such bestiality, ‘marriage.’

      Anathema sit.

      As Lynda has noted, we Whites cannot HELP but make ‘heaven on earth’ where we are given free reign, and are not lulled to sleep by the “Jews and their Lies.” NO WONDER Whites have ruled and overseen the ‘lesser races’- (India, Africa) it’s predestined. And only the satanic Jews have sought to apply this covenantal trait to all hominids, while denying Whites their own patrimony.

      The Coming “C’ville War” is spiritual in origin, even while it is incarnational in nature.
      But every non-white? “They all need to go… back.”

      America for Americans.

  4. What exactly do these nog outfits want that they don’t already have?
    Relations between blacks and whites will never normalize because we’re blamed for everything wrong in their lives. If they’re in jail, its the whites.If they’re unemployed, its the whites. If a natural disaster destroys their homes-whites.
    They have affirmative action and a better standard of living than in Africa, but you just can’t please them.
    And to think, if we’re so bad, there’s an entire continent they can go to escape us that contains only their demographic…
    Australia and Europe are expected to assimilate these people when America hasn’t been able to in 400 years. Says it all, really.

    • It’s been proven darkies have a much lower IQ than whites in general. 2 “bad” Jews created The NAACP and the saddest thing in this video is the dumb white girl holding the sign. IF The League is going in a different direction than marching / protesting … at LEAST use your higher IQ’s to water down these apes that talk. Some of you dress like tourists and have very high quality cameras / lenses and get pic’s of the apes … do your research and post stuff like THEY do against us. Like this :

      And speaking of low IQ’s :

      The apes in Atlanta would be hunting tonights dinner with a spear were it not for their ancestors being lucky enough to be brought here … even as slaves, 99 % of whom were treated VERY well because they were an expensive investment.
      Use reverse psychology on these jig’s. THEY should pay US reparations. 10 % tax is fair. That or get deported back HOME … to the congo …

      We MUST push a plan for an enlarged Confederate States for white Christians only. If you don’t at least get the TALK going NOW … WHEN the poo hits the fan … there won’t be any cohesion. Nothing to unite around.

      Whether you know it or not, you need to be in “recruitment mode.” So … what’s your product / brand ? How do those that might join you benefit ?

      • I saw her and i couldnt see it close enough but being that Atlanta Georgia’s full of Jews, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If you dont think Jews werent involved in this, THINK AGAIN. The money comes from somewhere

      • Demanding your ethnostate be Christian will drive so many non religious White allies away. Our nation was founded by many people who were not Christian fundamentalists.

      • White Christians only, Gray Ghost? Are you out of your mind? Christianity is at least part of the reason the White Race is spiritually sick.

    • New Black Panthers are an arm of the NATION OF ISLAM. They believe all of Yakoubs creation WHITES must die before Allah returns to earth in the form of Elijah Muhammad, who is now in cryogenesis in his space ship.

      Niggers believe this sheyitt

      • spahnranch1969, I highly doubt those guns were props or airsofts. Airsofts are required to have an orange tip on the barrel. I saw no tip on the rifles in the picture. And why would these thugs want to use props, when the whole purpose is to intimidate those who see them marching?

  5. This morning’s New York Post —

    Stephanie Sebby-Strempel faces charges of assaulting teen black male neighborhood pool ‘guests’ next Wednesday in court in Summerville, South Carolina.

    Besides my own calling out the real issues on this blog, I saw an article on the Summerville incident with a bunch of similar comments logged through Facebook…someone was pointing out that the teens had the responsibility to identify themselves to Stephanie Sebby as a matter of security of children and teenage girls, et al. Even some hardcore liberals had to admit that there was a potential issue there of criminality (trespassing) and of safety. Some seemed to think that Sebby-Strumpel should have called security, but the poster reminded everyone that most neighborhood pool security amounts to a teenager and that the likely middle aged male type manager isn’t always around to back them up if they even asserted themselves.

    Voila, within a few days we have a (((white))) middle aged man who apparently has been locked in an isolation tank for the last two weeks who ‘racially profiles’ some middle aged black woman at a neighborhood pool in Winston Salem, NC by demanding she show identification, even though we find out she had a card that opened the gate. He’s supposedly ‘pool chairman’ or something and has resigned from the HOA.

    Anyone who thinks this is coincidence needs to read more of the jew-aware commenters on here.

    The jews may even like his jew name so that the southerners perpetuate the fantasy that southern jews are on their side or ‘with whites;’ even better that he (supposedly) has two blond kids standing around him.

