London Protests: The Left Is Literally Making Donald Trump Seem Like A Savior Figure

On a purely logical and objective level, President Trump has obviously proven to be a giant disappointment on almost all fronts.

Sure, his outbursts and rhetoric have the ability to tap into the emotions that seemingly lie suppressed within millions of White Americans, but when it comes to actual substantive policy, we’re not even treading water in the grand scheme of things.

That being said, it’s becoming more obvious with each passing day that things have begun to move past the Trump phenomenon – namely the fact that the Left has no ability to calm itself and act in any way resembling a serious force.

They have been unable to show restraint, and have been utterly incapable of delivering a message that would likely resonate with hordes of Whites who still live on the edge of destitution despite booming financial markets.

Take the London Protests as an example – you would not be too over the top to think we’re dealing with demons crawling from the nastiest corners of hell itself.

Political and demographic trends all but guarantee that we’ll be seeing the American versions of these critters come to power by 2024 at the very latest, and I think that once the transition (no pun intended) happens, all options will quickly be on the table.

You may think they’re bad now, but you haven’t yet seen the Leftist in full revenge mode with not even a remote possibility of facing justice.


  1. Trump leaves me cold, I can no longer defend the guy. He is a part of the same System that wants to destroy him. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it is fun to watch the liberal establishment go ape-shit over everything he says and does.

    • You and me both.

      In foreign policy he’s a disaster– the opposite of what he promised. A total lackey of Israel. Occupying Syria, helping the Saudis bomb Yemen, demanding more and more military spending, imposing sanctions upon sanctions, issuing threats and more threats, proving that the US is incapable of making and honoring agreements, ransackinh diplomatic properties in violation of the Vienna Convention, etc etc.

      Then there’s just about everything else.

      I guess the US is too far gone now, as Ron Paul said. The govt is corrupt, vicious, scummy and criminal. Lies, lies, more lies and war crimes.

      • The govt is corrupt, vicious, scummy and criminal. Lies, lies, more lies and war crimes.

        Worse than that it’s, run by Jews!

        I don’t get it. There hasn’t been a president in my lifetime worth a fuck. To a man, they are and have been lying, philandering, conniving, criminals attracted only to the ephemeral illusion of absolute power. Every one a worthless scum.

        How then is it that people think a savior, a messiah, will suddenly pop out of the political shadows to rescue them from a steadily deteriorating situation that has been snowballing since before they were born? Such belief with no evidence has long been beyond my understanding. Trump was never any different than the other rats’ asses put before the gullible goyim as “leaders.”

        • . . .masses are still unaware of who is controlling the information flow, and thus are unaware of their impaired cognition. . .

        • The masses still do not know who is controlling information, and thus do not know who is controlling their minds.

  2. Looking at all these detestable, blue haired fruitcakes, I see a silver lining-when the Mohommads take over in 40 years, they will take great delight in cutting off their heads or stoning them to death.
    Earth to leftards:- the Muslims hate your guts and will drop you like a maggot when their numbers are big enough to no longer need you.
    London became minority white British in 2011, Birmingham will follow in 2021, a few decades later, the whole country, then watch ’em go. The freaks of society will be the first on Abduls to kill list. I hope I live to see it!

    • I hope I live to see the English get out of their lethargy and run these rag head motherfuckers out of their country, and the niggers and these ridiculous faggots.

  3. These freaks actually think that the Rocky Horror Picture Show was depicting a legitimate and viable way of life; to dress up in your Halloween costume and wear it every day. As several of you have noted, the Muslims would (and will) slaughter these fools wholesale when they are no longer needed to run defense for them.

    The Communist leaders, that these degenerates frequently romanticize, also had no need for the useless idiots once they obtained power, and these demented circus clowns would quickly find themselves in a gulag or executed. I still cannot understand how anyone can be so naive as to equate Islam or Communism with individuality or freedom. It really just demonstrates that their degree of mental deterioration, and their hatred for traditions and morality, are so complete that they are utterly unable to admit, or even recognize, the most basic facts and truths.

    The ones that really get me are these painted up goofballs, who seem to truly believe that they are otherwordly and, perhaps, even possess superpowers. They do their best to remain stoic and unperturbed, yet, I guarantee you, that when the proverbial, SHTF, these seemingly impassive, Extraterrestials will shit, scream and cry while running away flailing their arms in a panic.

  4. Trump will end up as the greatest President of all time. He is keeping his promises, and he accomplished more in his first year and a half than any other President since FDR. His foreign policy has been a success except for MENA and Afghanistan, which is controlled by the fake American neocons. But no President has been able to control the fake American neocons.

    It is likely he will get to appoint four Supreme Court justices and hundreds of lower court judges. He will transform the American court system for the better. Hopefully, he will continue to scale back the regulatory state. Maybe he will be able to purge the utterly corrupt DOJ/FBI, although that might require using the US military against them.

    • Greatest President of all time?
      He’s destroying health care for millions, put the finishing touches on the massive transfer of our national wealth into the hands of the the 1%, eliminating environmental regulations which will cause untold suffering for millions, is working hard to eliminate SS, medicare, and medicaid, pushed thousands of handicapped children off of healthcare, is alienating our allies while promoting one the world’s leading demigods.
      If he is your idea of a great president, you need to read American History. He couldn’t tie the shoes of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, FDR, etc.

  5. I think that perhaps what disturbs me the most about these London protests is that the majority of these degenerate leftists seem to be White. What? Are they trying to out signal the Muslim and Negro residents of Britain.
    Perhaps Marcus is correct that these freaks will hold political power in ‘Merica by 2024. Something that repulsive just might wake up enough of our brothers to the reality that the U.S.A. has been a failure, and needs to be balkanized.


