The Mob Comes For Andrew Torba

There was Andrew Torba, standing like a stonewall, fighting off the horde of fake news “journalists,” cat ladies and Antifa who want to end free speech in America:

Going after his father:

“Journalists” (read: partisan leftwing activists) attempting to assassinate his character:

Breitbart take on The Standard:

Crazy people attempting to kill his family:

One more thing.

If we believe so much in free speech, why have so many people refused to back the one guy who actually believes in free speech and has built a platform to compete with Twitter and Facebook?

Note: This is the Second Civil War … it just hasn’t been labeled that yet.

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  1. I know I sound like Hunter (black-pilled) but … Trump is not going to win the 2020 elections. This is not through any fault of his own but: 1) the Communists have been hard at work in the swing states that made the difference in 2016, 2) his own party has no clue that this is war, not just another set of elections, and 3) his own party has many traitors in it that would rather see the Communists win than Trump.

    Regardless of the outcome of the midterms, the Communists will take the WH in 2020. So we’re on a very short time frame. Short of a 2nd civil war – which really has already begun per Hunter’s comment – things are going to get very bad for White people.

    It’s really stunning that Gab got deplatformed because of the massacre of the Jewish people a few days ago. This just shows that deplatforming Daily Stormer was just a test run and a test of the waters. It will become easier as time goes on because there are no repercussions.

    Paul Craig Roberts was kicked off of Twitter recently. This morning I saw that Grandpa Lamp Shade was gone. These are relatively minor players but they are like canaries in the coal mine – it’s important to notice when this happens because it’s actually a sign of the real momentum of our opponents.

    • Jim Hansen: “Regardless of the outcome of the midterms, the Communists will take the WH in 2020.”

      No offense, but this proclamation of “certainty” means little unless you name which communist Democrat (or third party communist) will “take the White House”. Hillary? That’s laughable. Bernie? Equally laughable. Kamala Nigger Harris? That would be a nightmare, but also laughable. Joe Biden? You mean “Gropin’ Joe” Biden? Maybe, but he’d still be a long-shot. So which commie is going to win, in your estimation?

  2. And the discredited FBI is nowhere to be found in regards to left-wing domestic terrorism. They have the resources to arrest white men for defending themselves against Marxist street thugs (Antifa) but won’t arrest Hillary Clinton for her numerous felonies. Someone needs to investigate (((them))) for their acts of documented domestic terrorism Lavoy Finicum,Waco, and Ruby Ridge for starters. Local Sheriffs have the jurisdiction to arrest these tyrannical tyrants for breaking the law and their utter contempt for our Constitutional rights. The FBI has become the Stasi of the Jewish oligarchs that rule America and Europe with a iron clad fist.

  3. This is the fundamental issue:The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act+Post-1965 Immigration Policy=VIOLENT DEMOGRAPHIC RACE WAR AGAINST THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…..

    Let the Democratic Party explain why this immigration policy is not open race war?….This all we have to say anymore…..

  4. Bowers kicked off ww3.

    It’s similar in effect to Herschel Grynzspans assassination of Ernst Vom Rath.

    The Jews are not going to let whites keep the USA as their own, by hook or by crook.

    • Imo, if America has a second civil war it will be preceded by a period of civil unrest & severe economic recession. That hasn’t happened yet so there’s not going to be any war in the immediate future. What’s happening right now is actually rather mild (for example, in Russia this site would have been shut down years ago for supporting secessionism).

      Let’s say Trump wins in 2020 and his deficit spending creates a recession by 2024. A moderate Dem could win in 2024 or 2020 and still find themselves overwhelmed with racial tension, economic malaise, etc. Then you might see states seceding and a civil war of some type. It likely wouldn’t be explicitly racial in the beginning.

  5. Where’s Trump? He did call out for him in tweet a few days ago. People like him and us got the Zio emperor elected and he’s turned his back with threats more or less towards us at a rally. These commie bastards are playing dirty. They want an insurgency. Watch your backs and be prepared, they have the funding and they’re organised.

  6. Loved the clip you posted above for Andrew Torba and Gab. In the above clip, they edited out the the clincher: God speed. The complete line is : “the First Brigade in this our second war of Independence – God Speed”.

    Stonewall Jackson 2

    • This rousing speech reminds me of the famous William Wallace speech in “Braveheart.”

      We will need a lot of leaders in the mold of Wallace and Jackson in the very near future. I’d even be open to a John Connor type from the “Terminator ” franchise.

  7. Stonewall Jackson was from the Clarksburg – Fairmont area of what is now West Virginia. Jackson would have had a high pitched, shrill, almost musical tone to his voice—that’s the “accent” in that area.

    My ancestors, direct and indirect, were in the Stonewall Brigade. After the battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg the Stonewall Brigade ceased to exist because there were only 100 men still standing. Many of those 100 still standing took French Leave, and became part- time Confederates back up in West Virginia. I’ve heard they were allowed to go home with a promise to come back in the Spring, because their homes and families were in Northern occupied areas. I’ve never seen this in a history book—but—I have heard it so much from West Virginia Confederate families, I tend to believe it.

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