    Privilege never gives itself up and trickery is how the jews maintain it.

    I don’t know that the black woman is ‘in’ on it but since most blacks start squawking about ‘racial profiling’ the minute anyone asks them anything she wouldn’t have to be. Plus, she may not even be misperceiving things in this psy op. It’s whites and white women who are the real targets of it, though.

    • ETA

      That article BELABORS the issue of how critical identification is with pools (that have children, teens – girls especially – and elderly in them) just like the FB comments section under a Stephanie Sebby article I sent to Brad Griffin did, which anyone can email him to get. Then it conveniently solves the problem without mentioning Stephanie Sebby’s most famous case in a list of ‘similar incidents,’ concluding that identification is not, in face, necessary to conclude someone is trespassing and a potential threat. How odd.

      Most Liberal Justice Memes take at least 3-4 days (usually 5-7) to make the big time organically; this one took less than 48 hours. How odd.

      Last, it informs us that an unnamed WHITE WOMAN (presumably without a schnoz) tasked the innocent white male with harassing – ‘profiling’ – the poor benighted black woman who we’re also told ‘couldn’t have scaled the fence with a child in her arms.’

      Original article comments had the liberal-buster suggesting the black teens in SC may have jumped a fence that #evilnaziwhitebitch Stephanie happened to notice, and that only 2-11,12 or so were ‘real children.’

      So #IDAdam is now being fired, allegedly.

      And (((LBJ))) was a pure-bred southern grit.

    • Negro Privilege is imagined, it is merely JEWISH SUPREMACISM IN BLACKFACE. The Negro is too stupid to do anything on his own without Schlomo and Hymie leading him. Even Alinsky knew this when he said I will teach the HAVE NOTS how to take it from you the Haves

  6. Are firearms even allowed in a state park? I bet if the LOTS wanted to do the same thing, it would be reguarded as the second coming of Adolph Hitler!

  7. Ah, ye olde (((NAACP)). They’re nothing but golems for the Bolshevik. It’s going to happen. They’re going to erase everything. It’s 1984, Camp of the Saints , Rhodesia, South Africa and any and every dystopian nightmare you can imagine rolled into one. It’s taken them nigh on a century to get it done, at least in this country. Look at Europe. Who thinks they’re finished yet? They won’t be finished until you’re dead, white man. We’re already the dead. What the hell do we have to lose? Do you think they will listen to your words? Your ideas? Your pleas for common sense and decency? LOL

    • The Jews are planning to kill the entire Human Race, WHITES FIRST so they can have Planet Zion all to themselves. The Nonwhites will eat each other and die of many different diseases without White Christians to feed them. This is the plan, its in the Talmud, all WHITE CHRISTIANS MUST DIE SO THAT THE MESSIAH, KING OF THE UNIVERSE WILL COME DOWN, SIT ON HIS THRONE IN THE THIRD TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM AND RULE THE EARTH.

      Robots will eliminate all the need for people. Fully humanoid robots are already here.

      • A few whites will be spared to design and operate the AI supercomputers, as well as perform senior-level administrative tasks.

  8. Destroying this monument won’t advance colored people one iota, which everyone knows. It’s all about attacking White Southerners. Seems like the modern Southerner does little or nothing every time one of these outrages occur. Seems like Reconstruction is an accomplished fact.

    • “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

      -That colored guy on TV

      • Another good example at how men, especially in the South were domesticated by Feminized Religion and Mandatory schooling is the 1919 Uprisings that happened in East Texas, Arkansas and disturbances elsewhere, culminating in the Tulsa Riot 1921 and the Rosewood burning 1923. When the Negro uprisings began, goaded on by Jewish Commies, the men responded quickly and harshly. Negro towns were burned, people were shot, lynched etc. By 1924 the disturbances were over.

        In 1955 in Montgomery Ala when King began his bus boycott, the men he faced, were NOT the men his father and grandfather feared. These were new men, vets of WWII, victims of constant brainwash. These men INSTEAD of immediately forming mobs, burning down the ghetto and whatnot literally just sat back on their hands and said, LET THE COPS DECIDE IT. They had been by the 1950’s cucked into the idea that government was always to be obeyed. The ones who were cucked, your Bob Sheltons and Sam Bowers were called extreme by the cucks, Look at how the cucks responded to the 16th St Birmingham bombing in 1963. The Klan had respect going into 1963, but after the bombing, suddenly every cuck was disavowing them. By 1970, the KKK was basically on life support.

