Germany: Illegal Migrant With Over 500 Criminal Charges Cannot Be Deported

A nation that in living memory nearly prevailed against enemies on half a dozen fronts has now been castrated.

Just like how Cuck Island’s police departments make ours here in America look efficient, so does Germany’s immigration and deportation policy make ours look ruthless and draconian.


A migrant suspected of committing hundreds of crimes has been let roam free in the German city of Frankfurt because the authorities have been unable to establish his identity and country of origin for decades.

Little is known about the man, as no one knows his name, let alone his age or nationality. The only more-or-less verifiable fact known about him is that he arrived in Germany some 20 years ago, in 1998, without any identity documents. He has lived on the streets of German cities ever since and currently resides in Frankfurt, according to the German Bild daily.

The list of the crimes that the unidentified migrant has allegedly committed over this period is extensive. Some 542 criminal proceedings have been opened against him during these years, according to the German police.

“One third of the investigations were related to possession and purchase of drugs,” Ruediger Buchta, a high commissioner with the Frankfurt police, told the German media, adding that the migrant’s other alleged offenses included “fraudulent acquisition of services like fare dodging,” as well as “assault, theft, robbery” and numerous “offenses against the Residence Act.”

Despite being repeatedly detained, the man has successfully resisted deportation from Germany for all these years for one simple reason: the German authorities still do not know where to deport him. The man repeatedly claimed to be from one of the North African countries, Algeria and Morocco in particular. However, the authorities of these states did not confirm this information.

The migrant apparently refused to reveal his name or provide any other personal details to the German authorities. Database searches for his fingerprints also yielded no matches, leaving the German police in limbo.

This quite bizarre case exposes flaws in the current German migration policy, Michael Seyfert, a migration spokesman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, told RT.

“It is a failure of the system; it is a failure of the government,” he said, adding that the German authorities simply “do not dare to [extradite people] as they are afraid of the left-wing media and… protests.”

To be fair, Germany’s Antifa is exponentially stronger than their effeminate soy boy comrades here in the States, but at the end of the day, we’re talking about a nation that is specifically geared towards crushing its native population.

And what we see with this weird deportation saga is just a tiny little example of this vicious and cruel agenda.


  1. Well, if they don’t know where this piece of shit came from, just push him out of a plane anywhere over Africa with a parachute.

  2. “but at the end of the day, we’re talking about a nation that is specifically geared towards crushing its native population.”

    This is exactly what the Jews, working through their Allied and Judeo-Soviet golems, intended after 1945.

  3. To be fair, Germany’s Antifa is exponentially stronger than their effeminate soy boy comrades here in the States.

    In East Berlin, around 1990+, Antifa/Communist and Right Wing political gangs went to war. The police tacitly supported the right, as did a lot of the public.

    Antifa took to wearing masks as a necessity for survival. Being recognised on the streets of Berlin by the police, or Right Wing, could get you killed, even by the police themselves, or arrested and imprisoned.

    Ingo Hasselbach describes all of this and the block and city sector wars that took place in East Berlin in the early 90’s, in his book, Führer-EX.

    Antifa in America©® are in no danger of serious prosecution, or of being murdered in the grocery store, or city parks and squares by roving gangs of Proud Boys and Magapedes, like their European counterparts. They’re just larping cosplay costumed creeps and overgrown juvenile delinquents.

    • 1990s were really the glory days of nationalism in Europe. Before 1991 most European nationalists, fascists, and even “national socialists” were caught up in the Gladio BS which means they supported the Jews and Israel against “Communism”. Since 2001 there has been the same Zionist crap, except against “Islam”. In the 90s there was no real reason for “Right Wing” groups to sympathize with Israel, so Jew-consciousness was on the rise as was National Bolshevism and the “third position” more generally.

      There was also a strong focus on the working class then, in contrast to the bourgeois class snobbery of both the Old Right and the Alt Right.

  4. NATO exists to keep Germany from ever being a White country again. Even in WWI, the Allies were under the control of the Jews. That’s why they occupied the Rheinland and Saarland with Nigger troops in the 1920’s, and encouraged them to rape White women.

    Germany was the testbed for what the Jews are now doing to the rest of the White world.

    Just like the South was the testbed for what they later did, and are doing, to the rest of America.

    • White Southern Kristards are the most idiotic, jew worshipping morons on Earth. They obey every word the Jew drools out, and will kill any-one and anything, including their own kind, if the Jew tells them to. Which the Jew is doing every single second of every day

      • @Denise

        White Southern Kristards

        I know directly what you’re talking about Ms Denise. I’ve had several tell me “Jesus was a Jew,” whenever I said anything negative about Jews, especially about a company in Gainesville, Texas, that was destroyed by Jews who had bought it out and took it over.

        All of them sound nervous or scared when they defend the Jews with the “Jesus was a Jew” line, or quote the scripture about those who curse Israel shall themselves be cursed.