    “Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Theotokos and all the Saints: keep our souls unharmed from the destructive influences of globalism, ecumenism, and Sergianism,* and give all of us the strength to endure the latest onset of persecution of the Church of Christ. Amen”

    [Sergianism was the Russian equivalent of multiculturalism, noted and anathematized, in the 1920’s by the Orthodox who saw what it did to Russia, when the [Jewish] Soviets came to full power.]

  7. I am sorry to see how far my Race has fallen. This is a genuine tragedy. Behold what happens when you allow the Spawn of Satan in your world.

  8. Maybe it’s a good sign about what Trump may yet become. The fact that he stirs them up is very revealing . Moreover, the left v right war needs solving now, don’t project into 2024 and beyond: It gets solved now, or it’s all over.

  9. Mueller and the Jew/ZOG state attempt to sabotage Trump meeting with Putin by indicting 12 Russians for hacking.

  10. It’s almost as though the left wants Trump to be re-elected. MSNBC, Sadiq Khan, HuffPost, Elizabeth Warren, Stephen Colbert, etc. all benefit from being part of #TheResistance. Once people understand that Presidents of prominent Western countries are selected by globalist cabals decades in advance (Coast To Coast AM, with 13 million nightly listeners, did a show about this in mid-2016), not elected on election day, things will start to make more sense. Trump was put in power precisely to be a punching bag for 365×4 days and convert the undecided masses to rabid leftists for life, and it’s no coincidence he dispatched a woman; that was planned specifically to enrage women. The results of this will be unclear for a while. Sure, most young people and Hollywood creeps are now fully Marxicized, but I think it’s safe to say most adults are getting profoundly red-pilled daily.

  11. ‘On a purely logical and objective level, President Trump has obviously proven to be a giant disappointment on almost all fronts… but when it comes to actual substantive policy, we’re not even treading water in the grand scheme of things.’

    I agree, Mr. Cicero, that, regards White Replacement, nothing has been done, and that is very very sad.

    As to The Economy and The Courts, I most respectfully take exception to what you assert.

    There has been a substantive change, and, may I add : President Trump has completely changed the air in The West, and has created an environment where the countries of the erstwhile Austro-Hungarian Empire have felt much more able to assert their views.

    No, Trump has been, and is being very helpful.

    Can he solve all the problems in 18 months?

    No, Sir – he cannot, nor could all of them be solved, by anybody, in 18 years.

    Where we are is the result of centuries of evolutionary usurpation, lawlessness, and sloth, and none, alone, can set that aside.

    That said, President Trump is the great president I have ever seen, and, as he heads into a summit with Czar Vlad, he stands poised to do even more damage to the atmospherick soil whence Neo-Con Corporate-Globalism hergemony rises.

    President Trump is a bridge to something much better than what we have had, this as yet another Judeo-Bolshvik Platform, (The Democrat Party) implodes.

    So, no, if you are going to poo-poo the scene, you shall have a long road to road with many tens of millions of Southerners who think otherwise.

  12. The anti-White loonies are offering a great White victory to Trump but like all cucks I fear he’ll snatch their defeat from the jaws of victory.

  13. What we do after Trump (AT) will determine our fate in North America for all time. To be or not to be…that is the question. George Soros said he believes Trump is merely a passing phenomenon.

    • I agree, Ethnostatist – President Trump is a great bridge, and I do not think it is back to George Soros’s world.

  14. Since that Caravan to the Border, Trump has been on fire. I think this is his 6 month sprint to the mid terms, but who knows, it may portend the global realignment we have been fighting for, some of us, our entire lives.

    US and Russia forming a Northern Alliance – with an emblematic bridge across the Bering Strait similar to the one between Russia proper and Crimea. A Cold War against the EU that can go hot at any time: a decapitation strike against the infrastructure of the EU and pro-EU parties. Do you think the folks pictured above are willing to face the literal and figurative Hellfire of a modern military campaign in order to save the EU?

    Death to the EU!

    Life to Europe!

    • Well thought out and well-written, Dear Afterthought.

      President Trump is ‘on fire’ – and not a second too soon for The Western World.

  15. England should have been much more aggressive starting 150+ years ago. Losing twice in wars 1776, 1812 to their former American colonies is not good. They should have seized the opportunity and joined the South and crushed the North 150 years ago with a navy second to none and Southern armies that would become a real terror even more than they were if they have of been well supplied as the North was with England destroying the North’s naval blockade and getting the needed supplies into the South to rout the North. After the North surrendered, the South could have taken much of the territory originally given to Virginia that extended into western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin and England could have the rest to the North. And then instead of the North’s Reconstruction and army of carpetbaggers they themselves would be ones ruled over instead of kicking the South around with social engineering: “civil rights” and other non -Biblical anti-God nonsense for these past 150 years.

    But no, England wimped out when they had a chance to take charge and take control and today the consequences of these retreating wimpy decisions are reaching critical mass and unless they man up quick it is going to get a lot worse than even as terrible as it is right now.

    Man up and throw these invaders out of your country and become a Christian nation and make these perverts hide back under the rocks where they belong. Maybe, just maybe, the American South will stand up and support you despite your snub 150 years ago …

  16. The League of the South has the right idea, which is balkanization and implementation of policies that will get negroes and muds to vote with their feet.
    In other words, most think that the south succeeding would leave this white Christian traditional area stuck with the vast majority of our nations negroids, but by implementing certain social services policy to our liking and along the lines of common sense , then they will just leave and go to California or where liberals won’t ask questions , where just being a black or a foreigner will be enough to qualify you for infinite social benefits and unlimited sympathy in the jewdicial courts.
    Take just this one thing for instance, EBT, where the recipients should be drug tested.
    Rather than quit doing dope for free food, the negro will just move to oakland where that is against its monkey civil rights for tax payers to not want to fund its drug habit.

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