        The difference was this, Your extreme men, your Bama boys who assaulted the Freedom Riders, were still the men who understood that only violence could maintain your place on this earth. They were the minority. In 1919 such a display as the Freedom Riders would have led to entire towns being burned and they wouldn’t have been beaten, they would have hung from the light poles. Even the extreme of 1961 was nowhere the extreme of 1919 and nowhere near 1874 either

    • I brought this up elsewhere. In 1860 Southern Men fought duels, got into free for all fights where people died, drank, whored, gambled on everything, raced horses, and shot guns every single day, They were literally commandos from the cradle. This was why even after defeat they were able to win Reconstruction.

      Then education happened, the Baptist Theoocracy and slowly via passing laws against everything such as gambling, whoring, honor killing, etc, people got cucked. Like i said before my gr gr gr Uncle was born in 1843, he wasnt raised with schooling or the church and he was as wild as could be and lived to be 96. By the time he died, men had gotten cucked to the point they were totally obedient to law. Some still were bad boys, but most had been cucked

      • Hitler didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke or whore around, Stonewall Jackson didn’t drink, and was religious, you think you could stop this Ernest Hemingway junk, You don’t measure a man’s character by how many people he killed in knife fights.

        I agree the white man needs to stand up, but I’m not comfortable with this Bill Clinton crap, I saw too many guys in high school who were like that, a can of beer in one hand and a hard on in the other made them somebody really special, to me it made them a total pain in the ass.

        • Stonewall Jackson wanted to lead an army into Pennsylvania, burn a path to Lake Erie and burn, kill and loot all who opposed them. YES STONEWALL WAS A MORAL MAN, but even he understood there was a time to a kill, and he wasn’t afraid of the bloody stuff. The Rank and File of the Confederate Army was in a large part made up of rough by our modern standards barbaric men, but that was why they fought and fought hard. A man who has lived hard and only known pain and blood, thats the kind of man who will fight. That was why in ’61 it was said they would destroy the ribbon clerks, dirty mechanics immigrants and small town nobodies in the Northern Army and largely they did, until attrition began to wear them down.

          I never said that a man’s character was measured by how many men he killed, I did say that in the Antebellum South, fighting duels was considered a show of manhood. Following the war, duels like a whole bunch of other things were outlawed and the coming of extreme religion and forced education re:indoctrination changed people, I believe for the worse. Most everyone even in the wild days believed in God and would have said they were in a sense Christian, but they didn’t have this extreme LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AND BE A CUCK crap. They would still put a knife in someone’s belly who wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

          Not sure where you got Bill Clinton in what I wrote.

        • I see nothing wrong with patronizing whores. However, drinking and smoking? Let us not do anything which weakens us, or makes us more vulnerable to disease. The hazards of drinking and smoking are obvious.

  9. There ya go. Whites are attacked, slandered, and persecuted for legal gatherings, and these evolutional throwbacks are allowed to romp all over a true work of art, that NO member of their filthy Race has been or ever will be capable of creating. At least the GOP gubernatorial candidates, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the have vowed to protect this monument, and others. So voting does MATTER.

  10. This kind of event is a blessing – just like speeches by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, tweets by Peter Fonda, and election wins by Signora Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.


    Because it makes it abundantly clear to all non-aligned Normie-Whites, that the target is dead-centre on their back.

    Everyone on The Right ought cheer for these kinds of things, as they do more for us than we ever possibly could, for ourselves…

  11. For all those conservative law and order types who thought it was safe to go back to sleep because Trump is the president….wrong! Trump doesn’t represent a return to American greatness, he represents its last gasp. We can no longer rely on “the authorities” for protection. We never should have done so in the first place. The weak, selfish and cowardly elements among us are about to get culled from the herd.

  12. I have indeed often wondered if instead of being the great white hope Trump may indeed be the last gasp of white conservative America. What comes after Trump will decide that. If red state Americans sit on their a*s and let Trump be impeached or assassinated then we deserve our extinction.

    • Our next national leader is either going to be some Kamala Harris / Corey Booker type black revolutionary or a new Mussolini / Caesar / Napoleon.

      • This whole place is burning down. The Niggers are too stupid to form themselves into a revolutionary group without a bunch of (((FELLOW WHITES))) to lead and fund it. Thus we are back to the (((Fellow Whites))) again. Both Kamala and Corey owe EVERYTHING to their Jewish masters. The other thing is, as Whites maintain all the FIRE EMT POLICE CONSTRUCTION ELECTRICIANS PLUMBERS PIPEFITTERS, etc if we merely just quit working for a year, this entire society would collapse. It is within our grasp to collapse it peacefully.

