Cultural Marxists Resent Being Called Cultural Marxists

In The New York Times, a cultural Marxist is complaining about being labeled a cultural Marxist by people who oppose the poison they keep injecting into our culture:

Yeah, we’re just imagining these cultural termites:

Google “Evan Ross Katz.” You won’t be surprised.

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  1. “The legend of Cultural Marxism”… as if it’s a damned fairy-tale. Then, “antisemitic tropes“…

    Definition of trope
    1 a : a word or expression used in a figurative sense : FIGURE OF SPEECH
    b : a common or overused theme or device : CLICHÉ

    No, Yids, noticing your destructive and parasitical behaviors is not simply a case of “cliches” or “figures of speech”, assholes. They’re REACTIONS to your destructive behaviors and parasitism! How in the hell can you walking cancers believe your little games will last forever??? THEY WON’T. And when the day of international wrath comes down upon your collective heads in earnest, your own people will despise those of you who pushed the world into the proverbial corner, I assure you of that!

  2. I dont even know how these crazy Jew elites manage to twist everything into an attack on them specifically. Fuckin marxists are mostly white people (brainwashed by ZOG) it seems these days. But Jews are so scared of the.madness being unveiled they just insinuate EVERHTHING that is anti liberal is inherently ANTI SEMITIC. Fuckin Jews

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