        They also seemed to think that criticising Jews is some kind of mortal sin.

        In my estimation, it’s not really worship of Jews that drives them, but fear of damnation at the hands of an angry God. It’s not that they really like it, but they view it as a religious duty, fear and dislike it as they may.

        I’ve seen many start to agree with me, then suddenly pull back and become defensive.They would half ass look at the sky, expecting to be struck down by a Devine thunderbolt from Heaven.

        Back in school, friends of mine and I made fun of Holy Rollers and Jew Worshipers. Especially Pentecostals, who think of themselves as the lost 13th tribe of Israel.

        As an aside, I’ve noticed that the “Yankees” I see insulting the South and defending Lincoln and the Abolitionists and other radicals, are actually Jews, or their stooges.

          • @spahnranch1969

            But there were a lot of Sephardim in the antebellum South, were there not?

            Yep. Their “tameness” lulled the Southern people into complacency.

            When Southrons think of Jews, they’re not thinking of Chuck Schumer/Sarah Silverman types. Or Diane Feinstein and Irv Rubin.

            They’re thinking of old man Risk of Risk Boot Company selling them a pair of Justin Ropers, or buying an engagement ring at Joe Daiches Jewellers.

            They speak Southron, have generally adopted our culture, and keep quiet and to themselves. There is a family were I grew up that are Ladinos, more or less Messican Jews. Their name is Aleman(pronounced alaman)and they run a roofing business. They look like Tejanos and talk like Lee Trevino does. They’re not seen as Jews, eve though they are.

            The Jews that wrecked the company in Gainesville, Texas, were from New York. But as any Texan/ Southron will tell you; “They’re not like “our” Jews.”

            Southerners tend to see the nasty Jews in popular culture and in government as “meddling Yankees,” rather than as Jews. But that’s because of their long historical experience with the Sephardim.

        • James – I cannot reply to your second comments re: Southern Nation Wreckers – but I’m delighted that your are beginning to see he problem is not Yankees – but Jews. It’s a tragedy that White Southerners are still so suicidally deluded.

          I was baptized a Methodist. My family’s church was very “mainstream” Middle American etc. The religious doctrine was very lightly ladled out. No one took it too seriously. It was all about “being a good person, be honest, work hard, keep your lawn mowed” etc. My education in racial politics and history has systematically disenchanted my allegiance to Christianity. I believe we need to return to the Gods of Our Race. White People made Christianity great – not the other way around. What have these Desert Volcano gods got to do with the European Peoples? Christ is a theft of Balder, as far as I’m concerned. OUR faith systems are much more interesting and sane. I know any vestigial Christians reading these words cannot understand my meaning – but I was once like that, myself. By honoring my White Gods – I honor my White Race – and that’s the point. When you leave the whole delusion behind – you begin to see “Christian” doctrine for what it is – and it’s crazy and literally SELF destructive.

    • All white people are on the ‘worst of all people’s hit.” Fight ( passive aggressively for starters) or your grandchildren will not be free or even born.

  5. I guess that the EU would consider it a violation of his bodily integrity to conduct a DNA test against his will.

  6. I wonder if this particular Allah nigger actually exists, or is he a fictional character used to represent the chaos of the German legal system?

  7. If it won’t disclose its identity, then just threaten to dump it at sea off the Somalian coast-that may work.
    Its in cases like these where if the populace took matters into their own hands, I’d never hold it against them.
    The number one job of government is to protect the citizenry. What a great job they’re doing!
    Amateur swine! Proves once again that one day, adults will have to take control and restore some common sense.

  8. It is true that Germany’s-and other European nations-have a much larger Antifa presence than ours. However, it is also true that Germany and other European nations have exponentially stronger White Nationalist contingents than ours as well. In many of these nations it is borderline or flat out illegal to have WN groups, yet they exist in far larger numbers than they do here, where it is legal. In all honesty, this is embarrassing to me. The governments of White nations do all they can to suppress White Nationalist sentiment. Our nation is most effective in that regard. Take last year’s Unite the Right as an example. One month before that aborted rally took place, there was a small KKK rally. 50 Klansmen attended and were opposed by about 1000 leftists. The rally went as smoothly as it could go for the Klan, and many leftist scum were arrested. Fast forward to UtR. There were estimates of 1000 to 1500 WN there. We all know what happened. I was there and can tell you first hand. The jews simply cannot-and will not-allow WN to take hold here like it has in Europe. Five years ago, 30,000 WN marched in Greece, a nation of 11 million. In Poland last year, 60,000 Whites marched. Our White population is roughly 200 million, so we should be having WN marches in the hundreds of thousands if we compare populations. Instead, we have paltry rallies of 50 like the Klan rally or even worse, 20 at the UtR 2 rally a few weeks ago. Lest anyone here think I am throwing rocks in glass houses, I fully include myself in this criticism.

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