  13. In stead of attacking monuments they might better spend their time learning job skills, resding, writing, etc. Put down the basketball, turn off the rap, put out the crack pipe and get to work ……. for a change

  14. @Louis Newman

    “Instead of attacking monuments they might better spend their time learning job skills, resding, writing, etc. Put down the basketball, turn off the rap, put out the crack pipe and get to work ……. for a change.”

    You’re appealing to logic and sense that they just don’t have, and expecting them to meet White standards of conduct, for which, they’re completely lacking in facilities.

    They can only function under the lash. They’re incapable of self discipline. Most African Blacks know it. That’s why many aspire to be slaves or servants. Otherwise, they won’t even lift a finger to ensure themselves a steady food supply.

    • “They can only function under the lash.”

      In writing that, friend James, you effectively acknowledge that “the Southern way of life”–the life of the antebellum South–was based on the whipping of blacks. Somehow, I’ve gathered that Confederate diehards regard that as an abolitionist lie.

      • Dear John,
        There never was a Southern Negro who was so lasht as you continually lash The South; and, in consideration how you grew up in a Philadelphia (which you and most Native Whites have since abandoned) that was way more segregated in ways the South never was, it surprises me that you have no appreciation for us and our Uncle Tom’s Cabin ways
        I have to give y’all, Northeasterners, credit – no matter how much y’all bend us to y’all’s will, it just never seems to quite suffice.
        At any rate, God bless you and, most especially, your sweet Irish mama.

        • Whoa, whoa, Junius–hold on. I didn’t say anything about segregation. I pointed out that James implied that the slave labor of blacks was gained via whipping. Maybe that’s not true–but if it isn’t, your argument is with James, not me.

          Thanks for the blessing, which I return, to your loved ones and you. Haven’t abandoned Philadelphia, by the way.

      • John obviously you don’t read very much. Function Under The Lash means function under the authority of the lash. That didn’t mean they had to be whipped every single day, all it meant was once you trained a servant up, like a Father raising a child, that you will tan hide if he gets out of line, he would do whatever he could not to cross you. Now there were what was called BAD NIGGERS, they are the class you see filling the prisons today, They whipped them and if worse came to worse killed them. Explain to me how thats in reality any different than now?

        At one time in our world there was something called CHECKS AND BALANCES. If you had a WHITE family who let their children run wild and they raised alot of cain and hurt people, one night the good old boys came to their shack and beat all of them so bad they either left town or became upright citizens. THE THREAT THIS COULD HAPPEN, was enough to make the average man think, HEY I SHOULD BE A RESPONSIBLE DADDY AND HUSBAND or else the good old boys will come around at midnight and tie me to a post and rip the hide off my back. Other checks and balances were in the form of Ministers, Schoolteachers, and the Constable. If you didn’t honor those in authority over you, one day someone came around to your house and made you wish you had. If you had a child who hit a schoolteacher, the Sheriff would come for him, beat him within an inch of his life and stick his hind end on the chain gang. Guess What? The very threat that this could happen was enough to make people toe the line. If a man ran too wild, he died with a shotgun to the head or chest or a rope in a tree or on a scaffold. A CHECK and a BALANCE.

        This is why making children and young adults to see criminals executed in front of them is a good deterrent to bad behavior. Our ancestors knew this and so did the Jews, so they banned public hangings. This is why they whipped people in public as well CHECK and BALANCE

        Proverbs 26:3 A Whip For the Horse, a Bridle For the Ass and a Rod for the Fools Back.

        • You’re right about one thing, Billy Ray: I don’t read very much. After that, I confess, you lose me. You say that the “training up” of black slaves was “like a Father raising a child.” Okay–then, in your understanding, every person, of whatever race, functions only under the lash. What’s the point?

          For the record, no, I won’t explain how the present incarceration of numerous blacks is different from what went on in the slavery days, because I neither know nor care whether it is. I’m not the one who thought it a good idea to bring an alien breed into white civilization and then got angry when that breed didn’t fit in.

          • The White man is the same as the Negro if left to his own devices but with one difference. The White man left to his own devices just becomes a low down snake, the Negro left to his burns the entire town down, rapes and then eats your family. One is far more dangerous than the other, but its a fact. People work best under the threat of death

        • Having thought a bit more about what you wrote, Billy Ray, I gather that “function only under the lash” means, in your view, that blacks, even in their physical adulthood, must be under a kind of parental authority, which, as you see it, means the threat of a whipping. Otherwise, what? They’ll end up living in blighted neighborhoods? To reformulate the demand you put me: Explain how those are any different from the slave shacks of yesteryear.

