BREAKING: Democrats Take House Of Representatives, Republicans Hold Senate

This isn’t really that important or groundbreaking news – everybody aside from a few MAGApedes and opposing Communists with brain waves equal to earthworms believed that the Democrats would retake the House, but would probably fail to retake the Senate due to the way races were structured in this election cycle.

What should be taken from this can be demonstrated in the fact that races like Florida and Texas literally came down to the wire – the demographic tide continues to come ashore slowly but steadily in a way that cannot be stopped by the means adopted by the corrupt Washington establishment (including President Trump).

NBC News:

Democrats are likely to reclaim the House majority, NBC News estimated Tuesday night.

The party had a 65 percent chance of winning control of the House, according to the estimate, taking as many as 31 seats — well over the 23 needed for the majority — for a total of 224.

The call came with Democrats positioned to claim victory in a handful of bellwether congressional races, as polls began closing in some parts of the eastern U.S.

In Virginia, NBC News projected that incumbent GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock would lose her House seat in the state’s 10th Congressional District to Democrat Jennifer Wexton. The race, in a suburban northern Virginia district Hillary Clinton won by 10 percentage points in 2016, had been regarded by many observers as critical to Republican hopes of maintaining control of the lower chamber.

And in Florida, Democrat Donna Shalala, former Health and Human Services secretary under President Bill Clinton, was projected to win Florida’s 27th Congressional District. The Miami seat had been held by retiring GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who had represented the area since 1989.

But Republicans appeared to hold on in some closely-fought contests, such as Virginia’s 5th Congressional District: the seat, which had been held by GOP Rep. Tom Garrett, was projected to go to Republican Denver Riggleman over Democrat Leslie Cockburn.

If Democrats win the House, they could block many of Trump’s remaining priorities such further efforts to repeal Obamacare, more tax cuts and significant funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Holding the majority would also allow Democrats to conduct investigations of the Trump administration, looking further into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

So at the very least, expect a whole lot of nothing except gridlock as we move towards the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Democratic House and Republican Senate will trade jabs and blustering rhetoric, while all the while ground will continue to be ceded to the hordes.


  1. But..but… the AltRight was telling me that a Red Wave was inevitable…

    What happened to all the 4D Winning?

    • Is this the end of the “Ethnarch” School of Politics?

      Partition. Northern Alliance. Space.

      Hanging on to the dead corpse of America with our fingernails does not allow us to build the future our children deserve. Ariana must be born.

      Anyone saying anything else is discredited.

  2. I told republicans for over a year that they should either support obamacare or come up with a viable alternative. These clowns don’t realize how terrified the average person is over the prospect of them or a family member becoming seriously ill. Even with insurance, people can be wiped out entirely. Trump should have put in universal health care, and he would have had both houses sewed up. I got called every kind of vile name by the republitards over this, but evidently that was the biggest issue on people’s minds.

    • Good point, Miss Gabby. Most Americans don’t give a fig for Drump’s tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of big business, cucking to “based” minorities and slave-like submission to Israel. I’m getting tired of him and his big mouth.

      • Also love how conservatives campaign on “rebuilding” our military. I wasn’t aware that the most expensive, technologically advanced military in the world was broken.

    • You put truth to the proposition, which I previously doubted, that white nationalists are leftists on every issue except race. Socialism does not work when you cut out niggers, beaners, and Jews, it just kills your country more slowly. Even Sweden, national-socialism’s golden boy, fell into economic stagnation and demographic decline before it switched to Jew-socialism and opened its borders, greatly accelerating the decline. America has a health care shortage for the same reason Venezuela has a food shortage.

      • And clowns like you are a perfect example of why the “right” in the USA has lost and will continue to lose.

        Pea-brained money-grubbers who can’t understand why the peons don’t vote for them in order to be spat on, kicked, used up, and thrown away to die.

      • You are right that America has a health care shortage for the same reason Venezuela has a food shortage. Both have the same cause – the (((capitalist))) (((American))) government!

      • @Dave

        If I lived in an all white nation, I doubt I’d be an all-out alt righter-I just wouldn’t need to be. I’d take the left position on some issues, notably the environment, anti war and animal welfare, whilst taking a conservative view on immigration, foreign aid and gay rights.
        The left and right in ideal circumstances, are symmetrical with each other, and keep eachother in check. If a huge development is being proposed in an environmentally sensitive area, I want greens groups speaking out on behalf of the animals affected.
        The left/right thing only gets toxic when non-whites are added to the mix, resulting in unnatural dynamics and hatred.
        Diversity divides us.

    • Yep. We pay high taxes and get almost nothing out of it whatsoever. I’m not opposed to higher taxes, but we should at least expect it to go towards the good of the people. Instead it all goes towards securing the position of wall street and American imperialism (which also only benefits financiers and military contractors).

      • Christian National Socialism (as opposed to INTERnational Socialism- i.e, Jewish Bolshevism) is the only logical and concrete means to establish and care for YOUR OWN; a direct outworking of the Biblical mandate of I Cor. 10:17 (note the comparison/contrast to apostate Israel!) and I Tim. 5:8; I Tim. 3:15.

        We have NO moral responsibility to care for the ‘Other’ -the ‘Xenos.’ It is ONLY the members of OUR Tribe, the members of one’s OIKOS (Gr. -household… but so much more) that SHOULD be the beneficiaries of our largesse. Not Jews. Not nigs, NOT Moslem filth, and assuredly not Tacos.

        “Tikkun Olam” is a Satanic COUNTERFEIT to Christian Charity. If the admonition against merely TALKING to a heretic/heathen [Tit. 3:10] forbids our interaction with those outside our ‘in-group,’ HOW MUCH MORE (to use a Pauline phrase) should we avoid giving of our substance, land, inheritance, to those whose lot is to be DAMNED?!

