President Trump Slams Google’s Internet Censorship

UPDATE: President Trump continued and unloaded on Twitter and Facebook:

President Trump has done it again:

Google has responded:

I’m glad that President Trump is still hammering away at the issue.

If the Republicans lose control of the House in the midterms, the Democrats will move on impeachment. It is in President Trump’s political self interest to start addressing issues his base cares about. The problem he is facing is that the GOP Congress isn’t really popular because it has spent the last two years pushing Paul Ryan’s agenda. Republicans aren’t as motivated to vote as Democrats.

As for internet censorship, the issue has to be addressed BEFORE the midterms. It isn’t going to do the Republicans much good if Big Tech is able to get away with rigging the midterm elections by suppressing one side of the political spectrum. President Trump will also have to save the Republican Congress in spite of itself because we all know TruCons ideology holds that of course corporate monopolies should be allowed to engage in censorship of conservative and libertarian voices.

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  1. Google lists the far left and left leaning sites first in almost all searches. I’ve started tagging all of my searches with breitbart or other conservative sites at the end of my search queries so that I don’t have to sift through the far left’s propaganda. It’s tragic that companies that got their start in the US and with capitalism are selling out the US to marxism, socialism and communism.

  2. Jeff Cuckold Faggot Sessions will NEVER move on this. How this man calls himself a Southerner, named for President Davis and General Beauregard, I have no idea. Jeff grew up in Selma for heavens sake, he knows what Jews and Commies are doing. Yet he would rather bend over and take it.

    Almost feels as if the real Jeff Sessions is being held captive in a basement somewhere in chains and this guy is an imposter!

    • He’s got that pretentious royal American Roman numeral III after JB Sessions don’t he? Maybe he’s a replicant after all.

      Or was that Capt. John McCain III USN? I forget. He must have been a bloody clone.

  3. The statement by Google is useful. They use their algorithms to return “high quality content.” They may even genuinely believe that is what they are doing when they update their algorithms to return CNN and Wikipedia. What Google calls “high quality” an honest man calls biased.

  4. If Google “never ranks search results to manipulate political sentiment”, then why is it that any search for any right-wing site will bring up the SPLC’s page and a bunch of “evil neo-nazi” news articles before it brings up the actual site?

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