          What you really mean is that you’re entitled to own them; and that, my congenitally-Southern friend, is the whole question.

          • No it simply means the Negro is basically at the animal level emotionally and like any lower primate it can turn and rip your face off unless you are willing to do what it takes to keep it in line.

        • As is commonly said, incarceration today merely produces more skilled criminals. They have a great deal of time to contemplate how they were caught, what to do better next time, and consult with wiser, more experienced criminals. They also develop more resentment in their hearts for law enforcement and the judicial system, especially when they observe COs and others engaging in the same behavior which got them incarcerated.

          By the way, I believe Adolf Hitler also advocated public floggings rather than incarceration. Bringing them back would not really bother me.

    • I always think of how history would have been different if the Racial Science that we came to understand in the 1880’s had been available to the Southern intelligensia in 1860. You see this was always a huge problem, it was said for many years in the Churches North and South, that the Negro was literally only a White Man with Black Skin. This sort of talk declined in the South in the 1830’s after Nat Turner and Thomas Jefferson understood the Negro had very major genetic differences NOTES ON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, but this conundrum of trying to interpret the Biblical concept of Genesis to include all the races of men, created a lot of issues.

      The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin came out the same year of John Brown’s raid. It would be another decade before Sir Francis Galton began his work on heredity and eugenics and the acceptance of Mendel’s experiments. I always say had the science been available at that time, it would have made much better propoganda. The thing is just like with everything, the laws and culture lags behind science. By 1880, when racial science was in full bloom, the Yankees became embarrased of abolitionism, because they saw it for what it was.

  15. Trumpenthal has done nothing but throw a wet blanket over the Right and energize the (((Left))). He loves Jews and Niggers to distraction, and cares nothing for Whites.

  16. A must read concerning how these black savages actually lived in Africa, is titled “The Negroes in Negroland; The Negroes in American; and Negroes Generally, written in 1868 by Hinton Rowan Helper. I purchased my copy from Forgotten Books. It contains quotes from about 30 European and American explorers who wrote books about their explorations. Also contains quotes from various early American statesmen.

  17. Jewish foreign policy has always been provoking goyim on goyim. Negro as anti White blade-runner = same old story. When Blacks murder Whites I get angry at Jews. Jewish propaganda practically orders the Negro to murder Whites.

    • Everyone repeat after Uncle Billy and remember this.

      Without JEWISH MONEY, JEWISH LAWYERS, JEWISH LAWS, JEWISH POLITICIANS JEWISH JUDGES JEWISH CHARITY JEWISH EDUCATION JEWISH HOLLYWOOD, JEWISH MUSIC INDUSTRY, JEWISH STORES, JEWISH CORPORATIONS, JEWISH BANKS, You would never see a Negro politician, musician, actor, or a Negro in anything for that matter. If the Jews and all their money were removed from our world tomorrow bang zap gone what would happen?

      The first thing would be that Black political organizations and Civil Rights organizations would die for lack of funds. The next thing would be frivolous lawsuits would drop to almost zero. Within 2-3 years, the Negroes would be back to Uncles and Mammies and the ones who wouldnt submit would be caged up in supermax penitenteries for eternity. Television would become suddenly wholesome, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER would make a sudden comeback. Teenage pregnancy and illegitimacy would disappear. Atheists would be stoned in the street.

      Yes friends all of these good things are made impossible because of the Jewish Race’s presence among us. Never forget it. Rallies like this one at Stone Mountain made possible by Jewish money via the NAACP all connect it to Schlomo

  18. I think the Alt-Right should be helping and funding African refugees in Israel. I mean, these poor refugees are escaping war, hunger and violence. Israel is violating their human rights by deporting them. Its a bit racist on their part…
    I fully support the rights of black refugees…in Israel.

    • Israel is the true homeland of the black race, not of those interloping racist jew crackers from Europe.

  19. This would be a great rallying point for the League of the South. I’m sure we can get at least 50-100 people with flags and signs in support of Stone Mountain.

    • Flash Rally as I told Hunter before. Everyone shows up, unfurls flags, livestreams on Youtube then waits until the police tells them to turn off and disband then they leave. As long as no racial invectives or cursing is used during the event, they cant bust you on anything

    • Mr. Weaver, I would seriously consider driving all the way down to Stone Mountain to be part of such an event.

  20. This is your daily reminder that I am a miserable, lonely, fat and ugly, childless slob who lives in a crummy apartment in Atlanta with a cat

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