        The Adulteration of our civilization, as well as our religion, as well as our race, by ‘Jewish lies and fables,’ came about precisely because of the protestant schismaticism of the non-monarchic egalitarians coloring (!) our entire national thought processes, from the very beginning (Jefferson’s lie of ‘all created equal’). It can only be fixed, by a total reneging of our ‘American Dream.’

        Restore the Patriarchy; Restore the Christian Monarchy; Restore ORION.
        America is dead. Long live the Kingdom.

  3. I’m surprised the democrats didn’t have a larger turnout. But regardless, it looks like we’re at least guaranteed some gridlock the next couple years, so that’s fine by me.

  4. This happens EVERY time Republicans ignore the White working class vote and suck up to minorities. They’ve spent entire generations keeping themselves out of power doing it.

    Conservatives are such low IQ morons, they don’t understand basic statistics, nor history. There is no Black vote.

    So when do we start a White working class party, to replace these traitors and mental midgets?

    • I agree 100% they know EXACTLY what to say to get our votes, every time! Only to FUCK us every time! There’s literally no reason to vote anymore! Nothing short of a revolution at this point, and I don’t think we have enough men up for that. We’re fucked, this was our only chance, Trump blew it. That said, I blame the Jews and no one else! He went in ready to rock, but they put his nuts in a vice! Ill support local politics only for now on.

      • I think their ability to bullshit you and the rest is YOUR fault. Not theirs. They can’t help themselves and apparently Drumpfters and ReThuglicans are essentially Bushies but like New York Crypto jews instead of fake Texas crypto jews.
        This was all so easy to see that I made the claims long before the election.
        The problem is idiocy, a total lack of discernment, and the absolute brainwashing to think you MUST vote one of the two fake parties.
        It never ends.
        Until we all say:
        Never n R or D Again!

        • I can no longer stand the cognitive dissonace caused by idiots who say they oppose Zionism, and then back a super Zionist shill like Trump. These shills (or idiots) should be shot out of a cannon.

  5. Breaking News! Organized Jewry and Israel keep both chambers of the US Congress and the White House.

    Sorry, that’s business as usual. Nothing changed.

  6. Well, at least Trump’s unlikely to be elected again in 2020. So that’s some consolation, that the architect of this abominable flop will be ushered out by some kind of negro.

    • Do you think Kamala will wear her Black Panther leather trenchcoat and beret when she gets sworn in on January 20, 2021? Will she take the oath of office by putting her left hand on a copy of Soul on Ice or The Communist Manifesto?

      • Spahn, when Trump was sworn in there was a bible on top of red book that his wife was holding. WTF was that? Anyone have clue?

  7. GOP deserved a proper beating – like Dems got in 2010. Difference is, back then Obama and the Dems had an agenda that would’ve radically transformed the USA, and the “Tea Party” House applied the brakes. Not so this time. Republicans have done little in last 2 years – with control of Congress, WH and SC – except try to betray Trump. They should have got behind MAGA; now the opportunity has gone. Absolute idiots.

    • The GOP did not deserve to keep the Senate either. They had two years to do something about immigration and rising health care costs. They did nothing except take care of all the usual suspects and Stand With Israel. They don’t give a damn about working class White people and probably never did. Now they have an excuse for doing nothing.

      With rapidly changing non White demographics Trump is apt be the last Republican president.

  8. Democrats openly call for our destruction. Republicans are too scared to represent us. This must lead to an all White Nationalist party. It’s either that or RWDS
    No I don’t glow

  9. I have no doubt Trump will get the boot in 2020, because he will continue to ignore Whites and put jews and minorities first. I’m also thinking that after his loss, the Trump family will move to Israel permanently. If your heart is in Israel, your butt should be in Israel.

  10. Ok … it’s over. The Communists will keep Trump at bay in the House so nothing is going to get done. And he’s NOT going to win in 2020.

    I’ve said this in previous posts – the Communists are quietly working to sew up the swing states for 2020 – they did that yesterday in Florida with the referendum to allow felons to vote (I was stunned – for me this came out of left field as I had no idea this was coming). Now the Communists have 1.2 million new Florida Democrat voters (most are going to be Black) going into 2020. You can assume they are quietly working these tactics in the other swing states as well.

    Honestly there’s no hope left. You can live in an all-White area but eventually “they will come for you” as they do in Europe where they plant mud invaders in the little countryside villages. And once they pass hard-core gun laws, they’ll come for your guns a well.

    So consider other places outside the country if you want to have a future for your kids. I believe we’re headed for decades of misery – similar to the Russians around the 1912-1915 time frame – they were in a period that was about to enter decades of massive White gentile genocide and hopelessness.

    I’ve been trying to come up with reasons that tell me that it’s worth fighting (literally) for our country. But now there are none – even my sons have told me this. In fact they were the first ones to quietly tell me that the country is not worth saving. There are too many Cucked, Conned, Clueless Whites in addition to the traitorous Whites that are well-paid shills for the system.

    Each has to make his / her own plans according to how they want to spend the rest of their lives.

  11. Looks like the Senate will give ZOG (Zionist script) some ringer’s lactate and the House will give ZOG (Bolshevik script) the defib. The Banking Oligarchy owns the political apparatus (ZOG) which is controlled through Deep State (the CFR, the Foundations and the Banking Cartel). And on the political stage in front of the schmo screen, the ZOGbots of the two-party system work the dialectic of the middle management issues. What’s not to like goyim?

    Let Jim tell us again – the former Dem – Jim Traficant just out of his 7 year term at Rochester for ‘racketeering’. “Israel Owns the US”. The USfedgov is a ZOG.

    From the great state of Ohio: “Former Ohio Rep. Jim Traficant ‘Israel Controls America’

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