Tommy Robinson Has Been Denied a US Visa

It’s comforting to know that our immigration laws are finally being enforced:

“The US Embassy in London said it could not comment on individual visa application due to privacy.

Travellers with criminal convictions applying to enter the US have to go through an adjudication process and could have their visa denied.

Robinson’s planned tour of the US sparked more than 50 cross-party MPs to write to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, urging him not to permit Robinson to enter America for a fundraising tour.

The MPs asked Mr Pompeo to issue an assurance the US will not grant a waiver to allow Mr Robinson to accept invitations to speak in Washington DC on November 14 …”

Tommy should just try to enter through Mexico. Thousands of illegal aliens are getting away with it every day. Seriously, he should just go to the border and request asylum, and he will be able to stay as long as he wants.

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  1. Wasnt Robinson trying to enter the U.S. to speak at a couple of cuck events? File this under: “when they get done with the alt-right, they come for thee.”

  2. Antifa must be very disappointed, that he will not be able to march with them against the Nazis like he said he would.

  3. If Mr. Robinson attempted to come through Mexico, he would be arrested immediately for being a non-violent White Anglo-Saxe.

  4. All Americans can now sleep easier at night-knowing their responsible and committed MP’s have done their utmost to keep Tommy Robinson out. America will now be far safer…
    Swedish overstayers….I’m sure they’re being dealt with as well.

  5. Funny how this fake President’s admin can deport or stop White people immigrating on a dime. When it comes to non-whites being deported or the stopping the tide of non-whites flooding the country, nothing but talk and no action. #WhiteGenocide

  6. This Visa denial is obviously because Muhrica is a free country with the 1st Amendment to protect all political thought…Wait a minute. I thought *1984* was set in Britain, not here. Better get on GAB to talk about it, before GAB becomes Twitter 2.0.

  7. If he were a Mestizo drug runner, or a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, and a scorching case of AIDS and Ebola, he’d be on his way.

    In the U.S., they’ll deport a White Britton, or White Canadian that has overstayed his visa, but do nothing about the Mestizo invasion, while importing Africa into Wisconsin.

    • Minnesota just elected a somali to congress.

      Have you seen little Mogadishu in Fargo? Absolutely, sickening!

  8. We all know that politically incorrect Whites that don’t toe zog’s ideological poison are persona non-grata and considered to be thought criminals or worse. It’s the official protocol of the zio overlords.

    Even though Tommy Robinson is milquetoast by my standards, to (((them))) he’s a cuck island “Winston Smith.”

  9. The ZOG doesn’t want Robinson telling Americans that a once great, European country called the United Kingdom is rapidly becoming Ragheadistan. Big cities like London and Manchester are already cesspits.

  10. Yet more proof that no matter how hard a shabbos goy cucks for his jew masters they are still going to kike him over.

  11. God bless Tommy, Tommy Robinson, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson.

    I like to think I have some courage as I stood off against 300 Antifa Communists and Islamists with about 20 of us MAGA anti Sharia men outside of Trump Tower in Chicago.

    Hey I did my best.

    But Tommy Robinson is 10 X the man I am.

    God bless Tommy Robinson.

    God protect him and all of us who stand up for our people in these fallen times.

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